Build Swimming Pool Around Underground House

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Primitive Survival Tool : Here is my Patreon Account

la piña kawaii : *minecraft real life*

julie meerveld : I have never ever felt sooo lazy in my life

fjf djd : Nobody wondering how somebody just happens to be recording them.

John Raphael Revaldo : When your playing too much minecraft or fortnite and your mum told you to go outside

MUMİNUN TV : Baturay'dan Gelenler +1

Jmillz : Yo this Minecraft mod is crazy

kevin guerrero : imagine living like this these men are surviving with small shelter congratulations

Kerem Saglam : Baturay abiden gelenler +1

SirBlueOfBerryYT IPad : I wish I got the chance to do this

Maria Nieto : Wow that’s a lot of work.

Tom Swift : Just imagine how many buckets of water they must have went back and forth for...

Clifford Karkada : Can u show how to get a camera and internet in the jungle

The FLASH!!!! : Omg I am so impressed, I am speechless, they did an amazing job, well done👍🏻

Sanal Dünya : baturaydan gelenler


Marc Anthony : Idk if that pool is clean.. but JESUS CHRIST THAT'S HARDWORK ON THE NEXT LEVEL..

•Tae • : Que precioso!

Acoustic Band : Try hard look like too real?????

Barbie Slays : So creative using their mind 😊

Dovis K : You guys don't know how I wish these videos are monetized 😍

Divo Galindra : This is probably the greatest video Ive watched so far here

Twin Wars Goldsmith : So now I feel like i am so lazy..l.

SAD SDD : like

Sakara : Why can I see primitive construction projects in better quality than modern projects.

Chery Tc : Are you enjoying your swimming pool

jdjewellpa : I watch stuff like this and it just makes me realize how lazy I am becoming, This is just amazing. Truly is

Another happy landing : Ty for the plans and guide for this, i will built this to my backyard next summer🤘.

Tyler Paulino : Is dat deep enough?

Cerna : They do this for their culture and tribe not because they are not wealthy , this how they want to live and how they choose to live

kawaii unicat Gaming : Stay Tuned Guys For He Videos Dont Forget To Like Coment And Sub Hes Channel I like!!!!!💕💕😊🤗

Family Freedom : Wow, amazing! The hard work and patience that went into that! I'm impressed 👏

UCPip : Why did india have to get internet?

Pjk * : Awesome job bro

Gökkuşağı Kedisi : Bir Türk olarak söylüyorum: İŞSİZLİK

jayone23 : This is why we need immigration

noule praneeth : These guys are very strong💪💪💪

Hachm Zahed : العربي لايك

kafadan mert gaming cepahencioglu : baturaydan gelenler +1

Living with ASD : They don’t have shovels but they have a camera

Jina Veronica : I love swimmim pool

noobhere : They built everything on their own it's so strange that they rejected any use of machines but at the same time their work needs to be appreciated

XxKitkatxX Trey : 2:41 I wonder how that stuff feels

Arda Bayav : Baturaydan gelenlerrr😍💕

Radnan anan : Wen they say patience en commitment this is what they mean!

Boeing 727- 200 : *minecraft in real life*

Brianna : People where I’m from complain when they make a sandwich. HA!

꧁ϯȘɑƊϯѴɨɲɨϯ꧂ ꧁ϯȘɑƊϯ꧂ : Esses caras tem que fazer isso na minha casa vey!!!!

Mara Santos : Eis que o Minecraft vira realidade! Jsjsjsj gostei, top ❤👏👏👏🌿 Algum BR?

vikas Potadar : Kya mast