Rare Eminem Old School Freestyle!! Must See!

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GODSON Music : Most rappers STILL can't pull of this level of multisyls.

Sean Crowley : I miss when Hip-Hop was this smart. When flow, content, delivery meant something.

wwk savage : He is the best and no one can beat him period

Aaron Neeley : its only fair to warn I was born with a set of horns with metaphors attached ima dang imbelical cord. war lord of rap that'll bash u in the head with a 2 by 4 board n crash into ur Honda accord with a 4 door Ford. but I'm more torward to choppin a fella to mizerella worst than a helicopter propella

Peter Großfresse : This is basically "Greg". It's on the special Edition from The Slim Shady LP

burgerboy does some shit : this is better than like his last 10 songs

Nori S. : Very intelligent MC.

PowderHeight : Eminem is hands down the most talented rapper OF ALL TIME... regardless if you think Jay Z, Drake, Lil Wayne, or Biggie are/were more popular

Omega Bloodshot : DAMN

Jay Carrera : Who’s here after killshot?

TraxoutMedia : Rap God

Armin D : whos watching in 2k17?

UFC Armchair Cornerman : One of the greatest freestyles ever. I want to quote some lines but just too many to choose from. The whole "it's only fair to warn I was born with a set of horns" and the rest of that freestyle was pure genius

btrey14 : Eminem is the best rapper alive

n3xtstar2k2 : I love the second one the best

codywyant : That rap gave me chiils

Dusk Till Dawn : I'd like to see another rapper come with something off the top like this and having it flow so perfectly with the best "Driving a rusty scalpel in through the top of your scalp and pulling your Adam's apple out through your mouth"

bury the living : 1:30 when dude said "damn" you could tell he was legit impressed 😂

Jack Shephard : Fire

ImFromDadeCounty.223 : best freestyle ever

Alante Baker : Anybody Know the name of that Second instrumental?

Jkobe44 : Greg is drake

asvpsupreme : Was that juice lmaoo


Dexter Haven : This is what got him his record deal. People at Interscope heard it, Jimmy I. and Dr. Dre.

Wandi : Eminem just sets a good vibe when his freestyling ..you can hear everybody cracking up in the background with every punchline

Patryk Unlock : 2017 still from 1995

Stephen Fairbanks : Ha ha

Skillz Hub : 0:45 best bit

JTD472 : drop an a capella to chop a fella to mozzarella worse than a helicopter propeller

Money Mice : What's the second instrumental called????? Beats fire af

team toilet : best Eminem shit here

David Yanev : what is the name of the second beat

Omar Duran : the beat from "Kick in the Door"?

A9 : not freestyle tho

DollfaceNinjaBarbie : 800 likes hahhahaaa watching this in to 2016 baby!!!!!!!

natalie claro : 2 dank 4 me.... "Its only fair to warn that I was born with a set of horns" I like that line I'm takin that shit 😂

JustA Fan : He was so much better in every single way back then. I don't know what happened but I can't stand a single Em verse, song or freestyle nowadays.

Athina Dc : who's better than em?? NO ONE

pp3k07 : what was the sample track called in the first clip?

Brock Lesnar : Back when Rap was Fun

Marlon Campbell : Aaron Neeley, that was when Em shone bright! Now he is finished!

Brock Lesnar : #Legend

Patrick Moore : Real goat

Jon Trousdale : Sometimes I think that rhyming a few words in the same line is good and then I remember. Em did it better at any time than any rapper ever could. And he did it on a dime, with his last breath he'd kill himself with his last line. The man himself defining the word rhyme. Like he was fighting crime. Demolishing every rapper before, after, and during there prime forget breaking there neck he'd break out your hole spine . He'd murder himself if two of him existed in the same time line. Afraid he'd steal from himself like the secret formula was bottled in a vault in the back of his mind.

Slim Shady : No "Ah, yeah, yuh, aw" here.

victor : year ? (sry for my eng)

Abel Balleza : Every time I forget about Em I watch one of these a think "oh yea that's why he's the best

StayEarthly : Not a huge Eminem fan but I can honestly say he’s the best rapper of all time. Greatest is Tupac. Best is Em. There’s a difference

Yuvraj Singh : 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