how to make marshmallow tacos

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Comments from Youtube

Nick Chappel : It's like howtobasic but with a cute doggie

nicole marie viera : this is the internet i signed up for

kath j : This channel is EXTREMELY underrated

emptyspotlight : Cumlord and Howtobasic's chill cousin had a collaboration?

KelbremDusk : Please tell Cumlord that I would not only kill for him but also die for him. I love him so much

Slurps : how does such a great channel have so little subscribers wtf

Alpay Bayraktar : Greatest channel of our era. Thank you, dear Cumlord and his owner.

Nicole Valen. Gonzalez : *Alternative Tittle:* "How to summon marshmallow taco lord"

Chaos Sylux : 0:02 SHINE, KAKYOIN

ROACH : Sir, I think something is wrong with your marshmallow

Nicole Valen. Gonzalez : HowToBasic + Gabe the dog (R.I.P my lil' puppy)=

Becky C. : I love the editing.

Douche McCracken : The soft popping sound at 0:03 is so cute and satisfying

Hayden C : HowToCumlord

ffttossenz : He always happy boi

Crystel The Wolf : 0:16 squish squish

David Zamora : Hello i’m from México and let me tell you that isn’t the form correct to make a good taco

That one Dva Main : 0/10 would not recommend I attempted and made the Marshmellow taco perfectly but no Cumlord. Will not try again. *I'm trying to be sarcastic scree--*

Captain Cookiez : Thats the biggest marshmellow I ever seen😂😂

Retarded Bobo : Imagine what it was like recording this _throws taco_ *_CRACK_* Ok dog get over here. Right there. Yes. I’ll get the taco shells. No don’t run. Get back. Ok good. And let me give you a taco suit. Ok good

Brett Segmento : YASSSSS! More more more! We love Cumlord!!!

AirFord : Adorable! ❤

Groad : Every video from this channel makes me very happy

SophiarmcYT : The start of when your having trouble holding your camera and the other cutting tomatoes. Wow...

Iamhappythingy : top 10 anime plotlines

Russian Duck : I did this but mine came with hair on it 1/10 would not recommend

Name Goes Here : This goddamn guy's a witch...! He made food into some sort of taco marshmallow golem thing!

Minna Budomo : The next HowToBasic but very less messy XD

SugarSmith : Great taco recipe, I did it myself but it was too cute to eat

DogeXP123 : How to Basic but he has a dog

kermalgam : i wish to see more of other doggo

sophie kalopi : the 34 dislikes are sad, bitter, lonely people who don’t appreciate the good in life.

Ben Smith : I knew Cumlord was Australian.

hi im Iny : I NEED MERCH OF THIS!!!

marianna : this was really helpful

Lord of Cascade : cumlord is like the new gabe. Rip gabe 😭

Bartholomew Dan : Press F for the people who thought this was an actual tutorial

Fawn Gore : Tried this, didn't work.

Unsealed Kale : Now THIS is what I'm looking for in my life

A Sausage Egg and Cheese Biscuit : Moonwalk with a glock I can't milly rock

timetrainer 321 : whats the song name? (btw i love this vid)

MinerGlitch25 : omg squidkid i play splatoon and watched this!

Rmx2011 : Best thing I've seen today.

Mega Man : For some reason I lost it when he snapped the taco like legit horse throat laugh

Miles Wenger : I was the 666th view I was given an H o n o r

kjah4201 : God I’m so happy I found this channel.

SansyGirl04 ihatemylife69 : When the shell broke: 😓 😂😂

rose puff : It's like YSAC but he's extra drunk

XxcrisxX : Muy bueno Saludos de México