Why Palpatine killed Plagueis before learning Immortality [Legends] - Star Wars Explained

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Daryl Franklin, Jr. : Ironic. He can save others from death, but not himself.

Analia Red : Palpatine killed plagueis so he could tell the legend of Plagueis the wise

JustCallMeSix _ : Roses are red, Rodians are green, Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

William Smeds : *_have you ever heard the tradgedy of darth plagueis,the wise?_*

Pride fallen : I always wondered why he did that before learning it thanks Lore Master

ImStayGold42 : Snoke should've been Plagieus, they blew it.

Bad Games Kidd0 : He did it only because he knew if he didn’t he couldn’t tell anakin the ummm, story

CaptainDaz : He did it because he wanted to be the Senate.

Robert the Dude : Let's introduce a new meme to this comment section *THE SACRED TEXTS*

GogoPowerJuice : No more communist propaganda? awww

Nooby Chris : I mean it makes a good story to tell Anakin

Ivan Cerecer : I remember in the Darth Plagueis novel, when Palpatine was shocking him, Plagueis woke up and took it like a champ as a way to test his "foolish power of immortality" as Palpatine said, but him waking up like that made me wonder if somehow he suceeded and is merely hiding out there (and no i dont think Snoke is Plagueis)

DetexG : *UNLIMITED... POWER!!!* 1:34

Alexandra Ungureanu : Hi fact free I want to thank you.Why?Because you ignited the fire of being a Star Wars fan ever since the stormtroopers classes video. Keep up the good work!

Deion Mitchell : Palpatine, along with Vader, are my all-time favorite Sith Lords. Sheev is the personification of the dark side and evil itself. Please, Lore Master, do a video on the Force powers Sidious had both in Legends and canon!

Andrew Jackson : Sith have grown weaker and weaker due to the fact they only share what they want with there pupils so when the master inevitable is killed by the pupil who is by then secretly a master with a pupil himself then the knowledge is lost, also the rule of two is a con I believe they all had multiple pupils who didn't have a clue about one another so maybe they share what they want with who they want!!!!????? Just my thoughts and observation of the sith over 25+ years lol.

danablett : I've said it before, I'll say it again (and this is not necessarily in line with modern or EU canon, just my theory) Plagueis obtained immortality through essence transfer, but it can only happen if he is killed by a powerful force user, and he can jump into his killer's body at the moment of death. I believe Plagueis tricked Palp into killing him, and took his body. Ultimately he wanted to transfer into Skywalker DNA, since Plagueis is responsible for the Skywalker lineage. As Palp, he groomed Anakin for the same reason, but ultimately decided not to jump into Anakin's destroyed, limbless agonizing body... Instead keeping him around to do his bidding. Years later he attempted to seduce Luke into killing him... Think about allllll the dialogue between Sidious and Luke in ROTJ... it's 95% "kill me, Luke". He was trying to get killed so that he could jump into LUKE! I don't believe that Sidious died after Vader threw him either. If a death happens off camera, it's not confirmed. I do believe he escaped, and what is missing between episode 6 and 7 is Sidious grooming, seducing and then essence transferring into Snoke. And to jump fwd a bit, What was the last thing Snoke accomplished? To be killed by.... A SkyWalker! Who he groomed for years and years, and meticulously orchestrated the events leading up to the scenario to make it happen. Plagueis=Sidious=Snoke=Kylo... He really was the wise! And he really has cheated death. Oh Mighty Lore Master, I'm nowhere near as knowledgable as you in this field but I've built upon this theory ever since ROTJ and noticing how much Sid wanted Luke to kill him. I'd love to have you weigh in on it.

bigmansideman : *But plagueis isn't dead...*

johny coho : Ironically I was told the Tragedy of Darth Plagueus the Wise by a Jedi.

Lord Maul : Roses are red, you have beautiful eyes. Have you ever heard the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the wise?

DankyMemes : Hey can you make a video about how lightsabers works

Alvaro Hernani : Because he really wanted to tell us "The tragedy of Darth Plaeguis thebwise"

Darth Plagu3s : The tragedy of darth plageius the wise.

