Build Swimming Pool Around Underground House

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Primitive Survival Tool : Here is my Patreon Account

Tom Swift : Just imagine how many buckets of water they must have went back and forth for...

Lincoln : people out here doing this and i can’t even reach the remote from the other side of the couch lol

thepenguinmonkey : Congrats on being one of YouTube’s top trending videos this year!

50.000 Abonnenten ohne Video : who else is here because of youtube rewind?

hi 1432 : Watching this hurts my muscles.

la piña kawaii : *minecraft real life*

yy backwards : When I try to do this half way through my mum screams at me for damaging the yard

Adriandong : Hard work at its finest. Edit: thx for 271 likes peoplez. my goal is at least 1 thousand

saurabh sutar : The civil engineers the world needs.

sapplejax : What if it rains and you're in the house

Jmillz : Yo this Minecraft mod is crazy

昌文君 : Twitterから来た人👍

Annie Yu : How can they afford such a high tech camera when they live underground?

Linsey Horne : That mud looks satisfiing

meli ha : Beautiful video

Marc Anthony : Idk if that pool is clean.. but JESUS CHRIST THAT'S HARDWORK ON THE NEXT LEVEL..

Emile Daenen : You aren't fooling me, you didn't just fill a 20000 liter pool with 2 liter jugs

F : dude wtf is this i searched for some underground house music

Can we get to 10k Subs? : Someone get these guys a shovel

CrazyAnproFilm : 2_minecraft_players_building_pools.mp4

Divo Galindra : This is probably the greatest video Ive watched so far here

Dany Hernandez : best asmr I've heard yet

Random Gopnik : Imagine if it rains just a day after.

E R O S : Minecraft real life

PARKERDMENT FF : Con 90M de vistas Tendran para comprarse una Casa :v

Dylan Klebold : *These men are true workers* 💪

Sebrina squish : This is so crazy i feel lazy from what im seeing

Jen & Juice : It must have taken freaking forever to make all those cinder blocks

Xa : You guys are on YouTube rewind 2018

Lordthe vlogger : Do they have parents ? We’re do the live we’re did they get a camera from? How are they so smart?when I failed all my midterms 😂

Family Freedom : Wow, amazing! The hard work and patience that went into that! I'm impressed 👏

ingrid astrid manrique : You in Youtube Rewind ❤❤❤❤❤

nO jAmS : Y'all are creative, and awesome. Minecraft in life?

Quinn Jitsu : Now all you need is a gaming pc

Greg Heffley : Oh look there’s a baby in that basket Me: 0:45

Ashok Lekhra : Bucket by Bucket. Respect 🙏🏼

vanshaj bharia : How will they change the water??

Infinx : The dedication is unreal

Juliano Rodrigues : Bolsonaro 17

Master Of Disguise : If there's ever a zombie apocalypse we're going to have to rebuild like this

Gamer_Sahil -cityofclash : They did a hard Job 👏👏

AAC Penguin : I can do this easily I just choose not to...

David Rawst : Wouldn't mosquitos be a problem?

Music Man : Do these guys do everything for free? "I broke my leg" "Don't worry I'll fix it for free.

Knathan Knathan : They made all this in 13:32 minutes

frankohero : You guys REALLY did that? Great work. Lots of work. Well done.

Unicorn Lover : 88/91 million of the views was from Grayson Dolan (DT fans know what I’m talking about)

SDsmoli Games : 9:02 to your right u will see a fence which means they are at a neighborhood

junior reyes : Next time call me I'll bring the machine lol