We the People, and the Republic we must reclaim | Lawrence Lessig

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naperdood : He is now running for president. He says if he were elected, his mandate would be to get this problem solved and resign, letting the vice president ascend and go from there. It's sounds great, but nobody even knows this. So since we have a candidate already vehemently opposed to this donor class ownership of politicians, why doesn't he just put all his effort into getting him elected. He's already pulling in crowds the size of music concerts and he has this very same message.... a message he has held and yelled for years without interruption. Bernie Sanders for President!!! #feelthebern

HDTVJunkie : At present, 4,429 thumbs up, 90 thumbs down. This is out of balance based on the subject matter. There should only be two thumbs down, a proper representation of the 0.05% of relevant funders. I guess even here at YouTube, people vote against their own best interests.

Big Guy617 : Who is this guy? I never heard of him. I don't know anything about this guy. It doesn't matter because I am supporting Bernie Sanders but really who is this Lessig guy?

Davedude111 : Lessig for Supreme Court!

RedDuppers : It takes a TED lecture to point out the obvious?

cocoloco818 : God Bless America! Great and important speech. Hope you, the people of the USA will get your republic back. It can not be that (more less) 132 people finance the elections (buy it....). If you loose representative democracy too, like the EU already is and will be continue to do.... where will be democracy left....?? Switzerland is too little to stand alone....

Ralph Deeds : Lessig is on the right track.

BobRooney : he should be the next POTUS!

Jason Ortiz : LOL the systems corrupt, but the answer isnt a "referendum president who will stay in power as long as it takes to end corruption!"  Thats a dictator, even if it is for peace he will be dictating for peace! Not to mention this is exactly what Hitler said and things didnt go so well for Germany!  What we need to do is fully revolt!  Go down to washington, burst into congressional hall, throw all these treasonists in jail, end the fed, and you'll see how fast things change!

Alan Medina : 17:28 "A Republic Madame, If you can keep it." Benjamin Franklin- A real American American Leader.

Indiana Joe : First of all, we do not have a democracy, we have a republic.  The difference being, a democracy is mob rule, winner makes all the rules and laws.  In a Republic, the winner can make the rules FOR GOVERNMENT, but the people retain all of their inalienable rights, including the right to property (cannot tax him).  Any claim to an inalienable right cannot be challenged by anyone within the representative government, as they do not act by right, they act by limited authority and power.  Courts are to decide cases by rights only.

Craig Bowers : I haven't read it yet (aka not a troll) but his videos/speeches have been SO great that I'm gonna check out his book on this! https://www.amazon.com/Republic-Lost-Version-Lawrence-Lessig/dp/1455537012/ref=la_B001HCW3ZK_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1478454148&sr=1-2

Jayden Ayala : Bernie Sanders..spread his word and TELL EVERYONE TO WATCH THE DEBATES..BOTH REPUBLICAN AND DEMOCRAT..and tell me who is an intellectual in the end, from what i see it is Bernie Sanders as of right now.

Pop Schlepp : As accurate as this is, I fail to see how anything can change from talking about this. Action must be taken, and talking is not sufficient action. States can do whatever they want in the way of adopting a good idea here and there but when these jackwads sit in their orifices in DC, everything changes. Big Money buys them and their votes. What changes? We KNOW what has to change, but WE DON'T VOTE IN DC. We only send these assholes to DC to vote on laws, bills and regulations FOR US. They DON"T. They vote the way they are paid to vote by big money. Talk is cheap. Until the pitchforks come out NOTHING will change.

Jatett : wolf-pac.com

Istanbul0687 : I'm a Bernie Sanders Supporter, but I wholeheartedly agree with what Lawrence said here. I totally get why Lawrence is running, because simply endorsing Bernie isn't going to catch steam, but he's running his own one-issue platform to get the entirety of the Democratic party (or even just Bernie) to push more for Campaign Finance Reform and Income/Political inequality. An endorsement won't do it, he needs to get up on one of the debates and push his case. Eventually he'll drop out (I don't believe anyone will elect a one-issue candidate), but it's one of the most (if not the most) pressing issue of the decade and our generation, and I'm all for his campaign, even though I feel at the end of the day, Bernie will not only be the best comprehensive Presidential candidate on the Democratic side, but Bernie will push hard as best as he can for the Act that Lawrence is pushing for. #feelthebern

RantKid : Who are the 89 people who disliked this video? Ironically it's almost representative of the people who would vote for status quo.

