Mistah Fab Freestyles on Sway in the Morning
The most impressive freestyle ever

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King Melanin : He BODIED this..u gotta watch watch this more than once

pensfan1484 : The amount of view is a shame

Killa Skrilla : One of the sickest freestyles i ever heard in my life.

Chris L : Most Bay area rappers are literally underrated.

Forever Arts : The Industry hates so hard on Bay Area Rap

Carl karoli : He first had sex with this trac then proceded to murder it and then finally performed necrophilia... R.I.P To this beat

LAGUNA DREADZ : I clicked on this by mistake but maybe be one of the mistakes I ever clicked on. This man snapped. If you dis like this. Kill ya self. Great freestyle my man

Colin Wood : you think he's going to stop... and he keeps going

Jason Crowe : OMG....a few months ago I said Childish Gambino had best the freestyle of the year until I heard this............I had to literally take my hat offf and pay respect......He KILLLLLLLLLL THISSSSS OMG!!!!!!!! Mistah Fab Best Freestyle of the year!!!!!! Hands DOWN

Scottt Slaymaker : Haha anybody who disliked this is mad

Jaime Padilla : FAB RIPPED IT DOE! BAY AREA STAND UP!!!!!!! *707*510*415*925*

thug nasty : "The freestyle king man and everybody know"

Humboldt FPV : Damn! Mistah Fab going damn hard!

goowakjai3 : "My Phone In My Hands, but I ain't reading no Lyrics!"


Khaleeq Muhammad : Mr Fab Blacked Out On This Beat!!! You Gotta Listen To This 40+ Times

dfelix419 : Fuuuuuuckkkkk!!!! that is ridi-culous !!! This is a REAL MC....

MrBlazePukka : absolutely crazy freestyle of the top. In the UK listening. 

chris washington : Wow! That shit was crazy! That might have been the best freestyle I've ever seen off the top of the head! Sway was giving him words and he killed it!

Rodney 'Corey' Thomas : yeeeeeeeeeeeeee everyone knows when the bay's in the buildin'

Jordan Pauley : I remember the first time that I saw this man... It was late 2003... Mistah Foreva After Bread... I. Was. Not. A. Believer. But then he ran through his set... And then he ended the show with a 20 minute freestyle... All lyrics in the moment. No gimmicks. Just goin'... And from then on? It wasn't a question for me. Sometimes, you just gotta get out the way and let the best be the best.

Something Nice : Best M.C to hit Sway's show for real. Much respect to Fab. He's the truth.

Lytsout193 : Alot of rappers just died right now!

Diddy Dennis : This dude is absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blowz b : let the church say amen!

gabriel galvan : Son Of A Pimp, that was a cold flow. From Oakland to New York, Miami, Frisco and Diego. RIP MAC DRE....

Letstalksportsnation : Bars....Freestyle king

yo-haaanzz : This deserves so much more views

Sp 15-13-7 : @ 4:25 he officially went to the danger zone!! Mista Fab ....dammit man i aint even kno mane!!🔥💩💯

datwasdope : Don't confuse talent with A GIFT. He got both.

Sour Gummyworms : 5:32 *[blacking intensifies]*

D Winnah : nobody every had that reactionfrom sway.... Ever.... Period.....

TM XPOZURZ : thats how i like my freestyles

Kevin Hong : my speakers just caught fire

Manuel Rodriguez : I got here cause I saw dude on The Breakfast club.Now I'm a believer. Dude is nice....

Kaspar K : Dayuuum, this is naaaasty

BigSneeze100 : Most underrated in the game!!!!.....KILLED it!!!!

christon221 : I thought Los had best freestyle on sway but after hearing this idk

Rumble Frog : Lmao he's sweating

C- MAJOR : Mista fab vs king los freestyle battle. Make it happen. Dont care who wims that shit would be a dope battle

Sheikh Ahmed Tijan Bah : and he did some thing like this again recently on the five fingers of death...

Jt Vercetti : Sway's face has me dying! haha.

Frau Keludowig : league of legends hoodie :)

angus ireland : Ahhaha all these people say in they never heard of fabby Davis junior

Dimitar Dimitrov : Big Respect Mistah Fab😎

TheDabEnthusiast : You know its a good freestyle when people have to fix their mics 6:00

StanginNbangin YouTube Account : STILL BUMPIN IN 2018

xXzatiCx : best freestyle on sway

Reggie Milla : #ThatsLIGHT!!!!!!