The good the bad and the ugly man

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Abhishek Waghmare : He deserves his statue in that pose.

Gabriel Correia : The trumpet sound is Perfect! 👌

Valkhan : Conductor: Great, so what instrument do you play? Italo Vegliante(Him): *t h e w h o l e b a n d*

Kermity : Red dead needs to add him into the game Just put him anywhere it doesn’t even matter

Nikad : The trumpet imitation is unbelievable

Itz 8lack0ut : This cured my depression

TIG Master : 2019?

Gast3r Mastur : me after one week of red dead 2

Hellenic Power : 0:36 meow meow meow

d o n c h e e t o : Give that guy a fist full of dollars

Don C : It's sad that a talent like this is in the streets but khardasians spam tv

Gamer Guitarist : There's only two types of people. The people who shoot, and there's the people who play the guitar...

Hurricane Society : This town aint big enough for the two of us

littlehenham : Get him on Britains Got Talent

Alessandro : The big problem with this video is that it ends...

KTM Trooper : The head movement at last 👌

Togert : 0:54 ''Onko se virtavalta''

Todd Christopher : Its unreal how amazing this guy is

ツAllanzo : *This is surprisingly addictive* 😯

nimyria : Is this the official soundtrack of Red Dead Redemption 2?

The Lost Traveler : Greatings from Italy, love this man.

son of anarchy : I hate how they laughing at him😡

Sanu Dutta : I thought someone playing Trumpet in the background, such a joyful musician.

Россия Сила : Кто ещё от Макса +100500?=)

Krzysztof Karaś : That imitation of trumpet is just amazing

LStatic : The new Red Dead Redemption gameplay footage looks great!

DiYaKon : Слишком годно, даже лучше оригинала

Yung Butler : *I just love it when he makes the trumpet noises!*

Виталий Кучерук : Очень крутой дед!

The Wisdom : I wanna have a Grandpa like this one

Иван Мелихов : Лайк кто со 100500

Dmitriy Sulin : кто еще со +100500?

EyeGoHam 1 : What is the song called

An0nSaiKo : This guy is an one-man orchestra

Orsaccio 2002 : Like se Italo Vegliante deve andare in un talent

максим третьяков : кто после +100500

lolk goo : It's NoT ThE GoOd The BaD AnD ThE UgLy ThEmE

b_nji075 : Maybe hes clint eastwood himself.

sébos : J'adore ! Génial. 👍😍

Рома Солоха : Кто от Макса +100500?

Andrea Nocera : Italo Vegliante. He comes from Rome, Italy :)

Евгений из Киева : Очень круто! Спасибо, я от Максона)

Lorenzo Zazzà : This man's name is Italo Vegliante, he is Italian!

Евгений М : жги мужик , ай красава 😂😂

lumberjack : 0:28 he deserves an Oscar

MARIA MANOJ : Respect from India🇮🇳

Ярослав Лукьяница : Комент от Макса +100500

Frisk Key : Doesn't matter if its the Good,the Bad and the Ugly,this guy deserve a Fistfull of Dollars,well maybe a Few Dollars More.

Rudi Erwin Sinaga : Only crooks dislikes this video

Сергей Добров : Это просто круто!!! Я так не смеялся уже давно!! Спасибо дядя с гитарой тебе за такой душевный ремикс)))