The Revelation Of Relaxation

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kys ilu : I must've missed this episode of Twin Peaks.

Cae Rule : that gum you like ...

SomeHomies : From all my subscriptions I look forward to your videos the most! Can you show us, how to repair a broken piece of furniture?

Lorien : This is magic <3

BasisBran : Keeps getting better guys! Keep doing what you're doing!

xCrazyGuyNL : Wow the pronunciation of words was great right now :o

PbI6uHCK : Гениально!

Jeffrey Stevens : Can you show me how to use the force?

user name : Весельчак...

atomic doomsday58 : This video is awesome XD

Benny Jekel : Brilliant, love it

Same The Great : Reddit brought me here, and im both amazed and terrified. Great work!

Jase : Its magic I say! give them a bag of subs cause they deserve it

Madame Sorcière :

Dudley Dudders : !kcor s'tel