Weezer - Africa (starring Weird Al Yankovic)

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TheGunCollective : Hit it if Weird Al was a part of your childhood.

PhantomOfDarkness : it took me a while to realize that weird al was the lead singer in this music video lol

Himanshu Nawalkar : _they covered a whole continent, well that's epic_

Salty Sugar Plum : in my opinion, you can't beat TOTO. but if anyone were going to do a cover, i'm glad it was Weezer / Weird Al, they did a good job. they didn't try to re-invent the wheel. they just stayed true to the song and, as a HUGE Toto fan, i am pleased.

Josh D Holsinger : We need a weird Al half time show NFL

Bayardo A Rugama : Did they really name a whole continent after this song?

Shock Top : My girlfriend doesn't like Weird Al.. Now she's single.. Hahahaha just kidding.. She's dead..

CMBGuitars : Weird Al looks like he could peel back that sweater at any moment to reveal the Superman emblem.

Dan Halfhill : Weird Al is way more talented than people realize

Steve Bennett : For every ten years we age, Weird Al ages one.

ReplayStation : Weird Al is a national treasure and we must protect him.

Kont Strahd : when did Clark Kent start singing?

King Alpha : Find a woman that feels you like Weird Al feels that accordion.2:50

MetFanMac : Weird Al plays guitar like a wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man being electrocuted, and I love him for it.

Courtney M : Weird Al has officially reached DILF status.

Matthew Withum : This song brings me so much joy for some WEIRD reason.

Jamie Brown : It took me a minute to realize that it was weird al instead of Cuomo in the video. That man is magic.

Nob the Knave : Time Traveler to early 90's Weezer: In 2018 you will have a hit with a cover of Toto's "Africa". With your frontman, Weird Al. 90's Weezer: ...

Azoth Solar : Wait for the drums to drop..... Cue one of the dopest air kicks of all time! 2:16 #weirdalisapimp

schmoyoho : what if this is a Berenstein / Berenstain situation and Weezer was really just Weird Al's side project this whole time?!?! 😱😱😱

Michelle Adame : I think...I'd rather hear Weird Al sing it. He doesn't get enough credit for being a great singer!

Conrad Vogel : Who are the 6,900 Idiots who disliked this video? Morons.

Mazinombies : How is Weird Al still so sexy at 59 years old help

American Man USA : Please go ahead and cover every 80's song I love.

KnockoutWolf : For a second, I was really confused why Rivers looked so different

Mr. Derp : Weird Al released his first single - My Bologna - in 1979. This means he has made records in 5 separate decades. If he gives us one in 2020 it'll be 6. In an unrelated story, I owned 'Even Worse' on cassette tape.

FluffyBunnyFeet : This song brought me back to my younger years on so many different levels. I freaking LOVE this cover. And having Weird Al is icing on a delicious cake. You guys rock!

AroundIndiana : Weird Al is a timeless treasure

William Cornelius : I do not understand the down votes on all these new Weezer videos\covers of my own favorite 80's hit. This is brilliant.

TheZaius : Man, no one moves like Weird Al. At least, not by choice...

Team Monarchy : His little dance is my new mating dance.

The Morning Purr : Al's hips don't lie

Justin Hildenbrand : It’s definitely much better than pitbull’s cover

TheCc064 : To be honest, Weird Al looks kinda cute in that geeky get up.

Zeepsterd : Man, I love the Sweater song.

Richard B : 2:13 That leg kick though :-)

boriken395pr : Wow! Out of the park! Great song, great video! I am hooked!

Rob Smith : Weird Al is a national treasure. If America is attacked, make sure Al is in a safe place.

Frank Tank : 2:20 officially the only way I dance now

FandomTrash93 : When memes collide


Glaucus : Finally looked at the video. Pure gold

Think Big Campaigns : how does this have ONLY 7mil views? Inconceivable!

MurdermiesteR : Weird Al is a national treasure.

FUNKe : This video is definitive proof of The Mandela Effect

bigorange2082 : Death, taxes, and Weird Al awesomeness. Things you can count on.

Mary Halla : Ok. So when I am sad (which is a lot) I listen to this. It ALWAYS makes me feel better. Thanks Weezer and Weird Al.

fortunato of amontillado : This is suprisingly really Frick in good .. kudos to Weezer .. respect

Alexander Wesner : Next week on town talk...transexual nazi eskimos...join me UHF 45

Max the Big Bad : Weird Al will never die. It will be the year 2168, all of us watching will have long since passed, and Al will still look 25.