The Holy Grail - Mystical Car Boot Sale

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Xefox Music : Isn't this a Neil Gaiman short story

piennuivelo : What's with the nose?

Dennis Vance : The Holy Grail. Wow, that's like the Holy Grail of… _yeah._

Cameron Spalding : It's good because it can save you from stuff like stabbing, road accidents, etc. that's how its different from mortality.

24magiccarrot : 50p seems like a bit of a rip off for My Little Pony in relation to things.

Aeroldoth3 : Do you have it in a different color?

Matthew Randell : David's character's gonna die when than immortality wears off...

Mr.Bushido : "We've all got immortality that wears's called mortality!"

Paul Thoresen : Is that Webb?

The Trash Man : No ones going to mention the gucci hat?

George Morrison : The Americans call a car boot a "trunk". Those guys, eh!

George Moseley : I dont think that little girl paid for her my little pony

Jacek M : Shouldnt holly grail be wooden cause jesus was a carpenter?

KaliYuga : Should have used a spear.

Levi Rosenlieb : I still wanna know who thought the holy grail gave unlimited life. Never in the Bible did it mention the holy grail even

Rod Champ : This ain't really funny and his accent is shit