Everything Wrong With The Room In 8 Minutes Or Less

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ZombieDeathRace : Movie Sin Tally: 1,591,985,490 Sentence: Still better than Twilight.

Kostas1601 : This episode should have been 1 second long because there are 0 things wrong with The Room

JeremyCuddles : “As far as I am concerned, you can drop off the Earth. That’s a promise” - Mark the GOAT

Omar Correa : I heard the filming crew all quit in the middle of making this movie cause it was so bad and he had to hire a whole new crew to finish the movie.

Angel Delgado : "Don't your breasts have cancer". OMG I was laughing so hard!!! XD

Some Guy Named Kirby : I just watched this film for the first time ever last night. It was the worst film I've ever seen. It was also the greatest film I've ever seen.


Joe McKim : Everything Wrong with the Room in 8 Minute or Less(part 1 of a 10 series)

Gaming and Fitness : This is actually the only movie he's done where CinemaSins sounds legitimately frustrated at the film.

Frog Feet Productions : I feel like if this really was "Everything Wrong with the Room" it would just be the actual film playing in it's entirety ha ha ha :D Love this stupid movie.

The Realistic Panasonic : "Me underwears"

Max Radlicz : Legend has it the sin counter is still going up

UltraPoseidon : You guys HAVE to remake this as a longer, more in depth look at this for The Disaster Artist!!

Dingo D. Manhunter : In the original script Tommy Wiseau was not supposed to die, he was supposed to be revealed as a vampire. That would have been the greatest moment in cinema history. Too bad some people don't understand true art.

LuxMashups : Do Fateful Findings!

Nick Mattio : I’m there’s nothing wrong here! NOTHING!! Oh Hi Doggy...

coldplayplayer15 : This is the all-time greatest CinemaSins video oh and by the way I have breast cancer.

Pennylane is Almost famous : *Don't your breasts have cancer?* 😂🤣😂☺️😂🤣😂☺️😂☺️🤣😂 🤜🏼🖤🤛🏼😎☕️✌🏼 I'm laughing so hard !!! Dude I can't ! This channel will forever be my favorite!!!

kaykay58726 : I have never seen the counter go up that high! 🤣

Xar 94 : Got curious just had to do this. That many sins in a 99 minute movie means that 268,011.025 sins get added for every second the movie plays. Nice.

Max Cady : "— If you love me you'll drink this." "That's how the Jonestown Massacre started." LOL

Kyle Shive : Is anybody here to watch this before "The Disaster Artist?" I sure am haha...... (Mark laugh)

ScreamingLordByron : The highest count in any video. Should most definitely stay that way.

selmateacher7 - Daniel Berry : Best CinemaSins ever....

Rushi Shinde : two is great but three is a crowd , ! - by johnny aka tom wiser but i like to watch you both - by danny (creepy adopted son)

lissa bea : *oh hi mark*

Phaux Redtail : Funny to think that after all this, it was one of the Fast and the Furious movies that broke the counter. shows how bad those movies truly are.

MioRaem : "But you're a psychologist" - "You are always playing psychologist with us!" I literally made sounds like a rabid pregnant cow right before giving birth. My dog who happened to be in the same room desperately tried to get out.

Anya : Really hope you do a sin count on the disaster artist

Leon Kennedy : Nothing wrong with this scene. This is gold.

LordKame Guru : I'm still convinced this was entirely on purpose. I mean, it's just so bad in the best way. Not to mention virtually nothing is known about Tommy Wiseau, where he's from, or anything like that. Man's practically a ghost. A moderately rich ghost. I'm thoroughly convinced that he's a comedic genius that has planned every single public failure he's ever made in order to become rich. He's just too perfect at being bad.

Tiger Robocop : "Don't your breasts have cancer?" I can't see this without laughing anymore. Damn it, CinemaSins!

Duck Fayce : _"don't your breasts have cancer?"_ that was brutal.

Benjamin Moss : 5:35 God damnit you slipped on the semen

Dalevisor : Wait can we discuss how Chris R was legitimately a pretty good actor. Shit was jarring when I watched it.

CryingBuddha : If The Joker ever sprayed you in the face with Joker Venom, I imagine that Tommy Wisseau's shitty SHITTY laugh is the only thing you can hear... and after a moment of disgust it becomes the funniest thing you've ever heard.

Criminally Nerdy : If this were more accurate it would just play the entire movie with CinemaSins riffing it the entire time.

VergilHilts : 3:12 :DDD "I did naaaht"

Clancy Grealish : It'd be quicker to do an everything right with 'The Room' video

DirectionProductions : *at **1:54* *Skipps ahead about a minute* HOW TF THE SIN COUNT 88563

LeDerpium Herpium : I did not hit her, *_I did not._* *_OH, HI MARK._*

Goncalo Madeira : Hi doggy

gaberockmain : "This should have been done before the script was made." Holy f*ck cinema sins that was savage

Khalil Rahmeh : i believe the counter is broken.

White Vans Inc. : You missed the fact all the framed photos are all stock images of spoons

Daniel Attrell : Everything Wrong With The Disaster Artist

Michael Moodie : Oh Hi Mark

byteresistor : The Room did nothing wrong. It's bullshit., it did naaht.

Khaela Conda : Damn. He must have hated this movie with every fiber in his body XD