Liberalism at its finest: the Bums of Portland

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Airliner World & More : "STOP HARASSING ME!!" You literally stood there and OPENLY called them names and made very snarky comments to/about them. And then when someone confronts you, you run away trying to look like a victim. Just stop.

sam greene : public parks are a liberal concept. don't like it go home

suki3275 : lmao you got called out bitch

Paula W : I bet a good portion of these BUMS are just people enjoying a single day off from their job, or maybe tourists, or perhaps college kids between classes, or even self employed people taking a break. Who are you, ON A WORK DAY, to go out and NOT BE AT WORK and harass people? Go fuck yourself, buddy. Go fuck yourself sideways.

skinnybTV : @RandomStuffPDX Your voice starts trembling when they confront you because deep down, you're just a little bitch. They could have had you on the ground and you would have been crying for the cops like a little girl, because you're just a little bitch.

thatbunnyguy : Guy filming not at work... "Look at all these bums not at work!" Talks about a large group of of people right in front of them... "I wasn't talking to you!" Harrasses people. "You're not allowed to harrass me!" Dude, you are one hillariously hypocritical pussy.

Bon JonBovi : "You don't have a right to haraaaaas me!" Now who's the liberal snowflake, you pussy-boy faggot? You should nail yourself to the fucking cross and die.

Brendan Smith : "My freedom of speech is not for the speech you love, but for the speech you hate." Very true words. The idea of the 1st amendment is to protect unpopular speech. It may not defend against the consequences of such speech, but it protects it.

Ryan Johnson : Why was this twat shaming people for being out in the middle of a work day in 100 degree heat yet he is doing the exact same thing.

YourFriendly NextdoorMuslim : You just know the guy filming was bullied mercilessly during his childhood.

ggr : Dude you are such a horrible person.

Stereobarf : "Sitting around the park ON A WORKDAY!" You mean just like you were, standing there filming and harassing people instead of working? Also, you're not going to believe this, but jobs give people these things called "vacation days" which people can take in order to have a day off where they don't work. Crazy right?

RolfErlend : Middle of the work day... Hmmm, should you not be at work yourself?

Norm G : The guy filming isn't working during the day either, he's a bum.

TheMonkeykun : Da bums da bums da bums!

Cham Toreno : Why aren't you out working instead of filming people in the park during the "work day"?

MexicantGame : The video guy is a POS pussy. Sounds like he's about to cry when people call him out for being a condescending piece of shit.

KurtMcGurt : GTFO of Portland. City would be better without you there.

Portlandcarlover : And do tell me how they are liberals? I do not mind these people, they don't harm me. You went up to them and shit talked them for no reason, you are lucky you didn't get your dumb ass thrown into the river. Please do me and all of the other good citizens of Portland a favor and get out.

Mister Face : I loathe the homeless as well, but I do not condone going out of your way to belittle them. We have two solutions: euthanasia or internment.

YYZpresto : Bums look hungry for some lead appetizers.

Seth Stone : Im not a liberal at all. And I have to say you are a huge piece of shit. I hope some justice is dealt your way. Maybe by losing everything, or just you having your ass kicked.

young braap : You sound like a cop calling pussy bitch, guy. I'm a conservative and hate bums myself but you go out to video and harass people minding their own fuckin business. Like you said you got a problem, move to another country. Punk pussy I'll smoke a backwood blunt in your face and blow the smoke on ya while wearing my MAGA hat. Pussy liberal punk. Bitching about stupid shit like a typical snowflake libtard faggot.

unfluster : "Look at 'em. The bums. The bums. The bums. Stop harassing me! You bum! Go back to your bum friends! You bum. You bum. You bum. Stop harassing me! bums. Look at them. The bums. The bums. The bums..."

daniel bowers : this guy is a moron. "smokeing weed"

daniel bowers : i wasn't speaking to you... then he gets scare like a blue collar bitch

Heather Thompson : oh - I also do not believe the person filming was being accosted. You were treated the way you had been treating others.

Jessica Heman : 1) whoa, dude needs to calm down.  2) i question how this guy has time to go down to the waterfront, video tape random people, and call them bums "during the middle of the workday."  i ACTUALLY work, and i sure as hell don't have time during my workday to be doing shit like that.  if this video wasn't so pathetic the irony would be amusing.

Microlash : Hey buddy. You're a fucking coward, and an absolute disgrace of a human being. The fear in your voice when you're ultimately confronted is such an illuminating window into your pathetic, tiny mind. You're a small man, and the crippling self loathing that it's so obvious you carry around with you, is not misplaced at all. The world would be a better place if you ceased to exist.

Something Named : Piece of shit camera man stay inside your mom's basement you're the biggest waste of life in this video.

Daniel : you're a fuckin pathetic faggot. bitching about people doing nothing as you're sitting there filming and talking to yourself. only reason this shitty video has over 1k views is because people wanna call you a bitch.

niverent : What a hypocritical little bitch.

Anton Bouchette : Portland was a beautiful city, now it is a scum magnet for every type of cocksucker breathing air. Wonderful bull dyke, libtard city government. Fuck Multnomah County.

Kevin Hansen : You're a cunt.

James Gents : What are you doing in a park on a WORK DAY!!!!?!?!?!?!???? You liberal sheep!!!

joey buttawipeo : Dude, you are the biggest Pussy I have ever seen - you talk big then try to run and look for a cop after you piss these people off. What a whiny cry bay. And BTW - you aren't are work either unless your job is to be a whiny pussy.

SSofIreland : "Look at 'em all, middle of the work day..." So why the fuck aren't _you_ at work, Mr. Great Righteous American Working Man?

Michael Purpura : you are out there too...what are you a bum? get back to work and leave these folks alone

Brendon : You're a fucking loser bro.

uberalles2 : They were bums, so he does have that point right.

.camlamb. : I love how this guy harasses people then claims free speech, but panics and runs away when they stand up for their own free speech. Conservatism at it's finest lol

Driden : what a bitch you are lol. I guess next time you want to look tough you should add the voice over at home coward

ZeranZeran : 3:44 we have a falsetto here

Mc Weaver : Well your just a big bag of shit

DaleJay! : lol u fat pussy cunt

idonegotold : Wow, what a miserable fuck. Lunch breaks over, stop harassing the homeless and scurry back to your cubicle.

beefknuckles : Ran away like pussy hahahah

IAMtheNewWorldOrder : "The Obama economy" wtf are you even talking about. Obama got unemployment down pretty damn low, especially considering what he inherited. Did we not have bums under Bush? Do you think Trump's gonna get rid of them? Hell, Reagan is practically the reason we have so many. Liberals believe in taking care of the mentally ill and the poor, remember? It's libertarians who want people on the street without a pot to piss in if they don't work, and that's what we have. This is actually libertarianism at it's finest. What are we supposed to do, force these people to work? That would be like Stalin's Russia. No, homeless people=libertarianism, not liberalism

Ghost81 : Wasn't he also there in the middle of the work day not working?

transmissions509 : Do us a favor and put up a video where you kill yourself.