The Holy Grail - Mystical Car Boot Sale

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Mystical Car Boot Sale - PART 3 That Mitchell and Webb Look - Season 2 Episode 6

Comments from Youtube

Mr.Bushido : "We've all got immortality that wears's called mortality!"

George Moseley : I dont think that little girl paid for her my little pony

Cameron Spalding : It's good because it can save you from stuff like stabbing, road accidents, etc. that's how its different from mortality.

piennuivelo : What's with the nose?

Dennis Vance : The Holy Grail. Wow, that's like the Holy Grail of… _yeah._

Daniel Peixoto Martins : I laughed a lot! Great material, just a shame the video was kind os choppie

24magiccarrot : 50p seems like a bit of a rip off for My Little Pony in relation to things.

Aeroldoth3 : Do you have it in a different color?

Xefox Music : Isn't this a Neil Gaiman short story

Matthew Randell : David's character's gonna die when than immortality wears off...

Ethan Thomson グミ : we just gonna ignore the tank ammunition under the table?

The Trash Man : No ones going to mention the gucci hat?

Leon Eric Avrutin : 1:05 the dude in the background.. 'ooooh that's gotta sting'

Paul Morphy : "Its not particularly funny is it?'

TheZapan99 : The man delivered on immortality, give him his bloody fiver!

Bamulas : This video quality is what it looks like when you're drunk

Alopex : no one going to comment on the fact that this guy has a crate full of actual artillery shells under his table?

Max Robinson : What happened to Robert Webb's nose?

KaliYuga : Should have used a spear.

Paul Thoresen : Is that Webb?

sexobscura : that grail would have *so-o-o-o-o-o* many diseases on it

Black Brit : Looks like the one from Indiana Jones. He gonna die!

A R : I hate being forced to watch a 15 second Discover commercial to see a 1 minute 50 second video.

Sebastian Quimm : The Americans call a car boot a "trunk". Those guys, eh!

Levi Rosenlieb : I still wanna know who thought the holy grail gave unlimited life. Never in the Bible did it mention the holy grail even

Jacek M : Shouldnt holly grail be wooden cause jesus was a carpenter?

James Parkinson : That Gucci hat tho

Richard S. : 1. The seller could have just stabbed himself to make the point. 2. He could just have told the buyer that yes, he does indeed have immortality now, but not paying for it afterwards, while having no effect on the immortality part, is definitely tantamount to an act of common theft. These were two easy ways to get the money for the seller. But of course, he went down the road that allowed Mitchell to have his angry soliloquy again. Bad writing, therefore disliked.

Hugo Stiglitz : Imagine immortality, you'd be cursing the day the sun expands and swallows up the solar system. Where the fuck could you go!

Rod Champ : This ain't really funny and his accent is shit