Breakthrough Junior Challenge 2017 | Relativity & The Equivalence of Reference Frames

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Hillary Diane Andales : Hi everyone! It's heartwarming seeing all your wonderful comments! For those looking to join the 2018 Breakthrough Junior Challenge, I wish you all good luck. Tip: Find a good topic and put your creative spin on it! Also, read the rules and information in the contest website. Since many people ask, I used Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and much of my patience (+ a bit of sanity). Please read the description for more info. For a step-by-step journey on how I made my entry, go to my blog at Good luck! Excited to this year's entries!

Ella Banana : Awesome, Hillary! Congrats! :)

sdistefa45 : Congratulations Hillary your video is awesome! My name is Sebastian Distefano and I work for Adobe in North America on our education team. Im very excited that you used Adobe Creative Cloud to make your video. I can help connect you with the right folks inside Adobe who would love to lean how to make our software easier to use. Please send me an email at when you have some time!

Lyndar Lehane : Sorry, no. This is the common misunderstanding of Einstein's theory. Almost everyone thinks this is it, but it isnt. The thing itself, the constancy of the velocity of light in all frames, is an experimental result that is astounding, and leaves far behind these simple sound wave analogies. And implies testable results which your simple viewpoint does not. Don't worry though, you made a great video, and 95% of adults who think they understand relativity are making the same mistake.

Bax Bura : It is very nice to see that you are doing the experiments yourself. You are the first one I saw doing the Frequency vs. Time Spectrogram of the Doppler Effect. Good luck..

Ula Kanduc : Amazing! I have no idea how you do all that! You have amazing animation and great cinematic techiques! Great job really!

Shrey Aeron : What program did you use to animate it? Just curious

Abhimanyu Pallavi Sudhir : Two comments: sound has a medium to propagate through, so the analogy between doppler shifted sound and doppler shifted light is not perfect. For instance, the moving-source and moving-observer cases are symmetric with light, so there is no invariant associated with a single pulse of light moving through space, whereas there is with sound (the frequency you get when you're at rest wrt the medium). Second, the judge *can* still determine that Usain Bolt broke a world record, because he can measure Bolt's proper time, which is invariant. This is important to mention, because the existence of invariants is a crucial insight of relativity.

Mylan Jen : Wow!! Wow!! Wow!! I think you will win this Year. Great Idea, Creative presentation, very engaging, and excellent use of the sound effects and graphics.

Pedro Boscardin : Congratulations! Brazil is proud of you. You appeared on TV!! Never stop disclosing science!

Eno Bening : Please more of this. i beg you. this is so awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Susan Chen : Wow Hillary! Your video is as impressive as last years! Good luck in the challenge!! :)

Roberto F. : Good try, but...are you kidding me? :) The "w" traced by the light bulb it's not "the path of the light", it's "the path of your arm" while you are moving. The "w" belongs to the moving plan, the light which I want to measure the speed reaches my eyes almost perpendicularly the moving plan. The speed (or the motion) of light it's not the speed (or the motion) of a light bulb in your hand while you are moving.

MrMarkb68 : So, if a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, it doesn't make a sound?

Rizza Mae Salamat : Congratulations!! You make the Philippines (and the world) a better place. I hope many students and aspiring scientists will be more inspired by you! 😊 i am so proud!

John Campbell : Great Video!! Congrats on winning!!

CR EV : Awesome video! This really inspired me so I'm doing the Challenge this year!

JMC : I love how this video starts with such a simple example and slowly explores more complex concepts. All while still having easy to understand explanations and animations to help as well. I'll be showing this to my daughter, thank you!

tony p : Congratulations on your "WIN"! I bet your parents are very proud of you. Not for the prize money but because your you. Take care. Shout out from California...

Michel Cernay : "Reference frame" is objective (place, location) but NOT subjective as ... "reference framed": religion, social status, politics, race, color, nation, etc. Hence her relatives... should not take things... relatively.

dandymcgee : Congratulations!

Azmen : Amazing animations and explications, wish you the best of luck!

Kimw76 : WOW! Congratulations on your win! Your video was engaging, informative and entertaining. You used graphics and sound effects like a pro! I felt like I was watching Sesame Street or the Electric Company (I’m showing my age😬). You are a very poised and articulate presenter. Your depth of knowledge is undeniable! In summary you’re awesome! Thanks for teaching this old dog some new tricks. You managed to do something that no Physics instructor has ever been able to do for me; I can comprehend physics! I look forward to your future endeavors and I hope they include educational videos like this one sooner rather than later. Your selection and use of examples indicates that you have a knack for teaching.

