38 Seconds With Gustavo Almadovar

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Get your OFFICIAL Gustavo Almadovar t-shirts here: http://gustavoalmadovar.spreadshirt.com - Follow the guy who made this video here: http://twitter.com/yojrb For now we are live in Orange County, Gustavo Almadovar, Channel 9 - Eyewitness News. --


The Oily Boily Guy : (o.o) Gustavo ( 0.o) AlmaDoVa

PowerGlove79 : This reporter has such a presence, I wish I knew his name

Diego V : Gustavo, I'm a Dough-bar.

slm2500 : how many hours do you think he stood in front of a mirror to perfect that?

Kiro AWZ : love the part when he say his name

kng wzrd : What's this guy's name?

szivalj : you can tell when he is having a good or bad day

Lemon 2000 : what's his name again ?

Zapchon : He sounds surprised to hear his own name

Samuel Heavener : Does this guy still work as a news reporter?

soulassassin0g : That's something your born with, you either have it or not, coming out the womb like that, saying Gustavo Almadovar and tilting his head slightly.

Isaac Shattered heart : He says it like hes questioning who he is like "is that my name? Am i saying it right" 😂

Jeremy F : Gustavo o_o Almadovar O_o

Spam : When he comes home: Gustavo: *flips his neck around* His wife: What is it honey? Gustavo: ah, nothing been busy here and there His wife: what's whit your neck? Gustavo: Gustavo almadovar!! His wife: oh honey, i told you to stop working and do other work.

Diego V : Gustavo, I'm a Dough-bar.

atlucas1 : Gustavoooo I'm a doe fart

xXAeroWolfXx : I woke up to this every morning in elementary school. He made getting up so much better, me and my dad would say his name all the time xD He made getting up in the early mornings so much easier.

Robert Fagot : Gustavo (O_o) Almodovar

WilfordBrimley : It needs auto-tune.

Caspian Cruz : I love how he turns his cute lil head each time

Vizual Edit0r : He moves his head the same way everytime he says his name. Cool.

blackcid : GustaUvoU AlmodoUvar LOL I think it is impossible to pronunce worse than this guy even trying it on purpose.

Robert Suh : Gustavo I'm-A-DOVAH-(Kiin)

NZRAMBO20 : Play this a Guantanimo, they'll talk.

Leandro Marz : El latino que quiere ser gringo.

AlerionEpisode : I thought he was talking Simlish haha

stephen : If you think about it hes like saying the sims language

Diego V : Gustravo, I'm a Dough-bar

Ethereal : It's been 3 years, still can't get it out of my head.

FSX Fan : Gustavo AlmaDOVar

Bayleigh Harper : He sounds like a sim

Night01001 : Kto od lekkostronniczych? :D

Péter Stangl : REMIX! SOMEBODY REMIX THIS IMMEDIATELY! Why did i not know about this 'till now?!

PrincessPonyLover : He does the same head turn every time! 😂

wizlyBits : Came from the react channel

Mike Fox : Нет спасибо, я не голодный!

XOXOcel : Catchy!  xD

vadiks2003 : GTA VI - HEY ITS ROBBERY! - its Gustavo Almadovar - NOOOOOOOOO *YOU LOSE*

Osel Doshirak : Я пришел сюда от This is хорошо

Mulla Nasrudin : Gustavo Imaduchefart.

Имечко Фамильев : так и хотелось подпевать "нет спасибо я не голодный"

HAXUS : Man I love this guy, I just wish I knew his name

iHateeeMarmite : 'ima, do a fart'

Rowan W. : Those were the longest 38 seconds of my life.

Alal Malal : Gosh Ron, it's not almado-VAR, it's almaDOvar

amins21 : It sounds sooo Dutch, doesn't it? :D

Bigss360 : Instructions to say 'Almadovar' : 1- Say: 'ALMA' and Turn a litle bit your head to the left. 2- At end complete, saying DOVAR turning back your head to normal position. Resume: ALMA (head left) - DOVAR (head right)

Eric I : Gustaavooo AlmádovAR

CallMeWii : Turn on subtitles 😂😂