Gummisuperberry : This guy was the greatest presidential candidate but he had a pretty rough week. He was locked out of debates, he was ignored by everybody, and was almost kicked out of candidacy. i wanted him to at least be allowed in debates when i am old anough to run i want to carry his dream to the extreme point and show that anyone can be equal and attack untill the end

Waterfrontworker : why doesn't lester talk about politician lining their pockets as well as rtaising $ for re-election? 99% of congress are millaires many times over

Lude Crestfallen : Sanders/Lessig would have just slayed it. This election is horrible.

Rachel DeRosier : I've known for years that we have a corrupt system in this country of ours, and now I finally understand who's getting the money, and why some of us still love this country so much, how it's all one humongous misunderstanding. Like he said so very well, we all must act as citizens to bring this country, our home, back to the way it was originally conceived by our founding fathers. Overall, excellent presentation Prof. Lessig. Thank you. :)

May Ngan : It s great !:-)

jannmutube : There's no Republic without it's foundation in the Judaeo-Christian faith.

maddsloth II : this clown created the "super pac to end all super pacs" now it is just a normal old Super Pac...

thomas moloian : lawarence lessig biggst hypocrite alive and stupid. killary will never be president now that she's been caught red handed with her pants down on all her scandals so tell lessig to fly to mars

Tony P : This is a very profound presentation

Kris Kollar : trump, it's still THEIR side

A E : Lessig is a coward and tool of the left. He promotes the EC voting for Hillary, which if it happened, would result in a civil war. The man is delusional and shows that Harvard Law is not the place you want to waste your money at.

Yesanything : What a jerk. :Lots o' Loads of crap. How did Trump win the lester election if all the lesters funded Jeb et al?? Don't fall for this crap meant to take away freedom of speech, freedon of association. Long live Citizerns' United decision

Shannon Geis : Why doesn't this come up when I look up Publicly Funded Elections. The right is on the defense and is already funding papers and think tanks to say it's not effective and a waste of money. The Libertarian Besos paper, Washington Post article comes up first when you look up PFE. I'd love to see PFE as the 28th amendment!

hank whitsett : 1452% of what?!

Waterfrontworker : The last couple of "TED Talks" I've heard on public radio lately were pretty heavy handed messages for hillary

koko lolo : оу с титрами понять глубоко весьма затруднительно. Проблема понятна, а решение я не усёк.

Gabe Barouh : I feel as though he's giving too much power to those who get elected. Obama was elected, he's a democrat against global warming. How is who finances elections preventing the end of global warming!?

nin6246 : It's unfortunate that such an intelligent man can get so tied up on what has been proving to be a mostly inconsequential matter. By him focusing on Citizens United he overlooks the true gross injustice of our political system which is in fact dominated by money and influence throughout. If Citizens United led directly to money choosing candidates, then Jeb Bush would have won the Republican primaries by a landslide instead of showing a pitiful and embarrassing performance. Lessig imho should focus on how difficult it is to enter and win a political race and the pressure from special interest that usually compromise a candidate for special favors.

ComicOzzieSU : Nice words, and if there weren't other factors he completely ignores, I might sign on to his goal. He talks about how we need to cut out the funding for both sides by the rich elite who then get "favors" from those they help elect. He claims it would affect both the liberal and conservative sides. WRONG Because the left still has 98% of the media pushing their agenda. Not just the major news networks. You see the liberal agenda in practically every entertainment production there is. No, sorry Mr. Lessig, until you can address that, you won't have fairness.

Sherron Yarborough : Amen

Kerem Uzonur : he looks like tobias beecher :D

S. GA Patriot : Any time voting for Bernie Sanders is better spent fishing,....... but a way better choice than your other democratic candidate.  If you really read his bio than you would know Bernie's past doesn't exactly reflect a LOVING, PATRIOTIC ATTITUDE toward our U.S.A. based on MORALS AND VALUES indicative of a TRUE LEADER that loves his country.