RANDY TYSON : Such a Important figure in canon and lore, shame we don't know much of the guy. I guess that's what happened when your apprentice succeeds you

Taurol : But why Plagueis got drunk like teenager and died in his bed.I mean we are talking about the mighty sith lord who almost achieved immortalty right? Thats just stupid.There must be another ending

Safa Abedian : As well as the points explained in this video, it's also made clear in the Plagueis novel that Plagueis and Palpatine both had differing opinions on how eternal life could be achieved. Following in his master's footsteps Plagueis believed a combination of science and studying the dark side academically was the key to immortality, whilst Palpatine strongly believed in rituals and ancient teachings, purely of the force and completely arcane. I think for this reason, Palpatine dismissed his master's teachings so didn't care about that when killing him. Plagueis was actually probably correct out of the two as we know he did ressurect beings and his master was able to live eternally (although in a completely different form)

Star Commander : Honestly, Plagueis is my favorite character behind Vader.

aster4jaden : I really liked Plagueis, I wish we could of had more of him.

Beezy's Battlegrounds : yeah i think he kinda killed him before, because after plagueis would've discovered it plagueis would be immortal...

FromHyrule : Do an Imperial Knights video.


Fliyo MB : *Ironic*

wcr4 : Where you get all this art?

ID k : If Palpatine had killed him after he learned the secrets to immortality then he would have either saved himself or would have not been able to be killed. That's why Palpatine let him get where he was and then kill him.

Jace Davis : I thought sharing was caring

SombraMain Haapi313 : I was just watching your Videos!!!

Star Wars Cantina : Sick video bro!!

CaptainKangaRat : 1:35 Unlimited.... POWER!!!

Daz Davis : “Once he achieved the Sith grand plan all on his own” Oh, you mean the plan that Darth Bane, and Darth Bane ALONE blueprinted 1000 years earlier? That never would have even been remotely close to completion without him? Fast forward 1000 years. Palpatine literally did almost nothing but his duties as chancellor and tell Dooku what to do behind the scenes. When the shit hit the fan, and the true grand plan was in play, it was Darth VADER who brought down the Jedi order, NOT Sidious..... HE fought and killed every single Jedi that met his blade save Obi-Wan Kenobi, which even then, he completely dominated the entire fight, but decided to stretch it out and embarrass him like any newly christened Sith Lord drunk with power and arrogance would, and it backfired. Anyways, it was Vader who did literally almost everything, not Palpatine. He just went to keep the senate intact. That’s about it. PS...... Aghh man, you had to go and mention Dark Empire lol. Palpatine never did learn the ability of essence transfer because it was literally forgotten and lost to time by that point, It died with the “light Sith” May years earlier when he barricaded himself and then destroyed many Sith artifacts, holocrons, and a huge portion of the ancient Sith ways. “Dark Empire” never existed. It never happened at all. George Lucas made sure of that. It completely contradicted the entire Star Wars saga in every single way possible. Period. It was without doubt thee most horribly written Star Wars story ever done. Dare I say, even worse than this cesspool of a Disney era. (Ok, maybe not as bad as TLJ, but you get the point lol) It’s just awful; a complete fanfiction hype story written by a complete Luke & Sidious fanboy trying to hype up his own favorite characters above all others..... Tom Veitch should never have even been allowed to write another Star Wars story at ALL, let alone go on to completely contradict himself every step of the way through Tales of The Jedi and get Naga Sadow’s entire storyline dead wrong. And numerous other things. Veitch is probably thee worst Star Wars writer of all time.... Sorry dude lol I just cannot stand Tom Veitch and that blatantly awful story Dark Empire, and how it literally makes the end of ROTJ utterly pointless. Palpatine did not “come back to life”...... Even before Disney took over and destroyed everything, Dark Empire never existed in the Star Wars storyline. Palpatine never came back to life . Not at all.

Joshua Tang : HA!!! He doesn't have a nose!

Balloony Sinep : This question really answers itself...why did he kill his master before his master taught him the secret of immortality? Because that would mean his master would’ve found immortality and therefore would stay attached to this world if his physical body were destroyed and he would’ve had a way to possibly continue to come back. This is a question that doesn’t really need to be answered kinda redundant

Alex Vanishvili : Ironic

Connor The Cloutgod : How did plagus breath?

Mega Knight 360 James : It's Cannon

Derp : Wasn't very red stormtrooper of him

Mason Johnson : In other words if palp wasn’t stupid he could have played his cards better and been even more

Darth Vitiate : Because Palpatine intended to rule forever he left no heir the title of emperor. That’s why the empire fell apart after he died. If he had become immortal then it would have been different.

DankyMemes : First

Darth Vader : Irony 💯

Jugg3r Nog : how could the defeat of darth maul cause a disturbance in the force if maul didnt die?