Rare Eminem Old School Freestyle!! Must See!
With all the Eminem hype this is the freestyle he did on an LA radio station in 1997 or 1998 that Dr Dre heard over the radio and asked to hear more from him in turn he received his Slim Shady EP tape The rest is history

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Sean Crowley : I miss when Hip-Hop was this smart. When flow, content, delivery meant something.

wwk savage : He is the best and no one can beat him period

StayEarthly : Not a huge Eminem fan but I can honestly say he’s the best rapper of all time. Greatest is Tupac. Best is Em. There’s a difference

Jay Carrera : Who’s here after killshot?

burgerboy does some shit : this is better than like his last 10 songs

bury the living : 1:30 when dude said "damn" you could tell he was legit impressed 😂

baki069 : This is basically "Greg". It's on the special Edition from The Slim Shady LP

PowderHeight : Eminem is hands down the most talented rapper OF ALL TIME... regardless if you think Jay Z, Drake, Lil Wayne, or Biggie are/were more popular

Aaron Neeley : its only fair to warn I was born with a set of horns with metaphors attached ima dang imbelical cord. war lord of rap that'll bash u in the head with a 2 by 4 board n crash into ur Honda accord with a 4 door Ford. but I'm more torward to choppin a fella to mizerella worst than a helicopter propella

UFC Armchair Cornerman : One of the greatest freestyles ever. I want to quote some lines but just too many to choose from. The whole "it's only fair to warn I was born with a set of horns" and the rest of that freestyle was pure genius

Nori S. : Very intelligent MC.

Young Tobbie : kendrick wasn't seeing eye to eye with Eminem in his prime…. 

n3xtstar2k2 : I love the second one the best

Guilherme Soares : whats the second beat from

codywyant : That rap gave me chiils

TraxoutMedia : Rap God

Dexter Haven : This is what got him his record deal. People at Interscope heard it, Jimmy I. and Dr. Dre.

Metric Se7eN : I'd like to see another rapper come with something off the top like this and having it flow so perfectly with the best "Driving a rusty scalpel in through the top of your scalp and pulling your Adam's apple out through your mouth"

Wandi : Eminem just sets a good vibe when his freestyling ..you can hear everybody cracking up in the background with every punchline

Omega Bloodshot : DAMN

eisawsome100 : I wanna see the original of this cause there's plenty of videos that say freestyle where he spits these verses

DirtWormGames : The second one is an actual freestyle, and its better than the first one everyone is saying is a song.

itztrez420 : 1st beat is: Kick in the Door, Notorious BIG

Marshall Mathers Turkey : didn't he use the same words at 4 versus?

Raquel Wright : Two of his best freestyles even if one or both was written.

Hu nna : Kick in the door is 1 of biggues greatest songs ever!!! and eminem killed this as well!

ImFromDadeCounty.223 : best freestyle ever

Dreamville dot_try : Off The Top Of The Head!!!🔥🔥🔥 Rapper Still Kant Do This!!! #2018

knoccout7124 : Marshall Mathers...is...NOT...human !!!

LosAngelesFresh1 : i still remember being blown away by this like 10 yrs ago

LosAngelesFresh1 : kids dont understand when i say he's wack now... come listen to his older shit and tell me its even close to his new shit

Mohammad Talha Khan : That's the king right there


ThugSafc : oh fuck off

Ulysses : holy shit

Joe Pastore 3rd : Pills

365Overdose : Thats the real slim shady, when he was on dope!!!

SCAP3Official : Kick In the door biggie

SCAP3Official : Kick in the door Biggie

SCAP3Official : First Instrumental Is Biggie Kick In The Door produced by the one and only DJ Premier

Brenda Pagan : First instrumental is from biggie's song knocking the door i think it is

El Fuego : any one got the name of the first instrumental?????

JewDoggyDogg : shiiiiiiiiiit!

3016 : first beat? name?

Andrew Cavazos : Nigga went in

Jay Cruz : Fucking dope

CaptainSeenTV : I love slim

MrDank619 : That's Why Slim Will Always Be In Ma Top 5 (No Order) PAC BIG Nas Slim Eminem Nd Guru From Gang Starr

Khalil Chemssi : SO what?