Monte Video And The Cassettes - Shoop Shoop Diddy Wop Cumma Cumma Wang Dang (1983)

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K to the K : Pretty good drugs at this time obviously.

Dan Sheppard : This guys voice is awesome.

Ian Ireland : sucks that this isn't om Spotify

Angus Creagh : that guy looks like a mixture between Matt Smith and Bill Nye

hikkchik : I hadn't heard this since I was 13.  Thank you for uploading!

toadster1 : hi reddit

munchkinsmunchkin : This song soooooo screams the 80s Gotta love it :D

munchkinsmunchkin : Oh most of your views are mine lol Thankyou for uploading it :D

ProjectFlashlight612 : The very definition of a novelty song. 

Jeremy K Melbourne : 1983 the hot ones...

RiGz NZ : I remember i was 6-7 years old my dad ran a Hi-Fi shop selling records /tapes and stereos etc. & founded some EMI record club in new zealand So I found in his study a cassette tape think called solid gold 82 or maybe 88 later release, and that song made me laugh & popped in my head today so i looked it up. the "empty glass / pinched me hangabout line" think i rewinded and played many times laughing lol... The singer did work on lyrics for other artists and was prob the man in the scene and would have known all the people of 80's music youth and bad hair doo's hehe and made that song. wicked really, what a random memory i had to comment & i like never do this i use FB prob once a year lol.... Nice one Monte Video a true visionary in 1882 ...

Hayden Sleep : I love this song I'm 12 my mum and dads fav song

Iain Mc : Ahhhh the 80's :)

munchkinsmunchkin : The start of the song sounds just like another 80s song....... "Walking on sunshine"

John Clark : Roll on the 80's. the one hit wonders all ways stick!!! :)-

Nexbex : best song i've heard in 25 years

Dazza G : Monte- THE original 'white Rapper' !!!!!!!! ;)

Fergus McMurchie : They are all tranny's lol. its a song about mistaking a tranny for a chick.

Joel Henry : in your face wang dang

3instein : He sounds like the guy from Don't Hug Me I'm Scared.

Paul Barnett : classic

Paco Reguenga : One of my most beloved jewels from the 80s! Makes me feel young again!

KJA : Throw back to my nine year old self... classic!

thisjacktansley : 'Cumma Cumma Wang Dang' Really...

Paul Barnett : lost my lollie 2 this 1 when i was 14

Daynoss R : Pinched me ang about

Dene Moss-Mason : Such talent wish this guy would make more of his music available

Don Nacey : breath in the 80's PEACE out NZ crazy kiwi.


tforceraven : XD

Abraham Nixon : It's so cringey how the Singer thinks he's an attractive and cool man. It's like, hey buddy, ya look like my dad's friend Neal and he's a friggin' loser. This whole Film inspires very little faith in New Zealand's nightlife. I mean, come on, how lame is this? And I noticed that all of the women are square of jaw and have other quite masculine features, which got me thinking, is the phrase "Cumma Cumma Wang Dang" New Zealand slang for wanting to get it on with a TransWoman? Ciao.

Jack Kahler : #Cumma   #Wang  lol wtf

layla wallbanks : This is my fav song and I’m only 10

ongo bongo : Cocaine

emanuel mihai : poor guy he just wanted to hook up with a girl....

Herr Schmidt : This feels so weirdly related to the NDW in Germany. It is kind of low-fi with some anarchistic vibe, reminding of the audacity of punk but without its vulgarity.

ModernRebel : What is this treasure I just stumbled upon lol

WJK : Finally... mystery solved after having useless pieces of this song/video stuck in my head since 1983!!!

Nova's Mum : This song reminds me of when I was a kid. lol

Kain Thomos : still love this lol

MultiRedskins12 : Just press flush

Jagan : I'm only 33but I had the hot ones cassette as a kid, loved it!!

Jagan : I love this song. I wasn't even born when it was out but I remember listening to it on a cassette

barry Delisle : Shop shop diddy wah Wang dang

William Noyce : Love this track. Great memory from my youth.

barry Delisle : Great sing along song

barry Delisle : What it mean

Mike Mercado : Must be Betamax era?

TheAussieSlayer : WangMYDang

channelhismojo : At 0:46 in the black dress - that's a dude.