Penn and Teller: The Best Magicians in the World - SNL

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Mishael Arviano : that's why their face looks fuckin weird!

Man : Just me or is there an odd amount of laughing at the start?

Beux J : Seriously though, Penn and Teller are two of my favourite classical comedians, if you get me. Teller is a slapstick and moving picture mastermind and Gillette is just fantastically overtly aggressive. I have genuine love for these two people.

Darren Z : It was obvious right from the start what the gimmick was.

Tony Music : Did you hear about the magic tractor? He went down the road and turned into a field!

Funkytrip73 : Bleh, I accidently read the description text gaving the act away...

Keith Otis Edwards : What a fake. The Audience was in on it. They're all hired stooges. The Rising Card trick is done with anti-magnets forcing the card out of the deck. The Empire State Building prop goes into Teller's tie. The bouncing muffin is made of rubber, and you can see that he doesn't swallow it. At 5:30 you can see the doll is pulled up with a wire. So obvious. They should have done better tricks. This is dedicated to InItForTheParking, Yamato905, Robbers dee, Mind Warehouse and all the other morons who pollute this site with their idiotic reveal comments and videos.

oktopustrainer : Wow people really couldn't tell right away? Had to rewatch it even? Geez, did y'all not notice their posture, Penn straining to speak w/ all that weight on his diaphram, the scrunched up faces/ shoulders, Penn's hair strangely tied down. If that wasn't enough, a major clue should be the fact that the live audience is alreadly laughing about somethng obvious which is clearly being hidden from us the viewers at home. Coupled w/ the fact we're limited to that static tighty held shot that's deliberately obscuring any context or reference to actual orientation aside from the suspiciously placed (magnetic) foam cup. How about the fact that every single trick was defying expectations by producing the opposite effect of GRAVITY hmm. I'm not sayin all these ppl are stupid, I just find such a widespread lack of critical thinking skills alarming. I blame today's schools, the media, & parents. Oh & can't forget 'The Illuminati', ain't that right kids?

R. Andrew Hart : One of my favorite acts of all time ... and holy shit, I had no idea it was this aged at this point!

marcanthonynolan : The agony on their face throughout this. All I see are professionals torturing themselves for their art. It's fantastic and made with a level of love for the craft than I could ever imagine, but its a little hard to watch with any sense of personal empathy. Lol

schpeidermann : wow! if i hadn't watched this video until the end..I'd feel embarrassed.... very cool tele trick!!!

ColdSpark824 : "We are not comedy magicians" (laughing) wat, pay attention audience

VagueTheory : I was waiting so long for the "upside down" thing to happen and then.....

yuckfunky : Close your eyes and you'll just hear Vince Vaughn speaking.

Andyelmasry : Wow ... who went back to watch again?

Christian the Coaster Guy : I _knew_ that they were upside down!

zzz zzz : i had to watch this 13 times but i finally figured it out. if you look closely you can tell its fake, you can even see the stage at the end

qwasd0r : "Last and certainly least"

Gary Weir : Great job giving it away in the video description.

Mascheny : Where did their necks go

Meng Hao : My favorite part is when Teller stands the hoop on edge at the end and spins it to show there was a magnet holding the cup and hoop to the table. Little touches like that are what make Penn and Teller special.

John Bond : You were right, this was my second time to see that sketch. Penn and Teller rarely disappoint.

hauler1212 : I guessed it right before the end

MBComedy : It's just so smart

tubertom : I thought they were just nervous.

Patrick Hogan : Why is the sound off in the second half?

Adam 23 : theyre upsidedown

Sarah : This is fantastic. I had ideas for how I thought each of these might have been done, though I felt like I was probably wrong about a couple. It turned out I was wrong about _every single one._ Magic at its finest.

zak villarreal : Fred weasley introducing penn and teller lmao

flasmaster : genius

Bill Updale : I saw this live when it aired and I still remember the shock of the reveal at the end. Great stuff.

tyro244 : I remember watching this live when it first aired. I remember thinking how peculiar they look but not being able to put my finger on it. It was all of those subtle things: Their hair, the color of their faces and even Penn's voice is off slightly because speaking upside down requires more and different muscles to breath. Anyone who ever played on monkey bars for long periods of time will understand.

Russell Kanning : look like some of the astronauts

knickknack07 : This sounds like they have added canned laughter from the original airing. I remember SNL audiences to be much more sophisticated than this. They were giving away the trick with their laughing at parts that were not even remotely funny for people who didn't know they were upside down.

Mycoffee26 : Took me a bit too long to realize what was going on

Spell Khaster : Are we live? YES!!!

Jerrod Schembs : I adore the punchline of this bit.

Edward Velazco : I didn't know what was happening because i saw penn drink out of his cup so i figured it was just crazy good magic

Jason Messinger : The handkerchief looks like a hand with a middle finger up at the end

Aegon Targaryen : Real magic was that Teller's tie never flew into his face

RnB NerdyGeek : 4:54 Penn says "FUCK IT, PUT IT AWAY" Are they live?!?!

immrnoidall : lol. david cop a feel.

Phelan Christopher : Ooo cooochie cooochie cooo! Wook at da widdle Penn and Tewwer. Aaaaw lol

Jak Hart : What a subtlety.. the styrofoam cup..

Magic Shady : i thought Penn was high on coke in the beginning cuz he looked like he couldn't breathe. lol

E-QoN : The fact that they're not red faced is actually really impressive imo

120starter : I thought teller was holding in a really bad shit, but it makes sense the blood was rushing to his head

Lord Potato : Omg Teller has hair

Azzam Al Hanif : teller doesnt change at all, but penn does

War Hammer : Wow they rock being upside down like that would kill.!