We the People, and the Republic we must reclaim | Lawrence Lessig

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naperdood : He is now running for president. He says if he were elected, his mandate would be to get this problem solved and resign, letting the vice president ascend and go from there. It's sounds great, but nobody even knows this. So since we have a candidate already vehemently opposed to this donor class ownership of politicians, why doesn't he just put all his effort into getting him elected. He's already pulling in crowds the size of music concerts and he has this very same message.... a message he has held and yelled for years without interruption. Bernie Sanders for President!!! #feelthebern

HDTVJunkie : At present, 4,429 thumbs up, 90 thumbs down. This is out of balance based on the subject matter. There should only be two thumbs down, a proper representation of the 0.05% of relevant funders. I guess even here at YouTube, people vote against their own best interests.

Davedude111 : Lessig for Supreme Court!

Big Guy617 : Who is this guy? I never heard of him. I don't know anything about this guy. It doesn't matter because I am supporting Bernie Sanders but really who is this Lessig guy?

David Frank Markham : As hopeless as it seems, We the people must regain our republic!

cocoloco818 : God Bless America! Great and important speech. Hope you, the people of the USA will get your republic back. It can not be that (more less) 132 people finance the elections (buy it....). If you loose representative democracy too, like the EU already is and will be continue to do.... where will be democracy left....?? Switzerland is too little to stand alone....

RedDuppers : It takes a TED lecture to point out the obvious?

Indiana Joe : First of all, we do not have a democracy, we have a republic.  The difference being, a democracy is mob rule, winner makes all the rules and laws.  In a Republic, the winner can make the rules FOR GOVERNMENT, but the people retain all of their inalienable rights, including the right to property (cannot tax him).  Any claim to an inalienable right cannot be challenged by anyone within the representative government, as they do not act by right, they act by limited authority and power.  Courts are to decide cases by rights only.

Jason Bonsall : www.wolf-pac.com Become part of the solution.

Ji Ruan : Lessig is a fantastic speaker. The last part is very emotional. 

Alan Medina : 17:28 "A Republic Madame, If you can keep it." Benjamin Franklin- A real American American Leader.

Ralph Deeds : Lessig is on the right track.

Nic Finn : As long as politicians have the ability to impact the economy, none of these "fixes" or "proposals" will work. All they'll do is make corporate funding slide under the radar or behind-the-scenes. The ONLY effective solution is to take away the power of government...

BobRooney : he should be the next POTUS!

Jason Ortiz : LOL the systems corrupt, but the answer isnt a "referendum president who will stay in power as long as it takes to end corruption!"  Thats a dictator, even if it is for peace he will be dictating for peace! Not to mention this is exactly what Hitler said and things didnt go so well for Germany!  What we need to do is fully revolt!  Go down to washington, burst into congressional hall, throw all these treasonists in jail, end the fed, and you'll see how fast things change!

feetheweasel : We must redefine corporations and special interest groups as non-persons and not afforded any Constitutional rights. We must outlaw lobbying congress except as an individual person. And make the penalties of violation as harsh as imaginable. It wouldn't touch the !st Amendment at all. Basically the bones of it would say, "if you can't pull a lever in a voting booth, you can't influence the process at all"

Henry Stradford : Lawrence Lessig: We the People, and the Republic we must reclaim

Pop Schlepp : As accurate as this is, I fail to see how anything can change from talking about this. Action must be taken, and talking is not sufficient action. States can do whatever they want in the way of adopting a good idea here and there but when these jackwads sit in their orifices in DC, everything changes. Big Money buys them and their votes. What changes? We KNOW what has to change, but WE DON'T VOTE IN DC. We only send these assholes to DC to vote on laws, bills and regulations FOR US. They DON"T. They vote the way they are paid to vote by big money. Talk is cheap. Until the pitchforks come out NOTHING will change.

Patrick Healy : I've shared this before and I will keep sharing it. I'm a little disturbed that it doesn't have nearly as many views as some of these other silly videos out there. #Seriously   +Lawrence Lessig nails it and people need to know it. This system is corrupt by the very definition of corrupt. We need to change the way we do this. #RootHackers  

Istanbul0687 : I'm a Bernie Sanders Supporter, but I wholeheartedly agree with what Lawrence said here. I totally get why Lawrence is running, because simply endorsing Bernie isn't going to catch steam, but he's running his own one-issue platform to get the entirety of the Democratic party (or even just Bernie) to push more for Campaign Finance Reform and Income/Political inequality. An endorsement won't do it, he needs to get up on one of the debates and push his case. Eventually he'll drop out (I don't believe anyone will elect a one-issue candidate), but it's one of the most (if not the most) pressing issue of the decade and our generation, and I'm all for his campaign, even though I feel at the end of the day, Bernie will not only be the best comprehensive Presidential candidate on the Democratic side, but Bernie will push hard as best as he can for the Act that Lawrence is pushing for. #feelthebern

RantKid : Who are the 89 people who disliked this video? Ironically it's almost representative of the people who would vote for status quo.

