Bud Spencer & Terence Hill - Lalalalalala [English]

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From the movie "Watch Out, We're Mad." With Manuel de Blas as Paganini (the assassin).


senorblinky : Anyone else watching this on repeat? Found my new ringtone.

Ricardo Campagnaro : R.I.P. Bud.

Johannes Grützmann : They are so relatable. Just like seeing old friends.

dajemu infin : I love the ladies. The glasses and the big Lady. They are adorable.

jowjow Spit : rest in peace. .. one of the best actors xxx

Mariana Dzus : Arrividerci e grazie Bud Spencer 😢

wittgen80 : Much more jokes in 10 minutes than a whole comedy from Hollywood.

Gisella Guerreros : RIP dear Bud !!

CASINO Y SALSA CHILE : This song is the best of world I cant stop to hear it


TeckWrapUSA : Hilarious!

gnarlin : This cracks me up every time XD

MasterAlucardGV : rip Bud, my friend

Flóki Vilgerðarson : my friend nooo !! :(

Comparsa Los Dandys : Descansa en paz Bud Spencer

derAlexzockt : The second time the German Syncro is better than the English. Thanks Rainer Brandt

Gzoli Gzoli : my all time favourites ! They were so popular in kommunist Hungary in the 80-s even we had a hungarian copy of their films with hungarian actors.

Die Eine : I think thats funny😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂the agents face at the violin😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Fanblow : Bud was so so very hot! He also was a professional swimmer back in his day.

Yerko Cursach : Adiós Y Gracias...

Alexander Dimeas : RIP Bud Spencer

Mirco Girlando : 'Altrimenti Ci Arrabbiamo', 1974

Mirco Girlando : 'Altrimenti Ci Arrabbiamo', 1974

quatermazz : RIP Bud Spencer

Mauro Peña : gigante bud y terence hermosa infacia tecuerdo junto a sus peliculas gigantes x siempre estan en mi corazon

watafaka : 03:18 YESS..!!

Francisco Javier Hernandez : DEP Bud Spencer

Patricio López : Gracias por tantas risas maestro

Costin Pitulice : R.I.P. Bud Spencer: (

Richard Upton : a sad day r.i.p. big man.

Ilyas Hamid : Bud Spencer looks like triple h.

MrTheorsa : Quality clips!! Can't beat em....

Sara Csanadi : epic!

Jonathan Cañada lujan DJ : D.E.P bub expecer

Tom Bell : RIP Bud!


actorben : For those people who have Steam, this is the very song that plays during the, "Bud Spencer & Terence Hill: Slaps and Beans," game trailer!

J.B. Forbes : It could be just me, but the villain in this scene remind me of Noel Fielding from The IT Crowd and The Mighty Boosh.

sobilac : RIP :(

TheHatim1111 : RIP Bud!!!!!!

wittgen80 : A lot of jokes just in a few minutes.

hanspeter2210 : dude, did you even had electricity back in your time?

Rockmoser : How they have to read the text :)

playero35 : Classic....

Raymond Jeff : when I was a kid,i never eat just to watch them...favourate movies..

Connor Kenway : Other kids watched Disney movies or Sesame Street. I watched Bud Spencer & Terence Hill flicks.

MsStefias : cracks me up every time lol

MrFusionShadow : Paganini should have his own movie, lol

anonuem : press 0 couple times to fap !