Nick Romanos : Professor Lessig would be an excellent nomination for the vacant Supreme Court seat! https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/consider-professor-lawrence-lessig-candidate-fill-supreme-court-seat-left-vacant-late-justice-scalia

Jason Bonsall : www.wolf-pac.com Become part of the solution.

John Maloney : How long does he propose to jail people who distribute books and movies about politicians? He is clear that he wants them jailed for that behavior, the question is for how long?

Eric Shepherd : Awesome video ... watched first 10 to 15 minutes; more evidence we lost our republic. We have instead a highly centralized system of government (contrary to the Founding Fathers, who were not federal citizens but citizens of the states in which they lived) rather than a localized system of government.

B-Rai87 : okay all of this sounds good but, whats to say he won't end up like uh i don't don't every other president exept for jfk .. whats to say he himself won't get corrupted by this corrupt government??...

Cee Bee : he's so adorable

Zachariah Wilburn : best 18 minutes of being american

randy hyden : I think this guy said he would consider running for vice president under Donald Trump. Will never get my vote. All we have to look forward to is the chaos of our military rounding up little kids who only speak english and sending them back to Mexico. Another reason the radical right will lose.

ams914 : If the 1% pays 99%, why wouldn't they have total control? Don't you get what you pay for? How could I blame these businessmen for being good at business? I blame myself and the rest of the 99 for being woefully apathetic and not participating in our democracy. Don't hate the players... Obviously we must change the game. IF it's possible.

GeorgeFitzhugh : "Politics is the gentle art of taking the money of the rich and the votes of the poor, promising to protect each from the other."   If the poor were powerless would we have a progressive income tax, $1 trillion/year in poverty program spending, free public schools,.etc. ?    Money will always influence politicians.  It can get a politician's incompetent brother in law a job so the pol's nieces don't starve.   The local charity will know the pol's ties to money brought it big donations.   Independent groups (527s) have a constitutional right to spend freely on politics.  Real reform means abolishing elections for Congress and instead randomly selecting Congress from qualified citizens.   P.S. Liberals don't love America, they love their own sanctimony and their utopian fantasies.

Diogenes : The attack on people spending money on politics breaks down once you understand that to avoid hypocrisy you'd have to constrain all political speech to what is equally available to everyone. So for example, no media outlet would be able to express a political opinion because it would disproportionately bias the national discussion. How many people are there in teh media? how many people own media companies? What are the percentages of versus the general population? By this logic, the media would have to be censored. But it goes beyond that because we have lobbying groups... not just the evil "lets have oil so we have gas so your cars and jets work" lobbies... but consider the "lets save the fuzzy animal lobbies" or the "lets help poor people" lobbies. All of these lobbies collect money from a disproportionately small portion of the population and megaphone their opinions throughout the culture and the political landscape. So if you hate the citzen's united outcome, consider the price of it not working that way. All your lobbying groups would be toast. Here's the thing, EVERYONE has a right to speak and everyone has a right to speak as loudly and consistently about something as they want. And if you're rich then you can of course leverage that money to have other people speak on your behalf or buy a captive audience. And if you don't like that... consider that to avoid hypocrisy... you'd have to shut down the media and you'd have to silence all the lobbying groups... even the ones trying to save the fuzzy kittens and poor people. Unintended consequences. What is my solution to the lester issue? We're seeing it in action. The media organizations are diversifying and atomizing. The mechanisms for social discourse are democratizing away from centralized media organizations. Those bottle necks are the vulnerability that make the lester's dollars matter. Why after all do you need all that money? Media buys. That's what it goes for... advertising. Now consider that when the media loses control over the ability to play gate keeper to the political process, you don't need to give them a dime to get heard. You just need to get bounced around by the social networks and the alternative media elements that tend to be the last mile delivery mechanism for a lot of media delivery these days with the likes of Reuters and the AP being mostly a source supplier that is paraphrased in the final delivery.