Rare Eminem Old School Freestyle!! Must See!

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GODSON Music : Most rappers STILL can't pull of this level of multisyls.

Sean Crowley : I miss when Hip-Hop was this smart. When flow, content, delivery meant something.

burgerboy does some shit : this is better than like his last 10 songs

wwk savage : He is the best and no one can beat him period

Aaron Neeley : its only fair to warn I was born with a set of horns with metaphors attached ima dang imbelical cord. war lord of rap that'll bash u in the head with a 2 by 4 board n crash into ur Honda accord with a 4 door Ford. but I'm more torward to choppin a fella to mizerella worst than a helicopter propella

Jay Carrera : Who’s here after killshot?

Nori S. : Very intelligent MC.

bury the living : 1:30 when dude said "damn" you could tell he was legit impressed 😂

baki069 : This is basically "Greg". It's on the special Edition from The Slim Shady LP

n3xtstar2k2 : I love the second one the best

StayEarthly : Not a huge Eminem fan but I can honestly say he’s the best rapper of all time. Greatest is Tupac. Best is Em. There’s a difference

btrey14 : Eminem is the best rapper alive

TraxoutMedia : Rap God

PowderHeight : Eminem is hands down the most talented rapper OF ALL TIME... regardless if you think Jay Z, Drake, Lil Wayne, or Biggie are/were more popular

Dusk Till Dawn : I'd like to see another rapper come with something off the top like this and having it flow so perfectly with the best "Driving a rusty scalpel in through the top of your scalp and pulling your Adam's apple out through your mouth"

UFC Armchair Cornerman : One of the greatest freestyles ever. I want to quote some lines but just too many to choose from. The whole "it's only fair to warn I was born with a set of horns" and the rest of that freestyle was pure genius

codywyant : That rap gave me chiils

Omega Bloodshot : DAMN

Guilherme Soares : whats the second beat from


Patryk Unlock : 2017 still from 1995

NumbersAndSports : He was so much better in every single way back then. I don't know what happened but I can't stand a single Em verse, song or freestyle nowadays.

Wandi : Eminem just sets a good vibe when his freestyling ..you can hear everybody cracking up in the background with every punchline

Armin D : whos watching in 2k17?

Simon Hall : Storing the dead bodies in grandma's little basement 😂

asvpsupreme : Was that juice lmaoo

Dexter Haven : This is what got him his record deal. People at Interscope heard it, Jimmy I. and Dr. Dre.

em conor sl : Even his Ford didnt survived after this killing Line. Nobody will ever be able to Beat him. Well done

natalie claro : 2 dank 4 me.... "Its only fair to warn that I was born with a set of horns" I like that line I'm takin that shit 😂

Jack Shephard : Fire

Alante Baker : Anybody Know the name of that Second instrumental?

DirtWormGames : The second one is an actual freestyle, and its better than the first one everyone is saying is a song.

Money Mice : What's the second instrumental called????? Beats fire af

ImFromDadeCounty.223 : best freestyle ever

Not JiNX : Lyrics?

Athina Dc : who's better than em?? NO ONE

Jkobe44 : Greg is drake

eisawsome100 : I wanna see the original of this cause there's plenty of videos that say freestyle where he spits these verses

JTD472 : drop an a capella to chop a fella to mozzarella worse than a helicopter propeller

David Yanev : what is the name of the second beat

Stephen Fairbanks : Ha ha

team toilet : best Eminem shit here

ezzo plays : 0:45 best bit

Omar Duran : the beat from "Kick in the Door"?

A9 : not freestyle tho

DollfaceNinjaBarbie : 800 likes hahhahaaa watching this in to 2016 baby!!!!!!!

Jonathan Moshoeshoe : I miss my old cd eminem mixtapes. I had all these freestyles and collabos.

Captured : Man somebody gotta drop the lyrics

Dreamville dot_try : Off The Top Of The Head!!!🔥🔥🔥 Rapper Still Kant Do This!!! #2018

pp3k07 : what was the sample track called in the first clip?