Major Payne - Little Engine That Could

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GTG Beats : Major Payne is a savage.

NohBody : "Blood and guts, and spit and ass..." Classic

Justin R. : thats the most epic PTSD comedy ive ever seen hahaha!

Castle Coatl : I'm a marine vet with ptsd and still found this funny.

BossBeardMan : The grown man tells the crying lil'boy a story that explains what REAL fear is and what to REALLY be afraid of. Kids learns a lesson and stops crying.

Weloc : You can't put ads on this

Fear57 : "When I come back I'mma tell ya what Bubba used as a penis."

live4marilyn : Major Payne = The original Creepypasta storyteller.


Spike Riley : Major Payne should have written more stories like this for adult readers.

Fuadas Marius Alijevas : "....PAYYYYNE..... i can't feel my legs...! I said: Baba, they ain't there" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Dave Davis : Vietnam FLASHBACK.

Jena Cortez : That scream lol omfg so funny

nabz : i come from a millitary family and cry  in laughter because this reminds me of my uncles when they were all drunnk  ... rip  uncle ricker  miss ya bud !!

jefar amoose : Charlie was all over the place lmao

KG Hays : Best childrens story of all time.  The moral is that you'll never take Benson Winniford Payne alive!

Castle Coatl : i saw what u did to my friends! bang bang bang! lol

ZALE216 : Hahaha how the music changed

Doctor House : When he said Spike Lee I nearly pissed myself laughing.

United Neko : I know I'm not the only one who keeps replaying dat scream BWAHAHAHAH

BeastmodeForever : Funniest war story of all time

Mariah Jones : Im doing my english monologue on this scene😂😂😂😂

Cole Dupuy : My favorite part was when he screamed like a woman. XD

eddiezj : That scream doe xD Classic movie

Scott Buckley : Take notes that's how comedy is performed

LaDarius Livingston : PTSD to THE Max!! Favorite movie of the 90s.

Justin Henry : Spike lee lol and that scream gets me every time hahaha

CraigsChannel2 : To be continued. I want to hear the rest of the story.

thesweatleaf : Once upon a time, deep deep in the jungle, there was a little engine that could.....

DeLaGhetto193 : Can we acknowledge the fact that Major Payne had PTSD lol

Kendal Grace : That Scream though lmfao haha

fockewulf89 : Was 10 when I saw this and 17 years later I'm still laughing my ass off 😂

SWXZDRW : Best story ever

Onar : I quote this all the time. Chugga-chugga-chugga, chugga-chugga-chugga toot-toot!

Doppelganger D : They need to make a movie about that engine!

Mckenzie .Latham : I love how everything is happy and fine until the music goes dark and his ptsd strikes up.

Blake : To be continued..

Bj Warren : Lula mae baby boy..

Sahin Düzgün : His scream is even more feminin than the girls. XD

rocketcab : .... for that scene, alone, he should get an Academy Award.... for best portrayal of shell-shocked combat veteran, ever ! ! !

Are Dub : man this 11th down on the search "little engine that could" lets get it up there.

Kiyoshicats : 2:53 I just keep playing and playing over and over again it just has me falling out of my chair

//AbsoluteZero\\ : love this movie

Aaronlcyrus : Me when i play battlefield 4.

Shon9tilR : "Once upon a time deep deep deep in the jungle." Lol

Phoenix North : Blood guts spit and ass everywhere lol

Jordan Martin : Blood and snot was dripping out of his eyesockets

Garrett Stephens : My little cousin asked me to tell her a story.... I told her this

BriefcaseBlues : And them little nubs were kicking! This is such an underrated comedy.

Fantastic Cuz : Damon Waynes played Major Payne !!! Rite guy rite part