Eminem - Lucky You ft. Joyner Lucas

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From the album Kamikaze, out now: http://shady.sr/Kamikaze http://eminem.com http://facebook.com/eminem http://twitter.com/eminem http://instagram.com/eminem http://eminem.tumblr.com http://shadyrecords.com http://facebook.com/shadyrecords http://twitter.com/shadyrecords http://instagram.com/shadyrecords http://trustshady.tumblr.com Music video by Eminem performing Lucky You. © 2018 Aftermath Records http://vevo.ly/0XH5c8


ItsOnlyJake : eminem is the only one that can dab without it being cringey.

Robert Delafuente : #EMINEM = INFINITY STONES Comebacks is as easy as taking a breathe

Vaantasy : em : prop manager : producer : doppelgangers : no one : *Joyner : I NEED A BULLETPROOF VEST*

420 69 : If your friend said that this duo is trash and that they only like the beat, *Find New Friends*

Tigre 18s : Joyner is wearing a bulletproof vest cause he's going to war. Em is not because he's untouchable

GaLaXy Envelope : Logic: I don’t like Joyner Lucas Joyner: Hold my beer

Sam Zong : Played this in my school My school burned to the ground

TbreN den : Thank you Shady for boosting Joyner🙏 your dope too.

Fares Amr : Eminem: hata batata Lil pump: Eminem is my favorite rapper

KastriX : Lucky You: *exists* Lungs: Am I a joke to you?... (Edit: Thx for likes XD)

YEAH!SEEN 5:25 : The ones who disliked the video dont believe in rap god

Jeremy Lecus : Eminem: Drops surprise album Kamikaze in 2018 Eminem: "It's the moment y'all been waitin' for Like California wishin' rain would pour And that drought y'all have been prayin' for" 2018: California is drought free for the first time in 7 years. Coincidence? You decide

OffKey Wolf : 4:45 I love it when he shoots and everyone in the background goes flying

Titan's Blade Gekuyme : Em snap finger half the entire rapper's career end(just the mumblers)

Miguel Caldeira : Eminem is clearly trying to save the good old rap. Lyrics with meaning, flow and doesn't even need girls n drugs on video clips.

Hwk3r : The way Eminem dabbed just made me laugh, with no cringe what-so-ever. I love it!

Leeubah : Eminem: I think this is best song ever Joyner: Yeah, me too Drake: Let me play it Drake has left the chat.

A Millionaire : only one real rapper left and he is eminem Aka slim shady

MAckAIn 27 : I never thought I see Eminem dab

Kareem Majeens : *If you can't beat Em...Joyn' Em.*

Sâváge Eva : C'mon guys give a little attention to Joyner also.....his part was also good guy's

Suriya Wanichkul : This is Eminem on 46 years old If is 100 years old what's going on

OPTOBLADE ! : Research says that whale's lungs are the largest on the planet AFTER EMINEM'S LUNGS Dude even breathes or not idk

Gaming Nation : 2 of the greatest in one song.

Christopher Knellwolf : Eminem isn't Old School. He is Past, Present and Future School.

Floating Starfish : Eminem couldn't care less about a Grammy. I still think he got a way too harsh reception for Revival though. I love the album.

hypermariogamer Roblox and more : em thanks for showing me to joyner thank you

Childard Dimanche : I showed this to six nine And now he's locked up in jail

Kevin crumb : Joyner Lucas rapps good but Eminem wrecked him

Mohammad Shokor : i'm wet. love you eminem. #nohomo tho

Sirvee Pranay : Paul- so em, how many rappers are you dissing on this new album? Eminem- *yes*

Diego Playz : Who was here before 100,000,000 and after 100,000,000

Robert Delafuente : The only rapper who can drop a surprise album an break RECORDS

Rajat Dash : How EMINEM takes breaths ?? or he lives without breaths !!! the ending of the song was a superb 🤟🤟🤟

Eriona Lugi : 0%cars 0%womens 100%talents

BHAVNEET SINGH : You all gotta move Give me some room

Comment : This song slaps harder than my dads belt

Christian Lane : If there is Mom's spaghetti, where is Dad's spaghetti?

andy hazelgrove : Is that will smith from I am legend??? 😂😂😂💀

patt_hrabar : Eminem Never Die😏

Ryan Joseph Balajadia : Im starting to lose a lot of friends listening to hiphop after knowing I hate mumble rap, but you know what.. I REALLY HATE MUMBLE RAP

X Leshens : Ahh yes the 2 rappers to hit 11.4 syllables 🙂

Agencia Pudimé : Idk how could this masterpiece took so long to get to the 100 million milestone. 🐐🔥

Derek Collins : *Dre:* So, Joyner! Em! How fast you guys gonna go on this?? *Joyner and Em together:* Yes *Dre:* ........ *Joyner and Em* ..........

Daren Corona : I showed this to my chihuahua.... He's a pitbull now

Jose Paz : 3:45😂💀joked out bruh. They killed it!

Chris P. Bacon : Eminem:Raps *Oxygen has left the Chat*

Eraycheo Joe : Eminem is not The Last Toy Soldier. God Bless

Jacob Mendez : Finally an amazing rapper realizes that he should let the good and newer rappers get some spotlight