Mistah Fab Freestyles on Sway in the Morning

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armajay86 : People don't realize how nice u gotta be to freestyle like this

pensfan1484 : The amount of view is a shame

Carl karoli : He first had sex with this trac then proceded to murder it and then finally performed necrophilia... R.I.P To this beat

Eddy Cutz : wtf wuz that?! Yo you don't see catz rappin like that without taking a breath. At first I thought.. damn this shit was "written" its too good. But he kept going and going and then with Sway throwin shit in...yea... I'm impressed like a mufuka

Forever Arts : The Industry hates so hard on Bay Area Rap

Killa Skrilla : One of the sickest freestyles i ever heard in my life.

LAGUNA DREADZ : I clicked on this by mistake but maybe be one of the mistakes I ever clicked on. This man snapped. If you dis like this. Kill ya self. Great freestyle my man

Chris L : Most Bay area rappers are literally underrated.

King Melanin : He BODIED this..u gotta watch watch this more than once

Humboldt710 : Damn! Mistah Fab going damn hard!

Colin Wood : you think he's going to stop... and he keeps going

Jaime Padilla : FAB RIPPED IT DOE! BAY AREA STAND UP!!!!!!! *707*510*415*925*

Lytsout193 : Alot of rappers just died right now!

thug nasty : "The freestyle king man and everybody know"

Jason Crowe : OMG....a few months ago I said Childish Gambino had best the freestyle of the year until I heard this............I had to literally take my hat offf and pay respect......He KILLLLLLLLLL THISSSSS OMG!!!!!!!! Mistah Fab Best Freestyle of the year!!!!!! Hands DOWN

Manuel Rodriguez : I got here cause I saw dude on The Breakfast club.Now I'm a believer. Dude is nice....

yo-hääänzz : This deserves so much more views

datwasdope : Don't confuse talent with A GIFT. He got both.

Blowz b : let the church say amen!

MrBlazePukka : absolutely crazy freestyle of the top. In the UK listening. 

Jordan Pauley : I remember the first time that I saw this man... It was late 2003... Mistah Foreva After Bread... I. Was. Not. A. Believer. But then he ran through his set... And then he ended the show with a 20 minute freestyle... All lyrics in the moment. No gimmicks. Just goin'... And from then on? It wasn't a question for me. Sometimes, you just gotta get out the way and let the best be the best.

Letstalksportsnation : Bars....Freestyle king

Reginald Butts : nobody every had that reactionfrom sway.... Ever.... Period.....

Scottt Slaymaker : Haha anybody who disliked this is mad

Something Nice : Best M.C to hit Sway's show for real. Much respect to Fab. He's the truth.

Diddy Dennis : This dude is absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!


gabriel galvan : Son Of A Pimp, that was a cold flow. From Oakland to New York, Miami, Frisco and Diego. RIP MAC DRE....

Sour Gummyworms : 5:32 *[blacking intensifies]*

Khaleeq Muhammad : Mr Fab Blacked Out On This Beat!!! You Gotta Listen To This 40+ Times

Rodney 'Corey' Thomas : yeeeeeeeeeeeeee everyone knows when the bay's in the buildin'

Kevin Hong : my speakers just caught fire

Sheikh Ahmed Tijan Bah : and he did some thing like this again recently on the five fingers of death...

MRxBLaZziiN : Bay Area in the building! 🔥 Ain’t no one ever going to top a freestyle like this without having to stutter or look at there phone for a written. Respect to FabbyDavis 🙌🏽

gary dewberry : whomever disliked this should go kill themselves

Kaspar K : Dayuuum, this is naaaasty

TM XPOZURZ : thats how i like my freestyles

Harpreet06 : Should have had dota on his hoodie

Rumble Frog : Lmao he's sweating

Mr. Wilson : traci's FAT ASS tho mane....gaaahdamn


chris washington : Wow! That shit was crazy! That might have been the best freestyle I've ever seen off the top of the head! Sway was giving him words and he killed it!

xXzatiCx : best freestyle on sway

Felix Rodgers : Fuuuuuuckkkkk!!!! that is ridi-culous !!! This is a REAL MC....

Frau Keludowig : league of legends hoodie :)

StanginNbangin YouTube Account : STILL BUMPIN IN 2018

Jt Vercetti : Sway's face has me dying! haha.

BigSneeze100 : Most underrated in the game!!!!.....KILLED it!!!!

C.J. Kasino : HAS TO be one of the DOPEST Freestyles I have EVER Heard!! TRUE FREESTYLE! BAY AREA STAND UP.

TheDabEnthusiast : You know its a good freestyle when people have to fix their mics 6:00