Weezer - Africa (starring Weird Al Yankovic)

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Bayardo A Rugama : Did they really name a whole continent after this song?

Sean Nordeen : Weird Al, a man whose career has outlasted most of those he parodied.

TobiAnimados : Weezer making a cover of Toto, and Weird Al stars in the video, while the video is also a parody of Undone -The Sweater song-, so according to that logic, Weird Al should also be the star in the music video of Hash Pipe performed by Toto, and that video should be a parody of Toto's Rosanna.

Jim Charles : weird Al has looked 30 years old for the last 30 years

TheGunCollective : Hit it if Weird Al was a part of your childhood.

ichaukan : I've watched this four times now trying to figure out which one was Weird Al, then I realized that he is a part of all of us and we are all a part of him.

Aaron Lewis : Somewhere in a dark decrepit attic there is a painting of an old and grey Weird Al.

Daver G : *Anyone else notice is was filmed all in one shot,with no breaks?*

SmilingSpectre : It took me a little over 2 minutes of thinking "I thought Weird Al was supposed to be in this?" before I actually looked at the face of the singer. This may have coincided with said singer going into a patented Weird Al wobbly appendages dance.

ReplayStation : Weird Al is a national treasure and we must protect him.

LighthawkTenchi : Weird Al is a national treasure. An absolute legend.

HeavyMetalEvilien : It's the dance we all feel inside but don't have the power to express.

kle2videoproductions : I still want my Weird Al Super Bowl Halftime show

Daniel Roberts : Weird Al belongs in the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame.

KnockoutWolf : For a second, I was really confused why Rivers looked so different

Nancy Dublo Brewer : I don’t get the hate for this version...I love it & for me, it seems that they have simply remade a song that they loved... It’s an awesome cover...period.

Ayava Kyavata : Ancient legends tell of 6 eternal gods who disguise themselves to travel among humans. I think I know who one of them is.

Mr. Twister : Forget the fact that he can kick over his own head! Whose psyched about Weird Al's birthday being in just five days?!

Sarah McKinley : So much time wasted doing kiki challenge. We need to start the weird al dance challenge.

Zeepsterd : Man, I love the Sweater song.

L Allan : MAGA....Make Accordions Great Again!!

Nick S : Al dances like David Byrne and looks like Christopher Reeves

Bletcherous Cretin : Weird Al is really rocking the Clark Kent look, here. Took me a moment to recognize him! He's a master of incognito, among many other talents! :)

tagabundok1 : Weird Al. The bravest musician on the planet. God bless him.

FandomTrash93 : When memes collide

Jared Rider : I have seen Weird Al seven times. Every show is better and better. If you haven't seen him, fix that ASAP.

Jack Meoff : Al looks like he's in his 40's and he's almost 60.

Shawn : 2:15 58 years old and still moving like that!!!?

merp ius : Weird Al is a good enough singer and musician that he could have been a relatively successful serious musician... instead he applied his sense of humor and wit to it and became an insanely long lived and successful parody musician who was not only able to hold his own through changing technology, but carries appeal across generations. He's probably unappreciated for his genius... but it took some incredible genius to manage to accomplish that.

FUNKe : This video is definitive proof of The Mandela Effect

Bella Bee : I'm weirdly attracted to Weird Al. My life is so confusing right now.

C MM : WEIRD AL!!! He is an immortal vampire of coolness!!

supmayn yo : Weird Al, as Weezer, playing Africa...seriously makes sense to me.

Lydia Hawkins : I was feeling really bad, full of anxiety, sad and worried- I played this video. For 4 glorious minutes I forgot all my troubles. This video just makes me so happy for a few minutes. Watching Weird Al thinking to myself “I bet they just told Al to go for it and let Weird Al do Al.”

TheZaius : Man, no one moves like Weird Al. At least, not by choice...

Christine Philbin : Weird Al is actually very nerdy cute in this video!!!

Unlucky Benny : .... I was waiting to Al the entire video, only to realize that was Al... I feel dumb.


TroianusEquus : Expecting for 2 minutes to see Al walking in with accordion, and then, suddenly BOOM! My mind just exploded in disbelief!

schmoyoho : what if this is a Berenstein / Berenstain situation and Weezer was really just Weird Al's side project this whole time?!?! 😱😱😱

Just ME : Drummer looks like Billy Price from the Bengals. Obscure but true

Peejay Bee : I'm such a Weird Al fan that I even like it when doesn't parody a song.

fartzinwind : The cover that nobody asked for, but we all needed.

Coconut&Squid : Damn, I can’t believed they named a continent after this song.

HauntHunter : The thing no one ever asked for but always needed.

salamango81 : We need another superman movie and al to play him

Kyle Kishbaugh : that accordion solo blew my freaking mind

John Mac : I'm here for the comments, but also for 2:15

Chad Clifton : Weird Al covering a cover, and covering the covering bands video. Nice.

Johnnie Guilbert : Weezer and Weird Al Have just Blessed us all!