Cool Sk8 Trix (2018)
The girl that didnt recognize A list celebrities has her own YouTube channel and she actually has a good sense of humour

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he was a sk8r vlog, she said see u l8r vlog


crazyperson708 : You need to calm down with your tricks

Booker T : Pizza girl, you're pretty neat!

I'm Ty : Did the titanic. Got a little excited. Got hit by a dump truck. Probably gonna have to sue you for medical bills.

Eric Y : not enough nard dog, 5.2/10

Michael Meis : You are the best thing I've ever stumbled upon on YouTube

monorady : Absolutely hilarious, this is exactly how me and my friends are when we hang out lol. Very quality content

NosterafuTV : nice and dry sense of humor you got there.

Jack Calle : Your trending on Reddit awesome reaction BTW!!

TheLetterZ : This is legitimately funny! Reminds me of the old youtube when people just sort of goofed around for fun

Seanders : You are hilarious and cute as a button.

Samuel Perdomo : So you mean I can achieve this after just a YEAR OF PRACTICE?? No way

Willow DiAngelo : "That one's kinda hard cuz you have to... you have to _balance your balance_ " ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Bzh W : Sam, your pizza film all around the world took me here

GallingGiant : Youโ€™re awesome!! That bunny hop was a 6.7

TV Crocodile : She is so funny and so confident with her skills

Keaton H : I'll go with a 6.78

zxwilwor : Dude you are doing great. Cheers.

Subash Tapak : ".. this I call low rider .. because you're low when riding it .." Lol

adj789 : I'm going to leave the Razr scooter trix to the pros this looks too scarry

Drew Leatham : Keep making cool and hilarious stuff!

theamazingclutch : Too good!!

Alex : Liked just cause of the description

Kaschi Soeth : Jeremy Renner and Pizza brought me here ... :-) I'm not sure what I saw, but I'm very impressed! Keep going keep going!

Dillon Beal : One of the funniest videos I've seen. All my friends and I are like this

Yeung Bing Yung : Love you from hong kong Since watched the pizza video i like you are so cute !!

Peter H : Pretty sure there's an A-lister in the second story window behind you..

Colin Poole : Montage music warning - I'm sure you turned up your volume for Sam's awesome dialogue but when you hear her say "montage" DROP that volume. ^_^

Wong James : I think u should become a comedian and I like yr channel !!! fans from Hong Kong

Smashing Rock : This vid is cool in many ways I am adding it to my Kingsman playlist


beck : Solid 9.9 I subbed

mt Tsai : I like The crispy edge of that sidewalk

Yoel Koster : How neat is that? That's pretty neat.

SayHiToMatthew : Lol this was funny

Lavar_Ball : One skate, everyone knows the rules

้„ญๆผขๆด‹ : i like how you put (2018) on the title

K-Bo-J : Man I tried that lowrider move once and for reals tho, it ain't as easy as she makes it look.

Louis Payan : You remind me of a young Bjork

sam plaut : why is this some of the funniest stuff ive seen on yt

Jongo Phett : Zoo Wee Mama!

Frencis Huang : I got no idea what you were going lol, but you are definitely cute ๐Ÿ˜†

ๆฒ็‡Joker : 02:47 so good thank you<3

SOLOIIguru : That "thug life" look back at the cam on the lowrider.

jeton001 : I give it a 6.7

kusa llsa : So,You don't know who Jeremy Renner is?

Dom Warren : That was an absolutely gnarly rip bro

Sun Wu : Look at this female tony hawk goes.

Elyhim : I laughed. but seriously Vans? Nah .. 510's for real!

noiXi : :D This is way too cute