Penn and Teller: The Best Magicians in the World - SNL

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Amit Sharma : Its 2017 Penn Haircut???😂😂😂

Martin Šriber : What a twist.

Gaurang Pednekar : I had to watch this twice.

siccore : yeah his face looks so red because of the upside hanging.

Alanna Trebond : I did not see that coming!

Robin Tamblyn : how does Penn keep his voice so clear during this (much more nasal in the Unpleasant World version). Amazing...

Dom Joseph B. : Teller had to swallow food upside down

Andreas Uten : It took me all the way up to the light bulb before I got what was happening.

Rowbins Productions : I figured it out pretty early on.

schpeidermann : wow! if i hadn't watched this video until the end..I'd feel embarrassed.... very cool tele trick!!!

impossibletimelord : Don't read the description! Also I remember seeing this live in '86, SNL was the only show my parents let me stay up for, I always hoped that Penn and Teller would be on more often they are the best!

kevinsmak : Who watched it twice?

ShowToddSomeLove : Young Penn sounds like Dan Aykroyd

lisa Wood : wow so young and still going strong

Andyelmasry : Wow ... who went back to watch again?

sirlouie : @Saturday Night Live (Uploader): You should not have spoiled this in the description like you did. Please consider revising it.

Beux J : Seriously though, Penn and Teller are two of my favourite classical comedians, if you get me. Teller is a slapstick and moving picture mastermind and Gillette is just fantastically overtly aggressive. I have genuine love for these two people.

Edric Chan : That is just brilliant. :)

faboze : Omgggg no way

drhassoon : Wow, how young were they? :D

1 4m 3l33t : They are hanging upside down,brilliant. 

marcanthonynolan : The agony on their face throughout this. All I see are professionals torturing themselves for their art. It's fantastic and made with a level of love for the craft than I could ever imagine, but its a little hard to watch with any sense of personal empathy. Lol

Haiz : never trust a magician

GuitarStrings : Are we live!?

2Addicted2YT : When I first watched this the first thing that came to my mind was P&T had some weird hairstyles back in the day and rolled up sleeves must have been the style back then. I figured it all out though round about when they came down.

GreyboSneed : I miss the 80s

sirpsychosexy : Thanks for ruining the video with the fucking description

Ryan G. : It rises exactly at the speed of gravity!

Nick Carstensen : I was wondering why tellers face was red

Phoebe I : Omg thats why their sleeves are rolled up.

Sleevelesssocks : It took me so long to clock they were upside down

Man : Just me or is there an odd amount of laughing at the start?

Brennan Tracy : So was there any magic to this haha, only thing cool was the cup

TheWhistler1967 : Why the fuck did you put the punchline in the description...

Aalbert Torsius : Great job giving away the trick in the description, SNL! At the very least, put it below the fold!

Gary V : I clicked on this thinking it was a sketch joke on Penn and Teller, as in some of the cast were acting as the magicians. But when the video started I'm like, "No, that's them. They look weird. What's the gag?" Then the card trick and I laugh "Oh they're upside down."

Wolff : Took a minute to realize what was going on

Sidowse : That awkward moment when you realise you have bitten off more than you can swallow.

Mycoffee26 : Took me a bit too long to realize what was going on

Aleksa Janic : What a genius

aneet naidu : I freaking hate how the info section spoils it for the viewer. All i wanted to know what what year it was aired, and i see it says the fuking trick is done upside down. Cmon now why fuking do that.

Eric Bourque : So thats why they are all laughing at the start...

unacomn : Wasn't this bit in their movie?

Sho Kill : That was awesome. Glad I didn't read the description beforehand.

Tom Ogier : I think everyones overlooked the spinning hoop on the table at the end

Tanner Prochaska : They had me fooled so hard 😂

Jean Pierre Visual Co : I love how he nonchalantly drinks his water

GAMER 4.0 : how the statue disappear

Tomáš Holec : How the hell did they do THAT? :O

Saul Pena : I knew they were upside down halfway there... Their hair gave it away.