Tesla Factory Tour with Elon Musk!

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Ginny855 : You can clearly see: Showing his factory to others while talking about it makes Elon very happy and confident again! That's what he needs now: People who give him the chance to talk about his dreams! Don't get me wrong, he also has to answer uncomfortable questions and sometimes talk about things he doesn't want to talk about so we can all understand what's going on. But what I hate is that (most of) the media wants to show Elon's downfall. They concentrate so much on all the negative aspects and sometimes completely "forget" the positive ones because they think it's more interesting and gets more clicks or higher sales figures. But I think showing the world Elon's passion for his work and how much he fights to achieve his goals could get more clicks and higher sales figures! The world wants to believe in heroes and I tell you: Elon Musk *is* a hero! He fights for clean energy (via electric cars, solar panels etc.), he wants to revolutionize the transportation system with the Boring Company and Hyperloop (again: without emissions!), he wants to protect humans from digital super intelligence and cure neurological diseases AND wants to protect us from extinction via building up a Mars colony! He literally wants to save us and planet Earth! And to do so he motivates so many great people who work for him. Without them he wouldn't be able to fulfill these dreams! So please, media: Show the world *all* aspects of this man! Of course he makes mistakes, but he doesn't try to hide them. Of course you should talk about them. But please, please, please also show the world what a great man Elon Musk is! EDIT: Thank you so much guys! I would've never thought my comment would get so many likes! It's awesome to see that you believe in Elon too! 😊

Brandon B : Man, a CEO who is respectful and even felt the need to apologize for interrupting his hard working employees at 5:10. Much respect to this humble guy not corrupted by greed and money. A true inspiration.

Wineboxpapi : Seeing Elon almost get hit by that robot was the greatest shit I’ve ever seen

Diego Diquez : Who’s here after Elon got high with joe Rogan?

YorkshireD : Elon asking his employee if he mind's being on the internet. Only if every CEO or director had as much respect for his employees as Elon does, the world would be a much happier place to work in.

Andreas Lindhé : One of the few interviews where Elon seems comfortable speaking. Good job Marques, you must have done something right to achieve that.

BeyondDestiny : 10,000 employees in one factory, maneuvering with bicycles and speeding forklifts, and then Elon Musk apologizing to employees for getting in their way. What a place to be.

Jesus Garcia : Proud to be a employee of this company

roy yalty : nah he flicks a switch when u leave and the wild shit happens, drones drop out the ceiling, ai starts walking through with wheels and shit im talking full robot willy wonka type. we on to u Elon

Veritas Est Lux : Elon Musk is a much more decent human being than Mark Fuckerberg. His endeavors are also much more noble and can transform transportation in the long-run. Facebook, on the other hand, is a waste of time.

Afrotechmods : Mad respect to you for getting these interviews man

tonydotkaze : i've recruited engineering managers, business managers, project managers, quality managers, design engineers, system engineers.... he's absolutely a monster, as he's clearly an expert at ALL of these things - and for who knows how many companies at the same time... while also managing finances, PR, and doing interviews for YouTube. Totally insane.

Knockout Artist : I'm impressed Elon was so enthusiastic to show you around.

Magikarpp Splash's : Elon is thicc

cletus2941 : Chit chatting with a guy worth $20B, wow that would blow my mind.....

Jonathan Morrison : My arms are still feeling it 😂Thanks for the shout dude!

FortLab : Those helmet hats are pretty dope

One Angry Gamer : Compared to the Joe Rogan interview, Elon comes off WAAAAAAY better here and seems really enthused to talk about this stuff rather than dumb internet drama.

Justin G : Never realized how much Elon says "like". Till now I only thought dumb people said like a lot. I'm going to say like more now lol

Moldygreenbean : I can't imagine working there and seeing elon and not fanboying in front of him. I feel so gay and im straight as hell.

Winston Moy : Elon: *Deliberately steps in front of moving autonomous robot* This could go wrong... Haha, classic impulsive Elon.

EagleElFox : Elon Musk is the guy that your grandchildren will thank when they're old. He is amazing. His knowledge of every process...

oplix : Elon basically exposes the whole robots are taking over jobs narrative. Yes, robots can do a lot of things more efficiently but there are infinite things that humans do more efficiently.

griffinj1204 : Elon is such a genuinely great dude.

Maxim X : How does Elon have the energy to operate these massive company's and be so involved when i barely handle a normal job???

freekickerz : Elon is a man with a vision, respect! One of the most interesting CEO's in the world!

Weston Forced-last-name-display : 10:10 "This could go wrong..." bahahaha man I love Elon. He looks like he's having SO MUCH FUN doing this. The company would be trash without him!

BROKS : He is a amazing boss! He is so kind, humble and communicative, that is the key to success!

skitz :] : 10:55 theres a supreme sticker lol :D

Rahat Jobayar : Can we seize all useless (and toxic) social media companies and give all the money to this man? God be with you Elon.

TekneeQ Sub4Sub : Elon Musk is one intelligent man, huge respect on his work and passion. He’s changing the world one step at a time!

Nathanael Werdal : The CEO is willing to place himself in possible harms way to prove it's safety. He showed some doubt but stayed put. Don't know any major CEO that would be so trusting. This is a sign of his actual hard work in the development of the software and engineering of his projects and products!

marin427 : elon is so polite not being uber annoyed with this guy trying to dumbxplain to himself the stuff that elon is explaining

Byrone : I'm writing from MILANO, Italy....and for my idea, Elon is a genius...a man that he looks on the real future.....thanks Elon Musk.

be the change you wanna see in the world : do I have a chance even for mobbing the flor? I am metalugical and material engineer,and wiling to whatever may comes in TESLA!!!!! ELON MuSK will say whatsup to me..:)

Nelson Hobbs : so cool that this opportunity was possible for Marques! Elon seems like an awesome guy

EMC Vlogs : Take a shot every time he says “like”

joshy2 boss : Take a shot every time Mr. Musk says robot. RIP to all players

Kyle Bardin : I love how casual this interview is. You're not drilling him with hard questions for an extra click on your video, you're not dressed up in suits, you're just having a chat on camera.

-LJ- : Count how many likes Elon Musk said XD

jehugarcia : Elon Musk kicks ass, awesome that he now realizes youtubers have as much influence as the Biased Media.

schalazeal07 : :D <3 <3 <3 Elon is the most hardworking dude in the planet and is soo very respectful of his employees :)

AXTEL LIKE : QUIERO trabajar en ... TESLA... ESPERÓ que ELON musk me acepté como su SOCIO xD

Sal : Elons brain is to fast his mouth is always trying to catch up to him

noah : I was distracted by elons thiccness

FutureNow : Marques: "I can relate, I have a giant robot too."

LifeOfTwinz : Kinda hard to understand Elon through all his passion

stewboy craigie : Marques be looking like frozone with those glasses

Sonny Moon : at 6:05 they pass a girl (hi by the way) and she is doing anything she can not to break out laughing hehehehe.

Mindful Atmospheric Bro : Get ready to ineterview Jacob William Donnaker the youngest trillionaire alive.