The good the bad and the ugly man

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Abhishek Waghmare : He deserves his statue in that pose.

d o n c h e e t o : Give that guy a fist full of dollars

Alessandro : The big problem with this video is that it ends...

nimyria : Is this the official soundtrack of Red Dead Redemption 2?

Lorenzo Zazzà : This man's name is Italo Vegliante, he is Italian!

Frisk Key : Doesn't matter if its the Good,the Bad and the Ugly,this guy deserve a Fistfull of Dollars,well maybe a Few Dollars More.

chad lowe : 👏👏👏that mouth trumpet thoI👏👏👏

An0nSaiKo : This guy is an one-man orchestra

Miles Lange : He has done it again. 👏

pancho villa : Meow meow meow ding ding dong .

Krzysztof Karaś : That imitation of trumpet is just amazing

Dabu : Do you have a longer version of this one?

Monkey : Showed this to my family and it put a smile on our faces. Thanks for recording and sharing this amazing moment!

Luigi TAV : His name is Italo Vegliante. He is an italiano actor without fortune.

Dmitriy Sulin : кто еще со +100500?

Stormtrooper : God among men.

S. man : Very talented.

Иван Мелихов : Лайк кто со 100500

Россия Сила : Кто ещё от Макса +100500?=)

Kjell-Arne Rolstad : This is an improvised medley of ALL 3 movies, just say'in so we can quit the discussions about which movietheme he is performing. He got elements of all 3. Just brilliant! This is what talent is about. Somebody get that man a studiorecordcontract.

Gabriel Correia : The trompet sound is Perfect! 👌

Freddy Freaker : Mcree's Dad

максим третьяков : кто после +100500

George Marko : Wrong title! The movie is A Fistful of Dollars! Btw... The old man is awesome 👍👌

Евгений М : жги мужик , ай красава 😂😂

Joey Aguzin : Let's get this guy in the French Quarter! He'll become RICH!

A&B shalika : He is amazing 😲😍😘

jantonio991 : ñañañaaa ñañañaaaaaa

Alex Gotcha : Getting in the mood for RDR2

Timothy Miller : That head bobbin' @ 1:01 is PERFECT! xD

Jim Cymer de Guzman : It's so awesome and it sounds like there's a cowboys chase.

Евгений из Киева : Очень круто! Спасибо, я от Максона)

Sanu Dutta : I thought someone playing Trumpet in the background, such a joyful musician.

Bimal Kumar : I just can't believe

Dill Dough : This needs to be in RDR2

DeadDJ 95 : Awesome! Nice, very nice! Just cool men! Respect👍

Nikad : The trumpet imitation is unbelievable

Weiyu Sun : Omg , I am so moved. This is art which is from life . Love it .

Machthaber Daily : Это ахуительноооо

Kane SC : A fistful of dollars

rainbow bridge : RDR2 main theme

Dustin Ludlow : What cords?

Valentino Nanani : He good He bad He ugly But most importantly He nyan nyan!

Gabriel Concha : Fame is accidental

Devawrat Vidhate : at least I can put 100th like this gr8 video

Esteban Oconor : this is amazing!!!!

Radheshyam Biradar : Love u man 😍😍

Jawa Deepak : *Wait, he's not UGLY MAN* 💥👿

roberta verger : Bravissimo!!!! Le meravigliose musiche del Grande Maestro Ennio Morricone!!!!😘👍👍👍👏👏👏

siemniak : This trumpet really sounds amazing