Eminem - Lucky You ft. Joyner Lucas

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Mr Scientific : *Eminem & Joyner Lucas are fighting a war against all the Mumblers.*

NIGHT2PWN : war against the mumble rappers? shit, i dont think they even know whats going on LMAOO

ARMAAN SONI : *Anti-Mumble*

dark knight batman : *Eminen is rap god*

Stilts : imagine if tupac was alive to fight this war against mumblers alongside eminem

Cruxal : eminem dabbing is not something I thought i'd ever see LMAO

nicksprofile : Holy shit I just noticed something big... go to 4:45 when Eminem shoots and all the wannabes go flying in the air he starts rapping twice as fast. It’s like they are all weighing him down. As soon as they start to land again his pace slows back down. Eminem is trying to say that he’s the king of rap and all these no skill mumble rappers are just weighing him and the genre down. It’s almost like he’s saying if we were to stop giving all these mumble rappers unwarranted attention and rap was where it should be he would go way harder. That’s just my interpretation of it anyways. What do you guys think? Anyone else catch this?

Dondie 82 : The million views on this video is delayed because of killshot🤦🏽‍♂️

Joshua Moses : Joyner Lucas is the man, he just needs some sick beats and he will slay.

KpopNiDontStop : Eminem the type of guy who can air hump and then start spitting fire afterwards.

Zac Flewids : happy to see Em working with a young talent like joyner #BurgundySoul

Tracker Jackers : Eminem - Best Rapper In The World

zee raa : I almost forgot how original hip hop sounds like.... Thank you Joyner and EM.

Derek : Thankfully this has saved me from Lil pump and Kanye

Oleathia Jones : This is tooooo ill!! Like nasty, I can't take it!!!!! Insane flow and lyricism!!! 😲😤😢😭😱

Daniel Still : Eminem's diss track broke YouTube! 😂😂😂

Luis Ginesta : 4:51-5:15 is absolut incredible. That part of this song prove that em is the greatest.

THOMAS CHEUNG : New PUBG trailer looks great


Suprdave123 : Rap Devil is the Fallen Rapper who tried to take on GOD and was banished to Hell for Eternity...yet, he died like Jesus...for the Sins of Mumble Rappers...It took his Death to bring back Hip Hop. #Blessup

Anabolic Aliens : I normally hate when music videos put scenes in the middle interrupting the song but that shit was hilarious. I actually laughed out loud 😂

aster n. : Not a big fan of rap, but I'm glad this song exists

Carmen Blake Official Account : greetings from jamaica yow!!!

Free Man : Who's got this song on repeat?

Brail Beatz : This song should've been called kill shot lol

Farhan Kabiri : Edit: hope this stays on the trending page for a while..

David T : Any one else here after the diss track because killshot took over YouTube

Leonardo G : a small string is holding my heteroexuality as i watch EM dabbing 😂 this song is purely fire 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 can’t stop watching this video and picturing all those “rappers” crying and hating. EMINEM #FGOAT!

Aw6ken : Man eminem is literally why I started rapping at 16 ❤ he's an inspiration to me and my music

Nikolas X : Finally Eminem. Thank God. I thought rap was dead. Joyner Lucas is extremely talented. Between the Ringer, Fall, and Lucky You, I haven’t been this excited since Rap God.

Hip-Hop Universe : EMINEM and Joyner are finally destroying Mumble Rap! Still can't believe that we put moaning over spitting... But this song is just fire 🔥🔥🔥

Infinity Electronics : The Real Slim Shady

sister fister : *eminem dabbing is not something I thought i'd ever see XD*

m r : eminem stronger than ever would't be bad a feat with 50 ;))))

Raptor Plays : Lil pump fans are triggered but still pick roblox over this

Riceman : Killshot killed both MGK and the comment section

Alex Morey : 3:30 is the best part lol

NADED : The war of God's versus mubblers begins

Tegarlian : Gimme some room , gimme some room , me and my family enjoy this MV Thanks eminem thanks youtube from indonesia :)

SYM Gitler : Can’t believe Kill shot has triple the views of this. Killshot is good but this is epic

huhuwuguhah t : Eminem isn't at the top, Eminem is the top.

Aarnav Panchal : Yo personally, I put rap in 4 categories. Mumble, Lyrical, Melodical, 90s. Mumble is meh only good for turn up

Google Live : Joyner lucas so much talent

Lingualizer : Skipped to the end. Had to check twice if I'm watching the video at normal speed

Patisserie mail : I'm 30 and That song makes me cry cause i feel like im 15 again rappin in my room on em' beats... best feeling in the world. Hola from Paris.

Original151 : Marshall coming through with the most powerful dab I’ve ever seen 😂

Lauri Kontkanen : Eminem dont need drugs for this

ATacoSniffer : Am I the only one that thinks Eminem looks freakishly like Tim McIlrath from Rise Against in this Video.

Andrew Gizicki : 666k dislikes on MGS's (machine gun stan's) video, it's a sign from the devil himself. Real question though....... Why be a rap devil when you can be a rap god? Eminem just sent him down under with his own thrown full of nails

dragonballz3 dragonballz3 : Who here wants a hopsin and eminem collab?