Build Swimming Pool Around Underground House

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Selma Malik : I guess this is the definition of action speaks louder than words


Lil Puff : I want a tour on the inside ot their house...

Jack Cameron : Do you know how many permits you would need to build that in Canada?

Neon FoxXy : Wow, im speechless. This is beautiful🖤

Broly : *These men are true workers* 💪

I.L. Mart : ¡Sorprendente y excelente trabajo! 👏🏼👏🏼

Jos Hua : These minecraft updates are getting out of hand

Brenna Davis : okay, are we just going to ignore the fact that the sounds in this video are sooo satisfying 😭😂

santiago aranda : Al ver este video me siento muy inutil :'v

sana doll sana : You Guys Have Earned My Respect

dorito fox : this video has over 67M views you better gave them every penny!!

Ben Eggen : have an amazing day, you all are blessed. Jesus loves ya all!

Lindsay Ebensteiner : This is so cool I can't beleave just two men did this with just a stick.

jannis joplin : let's hope it never rains lol

Jason Voorhees : Minecraft in a Nutshell

Діма Юраш : Класно 👍

sugam dangal : Their hard work and also their patience made them successful. Awesome video.

GUSO G : And what will happen when it rains

ryan bryant : I bet they hate that around their house when mosquitoes come lmao

Family Freedom : Wow, amazing! The hard work and patience that went into that! I'm impressed 👏

TrueProGamer : Your going to have so much mosquitoes if you don’t put some chemicals in there XD

AKBAR Gaming : A M A Z I N G

Angel Corchado : It's a really cool and smart video but wouldn't be house get flooded in case of a rain? The home should have gotten some layers of dirt so if it ever rains and there is a flood it would go outwards of the house and not inside.

aCeBaNNer 11 : Congratulations YouTube! You finally made me click on this video..

Divo Galindra : This is probably the greatest video Ive watched so far here

LURKY 5 : These men should build trumps wall

Thalita Marinho : Pra vcs verem, em duas semanas eles fizeram isso sem o uso d ferramentas especiais e nossos políticos tão aí né demorando décadas pra entregar uma obra concluída! #Brasileirosentenderão

mohammed mohiuddin : Primitive people had no idea about swimming pool. They were just happy bathing in anywhere. BTW, great hard work and maximum levels of determination is seen in this video.

이정원 : respect

Justin Z. : Ready for Summer!

Anderson Cabral : Dois. Mil anos depois kkk

sienamadrhyggy : Gross but they are talented off doing it

GUSO G : Imagine these guys with drills and chainsaws

Animal Lover : This shows what you get if you don’t give up 😺

Canal QuadradoTV : *ALGUM BR? SE É LOCO?*

Nicolas Künzli : *GOOD CONTENT*

Yael 007 : Hola

ТОП Videos : Я отвечаю что там не только было глина и цемент тоже добали, если ток глина то он бы довно разрушил ба !!!

Ariel López : Me encantó

Brianna : People where I’m from complain when they make a sandwich. HA!

Nighbot '-' : O que dois homens solitários fazem numa casa, sei não hein ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Tiger H. Lore : I’m curious how much these guys make from each video. Maybe after they finish each hut, pool and treehouse, they hop into their Land Rovers and drive back to their mansions.

FerGamer 54 : Olha a dengue, olha a Zikaaa !!!

mesxxygigi : Seems they're Incredible Caring LoveRs👬👨‍❤️‍👨they're LoVE Life must be off the chain/ they're not staying there forever they're making new places to live 😎

Javo Futbol Inc : ingenuity is everything

Otaku Bad : MT foda

Nicole esser : Am I the only one who wants to see the house inside?

GusGamePlay - Un Canal Para Entretener : 1:23 eso de ahí se nota como lo hicieron con palas

Don Cangrejo :v : *Que Minecraft ni khe bherga :v* *Esto me recuerda a age of empires donde unas dos personas podían construir un castillo xD*