I'm sharing the light World's most potent light emitting pigment.

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Mikail Elchanovanich : is this one purchasable by Anish Kapoor? or will he catch fire when exposed to it like vampires do when out in sunlight?

BlueRose Gardener : amazing, not even an artist but i want to buy some to make better glow-in-the-dark stars

Esahc nolastname : Does this contain strontium aluminate? would you ever consider having your pigments somehow incorporated into 3d printing filament? it would be amazing to print parts in this awesome glow pigment

Not Rainn Wilson : *_S O P I G M E N T E D_*

omk573 : IT'S LIT!!👌🏼👌🏼🔥🔥💦💦 Sorry had to do it

Radical Dog : I have no use for this but it is just the coolest thing!

evyrgreen : paint it next to black 2.0 and make a doublevoid

Ætelas MacKenzie : YAAAS! Stuart, we <3 you and your team(s). I'm super excited each time you release a new product!

Belzzzebub : Any lifetime tests done? I'm tempted to paint something like my hot water radiator. And make it look like its red hot metal.

Gage M : I immediately see this being amazing for use in figurines; glowing arcane crystals or awesome machinery! Especially Warhammer 40k's Necrons! Probably not the coolest use of the paint, but that's my medium!

Maya Bloem : so you can charge it by light or heat to make it glow powerfully and have an afterglow for 12 hours, but what about after that? can you recharge it? or will it stop reflecting/emitting light?

Xeranth : yo man you are changing the game for paint companies they better watch out for you. This is a revolutionary product keep it up!!!

cosmoscenti : Paint the bean with *L I T*

Samsa Beeble : Oh my goodness, I’m so happy, I’ve been looking for something like this for YEARS

squishstarfish ! : i would love to use this with black 2.0

Glenn Peirce : Please put this into your Amazon line-up. Pretty please!

Amber Maruszewski : this looks absolutely incredible, will pair beautifully with the black! can't wait to try it!!

MishaReiFuan : You continue to amaze me with your creations!

Zuno Zoo : It says non toxic, but do keep away from eyes/mouth and so on. So, using in a snake terrarium, keep the item outside the glass? Or can it be safe? (I'm guessing no ;) )

OutOfNamesToChoose : 🔥

Weavrr : The glowiest glow! Ooooooo! I.....I can see this being used for those of us in costuming. Any thoughts on putting it in resin?

CrochetHappyPlushie : What factors are needed to get it to glow for 12 hours? Want to purchase the paint but need to know for my project!

Snowcube : How heat resistant is this stuff? I want to try painting an incandescent light bulb with it and see if it makes it brighter since it can be activated by heat.

Jomaster The Second : Funnily enough, this one's actually purchasable by Anish Kapoor. BTW, totally putting this in my next resin figure project.

Jalak Lenteng : Can we use it instead of normal lume (lumibrite, superluminova) to paint watch hands and markers?

full moonparty : will this mix into eproxy resin

foxpup : Such Joy!! Big Wow!! Must be very wonderful stuff. I need to start thinking about uses. :-) 🦊

Fukurokujo : is it possible to get different colored lit? e.g. red glow or yellow?

nambinhvu : Can I put this stuff on my headlights and then spray clear coat over them? Lol

Jalak Lenteng : What's the size of the grain? I'm thinking of using it to relume watches

Donald Sleightholme : could maybe use this to power solar panels? 🤷‍♂️

Donald Sleightholme : heat and light are both electromagnetic waves 🙄

Marc andré : what happen if i mix the lit one and the monster green does it will be green in the day and glowing green in the night or just glow in the night and if i do this do i realy need the super base ? (sorry for my english im french canadian )

bojangles : Wow, this is really impressive, I can't wait till it arrives, the fact it is also thermally activated as well is a huge achievement, what phosphor are you using for it to be heat sensitive? I collect glow powders and have never seen this.

Jon Donnelly : keep er lit.

apenguinnamedabraham : would this work on walls (as in, would sunlight or a ceiling light charge it enough)? Planning a mural for my bedroom and this would be AMAZING! Keep up the great work <3 Also, have you any recommendations for storing excess paint after mixing the powders with the superbase? Would a regular airtight container work?

turtle79070 : I thought it was just going to be regular glow pigment, but the charging with heat part is giving me some ideas.

chris soto : has anybody done this with plastic molding... I have a friend that does custom mods for toy nerf blasters I thought that would really cool... can you mix it with resin?

PyroGothNerd : Hi, I have a question. So is there a way on your website to change the pricing on your website to American currency? Or am I going to have to use an online converter to know how much it would actually cost me?

Jack Saami : is there any kind of radiation in it.

Amaroqdricaldari : A few questions: 1. Can we get it in different colors, like Red or Blue? 2. Can we mix it with a metallic thermally-conductive compound, like Arctic Silver? 3. Is it flame/waterproof, and/or electrically insulating? My ultimate goal is to get a mixture that I can put on various computer parts, such as heat sinks, that would then convert the heat into visible light. Even if it turns out to not be very practical, it would still be awesome. For science!

Linus Brendel : Amazing! Btw, do you also do bulk sales for pigments?

overclockerstech : wonder what this is like if you mix it with the shift rainbow stuff too:D

ehaydon : This is really cool!! There's just one thing and I know this is gonna sound weird, but there isnt any radium in it is there?

mvr 1981 : Nice... but, Is toxic or radioactive?

spencer penn : Is the pigment fine enough to go through an airbrush?

Zuno Zoo : This is so beautiful it made my eyes water! I'm in love!!! <3 I want bigger bags of it!! *Gets the small one for now though Grab the only two items in your shop I don't have while I'm at it. Collection complete ;)

olga colon : Great video. 👍👍💖💖💖💖💖

Kyle Madruga : This is awesome! Very happy to see all the new and great pigments you're coming up with Stuart =)

Freddy Torres : Looks great. Can this be thinned down enough to spray with an airbrush?