Gummisuperberry : This guy was the greatest presidential candidate but he had a pretty rough week. He was locked out of debates, he was ignored by everybody, and was almost kicked out of candidacy. i wanted him to at least be allowed in debates when i am old anough to run i want to carry his dream to the extreme point and show that anyone can be equal and attack untill the end

Michael Cain : This message must be heard and understood by Democrats and Republicans. The USA is in the toilet because of big money politics.

aesop watkins : I subscribe to the belief that the best way to solve our problems is to innovate our way out of them. Furthermore it is my belief that legal action only serves as a band-aid solution to problems when no technical solution is immediately realized. Thus understanding that the underlying issue is the money influence within our political system, especially in the realm of campaign finance, my question then becomes what types of technical solutions can create the conditions under which money and its influence over our politicians is no longer relevant? To answer that question I am first inclined to ask another. In the age of information, where we have immediate access to all forms of media ranging from the written word to video representations, and where we have the proportionate ability to immediately distribute those same forms of media just as readily; All for little more than the price of a computer and a video camera. Why is it that the election process, In the hitherto mentioned age of information, requires so much money in the first place? Why is it so expensive to run a campaign? I find this question strikingly hard to answer. I can understand the cost associated with travel, of booking a venue and of buying a few billboards. But all these things seem to me to add up to a total that dwarfs in comparison to the amount of money these candidates accept in campaign contributions. There seems to be some fundamental disconnect, the campaign system is incredibly inefficient, and appears to be corrupting by its very nature. So then the question becomes, how can we implement recent advents of technology into the election process that would dramatically cut the cost of running for office? My answer: Create an open platform (.gov website) for candidates running for office to obtain campaign finance directly from the electorate. Candidates would post their political platform, their credentials, their past voting records, basically all information relevant for the public to make an informed decision. But here in my view is the interesting bit, every dollar contributed through this website can be tracked and represented in some sort of mathematical diagram and compared to the total amount received by the candidate for his/her campaign.  If such a system were in place and were socially recognized as the authority in matters relating to a campaign, we would be able to see what groups have financed each politician. you would be able to see some thing like, this politician has received (x) amount of campaign dollars by undisclosed sources and (y) amount of campaign dollars by disclosed sources. From this you would be able to figure out what percentage of the total amount received comes from sources that are open about their motivations, which in essence would be a measure of how much you can trust a specific politician. The beauty in a solution like this is that it requires no reform on a legislative level. All that is required is a consensus be reached by the people to value openness and honesty in our political leaders. It seems to me that such a website if widely adopted by the public would create a platform that enables a politician to voice their ideas and explain their proposed policies for nearly no money at all, effectively restricting the influence money has over campaigns in the first place. ......................................................... I would greatly appreciate any feedback.

Waterfrontworker : why doesn't lester talk about politician lining their pockets as well as rtaising $ for re-election? 99% of congress are millaires many times over

Lude Crestfallen : Sanders/Lessig would have just slayed it. This election is horrible.

Rachel DeRosier : I've known for years that we have a corrupt system in this country of ours, and now I finally understand who's getting the money, and why some of us still love this country so much, how it's all one humongous misunderstanding. Like he said so very well, we all must act as citizens to bring this country, our home, back to the way it was originally conceived by our founding fathers. Overall, excellent presentation Prof. Lessig. Thank you. :)

May Ngan : It s great !:-)

Mana Talk with James : Denial, or a cognitive dissonance by the greater majority of this U.S. continues to pulls us further back to the dark-ages...   To be more specific... it's the religious right that voluntarily and sternly refuse to accept fact or truth  - even if that information vitally affects their life in all aspects.  After money is taken out of politics - we need to remove religion as well.  I AM SURPRISED THAT NO ONE IS TACKLING THIS PATHETIC PHENOMENON, because religion has become the excuse for many to treat each other and this planet like crap.  