Aurel Marian : I feel like you make a lot of ironic jokes in real life :D people either love you or hate, there is nothing in between (or is it?)

Frank22 : *C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S* 'lupang hinirang' plays in the distance

Donna Fernandez : Kelan kya ako maiinlove sa physics? As i remember Physics is my lowest grade back in college.. hahaha! Ay pati dn pla math.. hahaha! Pano na kya kung ginawa png tagalog ang math? For example: "parisukat ugat ng ekis itaas sa kapangyarihan ng sampu" in ENGLISH. "square root of x raise to the power of 10" (Bigti na cguro tlga ako!? hahaha!)

Sim Anderson : This is absolutely brilliant!

Enrique Moran : Best of luck!!

Der Boi : A really bad analogy. This is basic science tought in highschool. It's true that both sound and light will "shift" but for completely different reasons. You cannot use the doppler shift to introduce the red/blue shift of light.

Michael Lederman : This is an amazingly simplistic way to teach people who don't understand relativity the concept of relativity and I commend you for boiling it down in such a lovely way.

Lorenzo Luisi : "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler" [cit. A. Einstein] Brava Hillary.

tubewerk : Wow! This is a really intuitive explanation - and it's very well structured and presented

Zed : amazing! i look forward to seeing more videos from your channel!

shehzad salman : Congratulations Hillary, your video hits the sky!!!

mani boni : Give this girl a scholarship! She deserves it...

Robin Johnson : I hope Neil Degrasse Tyson sees this and tweets it :) Great Job!

Axzero : Well, technically what she says at 0:13 is wrong. They're not "both right". The one who made the number, or the one who put it there, had intentions of what number it was supposed to be. if it was supposed to be both, then they're both wrong, it's then neither 6 nor 9 in that case. The case that comes closes is if the number was meant to be interpreted in both ways, but then again, what if you changed the font, where the 9 and 6 look different if swapped. The only way to find the right answer is to observe it every way possible, and the numbers history. Otherwise great video :)

Black Screen Education : This is the best video I've seen this month!!!! Insta sub😊 Awesome simple explanation in a very well organized video! Great job, keep it up!

Stefanie Barber : This is such a great video. You explain it so simply and clearly. Keep it up! You can be the next NDT

Carl Marks : An excellent video put together very well. Great Job, well done.

David Major : This sucks. And it nothing new. Her explanations can be found in many textbooks, especially ones that try to popularize science by giving qualitiative explanations and avoiding the quantitative, mathematical aspect. The problem is, it is misleading, especially her discussion of sound waves. For this she won $250,000. What a scam.

Alexander Stein : “Before you start making any observational arguments with others, first imagine observing through their reference frames.”  We can call this the physics of empathy.

Anand R : Perception is very different from reality. The car horn does not honk at many frequencies. Only one. The sound is warped by time/space/gravity.

Ralph Dratman : This is the clearest and best introduction to Special Relativity I have ever seen.

Gilberto Prujansky : Empathy should be a constant.

Corcon : "They're both right." Well, this is wrong. The number doesn't care who looks at it from what angle that person happens to be. It doesn't change its properties based on the way any particular person looks at it.

Gearbox Gordon : Best bumper sticker ever.

Zeg Zezon : *Kudos!* _I'm very happy to see Filipinos excel not just in the field of _*_Arts_*_ but also in _*_Sciences._* The sad part is that these young Filipino geniuses would eventually find their way to countries where the *culture* and *government* put a *greater premium* to *brilliant minds* than our own. It is safe to say that the percentage of the Filipino populace who knows *A* < *B.* *A=* _{set of known Filipinos in the field of scitech (e.g. Diosdado Banatao, Leon Chua, and the likes}_ *B=* _{set of known Filipinos in beauty pageants, boxing, Showtime, Eat Bulaga, crappy soap operas, and all the countless dumbed-down TV shows and movies day in, day out; year-in, year-out; and generations then and now.}_ *Very sad, but true!* 🤔 Nonetheless, this *accolade* is a *glimmer of hope.* 👍🆒

kaye cobarrubia : Ano daw? Natanga ako dito haha. Btw ur so smart keep it up

Lan Nguyen : Great work Hillary!! This is even better than your video last year. Best of luck.