Open School : Citing the perils of American fundraising nature of politics, Lawrence Lessig gives an impressive talk against this ever-pervasive corruption. A need of the hour talk not only to America but to the entire world. A good and meaningful talk.

sogghartha : I'll just say it: wolf-pac.com

Kyle Rybski : ‘In the general election, anyone can vote, if you're over 18, in some states if you have an ID.’ Also, in the case of males, only if you agree that the military owns you.

Winston Smith in Oceania : We no longer need the middlemen. Why are we wasting our time debating how to make politicians work for us? Let us just get rid of the politicians and use the technology we already have to govern ourselves!!!

Winston Smith in Oceania : Fucking LIKE and SHARE this video!!!

tsuich00i : While we're on the subject of historical, Anarchy (totalitarianism's ancient, and opposite brother), the system you seem to suggest, has even worse record than Fascism. Man has always had the need to organize and govern by those qualified by the expertise they are educated in- Teachers teach, Firefighters put out fires, plumbers plumb, doctors heal, and bureaucrats administer, that is the natural order of things, and no pent-up philosophy will change that.

tsuich00i : yes, because destroying the remaining functional institutions that we have left will do wonders to "restore America"... Never before have i seen such blind and ignorant support for such a backwards and half-witted philosophy which in the final assessment, amounts to pure, unrepentant, nonsensical insanity.

R3D CRAFT : I don't live in America, but I do believe my democratic Norway is experiencing this anyway., in a less degree. Great talk!

tsuich00i : I know enough about libertarianism to know that its Anarchy masquerading as something noble, when in fact, it is anything but.

tdreamgmail : I love the topic and enjoyed the talk's content but the powerpoint/keynote presentation was incredibly gimmicky. Flashing words here there and everywhere, completely unnecessary, hard to focus. I bet he thought it was great and using simpsons characters. He spoke too fast and he didn't need to use slides to show words he's already saying, we're not deaf. Overall had much potential but the delivery and presentation were sorely lacking. Different fonts all the time? WTF?

MotoErgoSum : There has been a recent breakthrough in capacitors using graphene. Just search for graphene supercapacitors on google. "...if it pans out, offers possibilities like a smart phone getting a full day's charge in a second or two, or an electric car reaching "full" in a minute..."

Anime Summit : It was also meant when the Senate wasn't full time politicians.

JVirago Studios : Those conspiracy theorists aren't sounding so crazy anymore.

mowriter : So go make all the money you can and support whoever you like. And in all likelihood you, too, will support the candidates who kiss up to you. After all: you paid for it!

TheMentalMKE : If he would say six corporations owns 90 percent of the media and that Lester land enemy since the year 2000 where the 7 countries without a central Banking system would people care while we still have it so good

nekezajebancije : I didn't say it was a failure exclusively because of the police, I just stated an answer to the obvious question "But what can the people do against the police and the army, etc". The police and the army are more part of "us" than a part of "them". ... And I didn't say they were corrupt either, they were just doing their "jobs".

nekezajebancije : He can't convince the Lesters - that's why he has to convince us to stand up and face the Lesters ourselves! There is more of us than there is of them, what does that say to you? :) Maybe you've seen already (Occupy WallStreet, etc), they have the police on their side... But the police is part of the 99% of us, too! This is why we need convincing and this is why we should stop ignoring the issues! :)

nekezajebancije : That is clear as clear can be, of course... Now what can we do to try to wake people up about these things? Well... Maybe inform ourselves. Share the messages to as many people as we can... Giving up and "I don't want to live on this planet anymore" is easy. Let's try changing this planet first! :D

nekezajebancije : Most people are NOT informed. Not enough people are informed that this system is ruining our lives and the planet and that it only benefits the few. I mean, yeah, they know there are rich cocksuckers on the top - but they just think that's the way it is, and there's nothing we can do about it... ... Well, fuck THAT. There are PLENTY of obviously better solutions for humanity! I, for one, like the idea of an RBE (Resorce Based Economy). It seems like maybe the best solution we currently have...

Agrippa Maxentius : It's really hard to get views when you start a new youtube channel, if anyone could just give me a look or something i'd really appreciate it. I try to be entertaining, though it's certainly hard without any positive and/or negative feedback. Sorry to be a burden to anyone, and thanks This is the greatest speech I have heard in awhile.

DavidtheDuke : wolf-pac.com, as Cenk always says :D