Billy Mitchell Statement

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At the Midwest Gaming Classic today, Billy Mitchell made this official statement to Old School Gamer Magazine. Note: Billy Mitchell is on the advisory board of this magazine. You can get pictures and more info on the magazine at http:://

Comments from Youtube

mariotaz : Pretty sure that even this video is spliced

Apollo Legend : Why does he keep saying 35 years when the DK tapes are only about a decade old? My guess is there's more fake scores that are about to get outed.

Brian H : This is like when O.J. Simpson said he was searching for the real killer....embarrassing.

Scarflix : This Message Brought to You by Game Genie™

AeroHeadVG : He is a cheating liar, but man he has great hair for his age.

Noel Joseph : There is a potential Donkey Kong kill screen coming up if anyone is interested.

Jesus Christ : liar liar pants on fire, cheaters never prosper.

EpicJoe P : Damn, you really are committed to the lie. I would have broken down decades ago. I'm wondering if you'll go to you grave denying everything?

Apollo Legend : Nope

Matt Turner : Looks like you haven't slept in a week. We all know why you never perform for anything but cameras. Hopefully you convinced yourself with this vid Weibe is your dad

NoFaith : Yeah, because investigations controlled by the party who committed the fraud are usually the most believable. Good job! High Five!

Sgv_Sth : You waited two months with only a single statement and no evidence during the case. You had a friend of yours on the 8th threaten legal action against users who continued to press this issue. It is over and this is the end.

Corey Owen : Wow. So many nonsensical statements. First, nice cold open, he literally said nothing. This video could be about stealing someones recipe for chili for all the viewer knows. "There is a true professional due diligence being done" That... That's just not a sentence. "We will show that everything that has been done, everything was done professional, according to the rules" "Witnesses, Documents, everything will be available to you" Okay, the witnesses are proven to be not credible thanks to ya boy Todd Rogers, Documents as well, as they're generally all backed by these uncredible witnesses, so how about them vidya tapes? Oh wait, they don't exist, not in the context that they would need to exist to back up your claims, that is.

Chris Sherrard : Steve Wiebe is the TRUE King of Kong!

Shaun Madden : You are slime and no one believes you.

bada bing : Mame rules may not have been in place in 1982 but neither was mame lmao. The scores are only 10 years old so not sure what he's rambling on about here. Lie better, Billy.

Robert Smith : "We've been at this since 1982 and it's not going to stop now". Billy in full on wishful thinking mode.

5ch3nk : It's Game Over, Billy. Take your mullet and go home.

Cat DeSpira : Mitchell is making reference to his concerns that people, like me, have argued that his entire gaming legend was manufactured from day one. It was. So he thinks going back and presenting his own account of "facts" to the public is going to erase 100s of newspaper articles and documents that do not support his or TG's narrative. Billy Mitchell was a PR move. His legend was manufactured by Twin Galaxies. In his statement he exhibits a great example of how he and TG manufacture "legends". He claims Twin Galaxies was operating for 35 years. A lot of people believe this because, well, people like Mitchell say that a lot. If you say something enough times people will eventually believe it. But what he says is not true. Twin Galaxies opened in 1981 and closed down in 1984. It then operated as a laser tag joint and Day, hit hard by the failing economy in Ottumwa, seriously considered moving what was left of "The Video Game Capitol of The World" to Florida where he was involved with businessman Jim Riley in setting up another version of the famously-failed Electronic Circus (fact). He was also involved in creating a Celebrity Year Book Museum. By 1988 Twin Galaxies was dead as a working concept completely. It didn't come back until it surfaced online for the first time 1997, did the Perfect Pac-Man publicity stunt with custom-tailored rules to make it easy for Mitchell in 1999, and didn't become influential again in any capacity until 2007 King of Kong hype. So basically Twin Galaxies only influenced gaming for about 15 years, in which most of that time was spent (wasted) on pushing endless drivel on Donkey Kong and Pac-Man only because Mitchell, their poster boy and resident financier, played those games. Pretty silly, really, to leave something so transparent and easily researched behind yet deny it as vehemently as they do. So, if he can't be honest about Twin Galaxies basic history and how long they were actually influential and operational in the gaming scene, don't expect him to be honest about his own history. He won't be and neither will his backers.

Matthew Oster : You said a whole lot - without really saying anything.

SirRandom : get help

AntVenom : Nah.

DreamcastGuy : If Billy wants to act like he is still the king just play it again. I know that's tough to do but at this point no one is going to believe any video you show or witness you turn up with.

Noel Joseph : Anyone want to take bets on how quickly comments are turned off? Hey Apollo!!! Good to see you are back...

Frank the dank : I've been lying since 1992, and I'm not gonna stop now 👍

ScottithGames : Hey Bill, the TG Donkey Kong dispute was started last August (2017). TG just made a ruling on it a few days ago. That's 8 months. Where were you during that time, with all your transparency and ultimate proof to back up your scores? Yeah, I "wish you had it in your hands, too". So did everyone else at TG, but you don't. You never had it. You couldn't be bothered to show up there or to even make one comment, until now, because now you're seeing the fallout of what happens when you can't be bothered with following the same rules as everyone else. Well, you can't talk your way out of the hole you and Walter Day dug with this one. Time to sell your tie, cut your hair, and unplug, because your 'game' is definitely over. The only announcement people want to hear from you at this point is, "I'm sorry", but I seriously doubt you have the 'testicular fortitude' to keep your rampant ego in check long enough to make it. For everyone else, please check out Dwayne Richard's The Perfect Fraudman video here on YouTube, and see just what kind of a person Bill Mitchell is, and Walter Day, for that matter. Neither one of these "manchilds" deserves anybody's respect or attention.

FirebrandX : Witnesses and documents... That crap again. Look, it doesn't matter if you pay a THOUSAND people to claim you played on legit hardware live, it DOES NOT counter the OVERWHELMING evidence that you cheated and ripped Steve off, Billy. You know what I wish? I wish you'd just give up the charade and apologize to Steve for robbing him of his legit world records at the time. That's what a real man would do, but you're so used to having a flock of sycophants follow you around hoping to feed off your celebrity status and money, that you've forgotten what it means to be an honest human being. But years from now, when you're on your deathbed, you're going to be scared. You're going to realize that you stepped over a sacred line of trust that tarnished your very soul.

J.D. Lowe : Just gonna say, this video is amazing when it's at 0.25x speed.

Weaverface Gaming : In the beginning of the video, if you play it in ultra slow-mo, his tie and handkerchief doesn't seem to render properly...

Rex Apis : Wooooo.... affidavits are going to solve everything.... riiiggghhhtttt Billy....

latuman : Narcissistic personality disorder if I ever saw one.

Z D : Why does it matter, Billy? Inevitably, and with the rise of record break culture in video games in just the last five years, your records would become irrelevant and outdated. Regardless, you've had your name in the lime light long enough. Frankly, we can find better people to be the face of "The Video Gamer" to the masses. We don't need you. In fact, given that you've cheated, we'd be better off to replace you as soon as possible. You are now a blight to our collective image. There is nothing you can now do to rectify this situation. Your cause is lost. Drop the act.

"Gamers Bay" : WOW, this guy has some nerve! The evidence against him on Donkey Kong Forums proved without a doubt in the world he used MAME, and not real arcade hardware to achieve his Donkey Kong scores as he claimed. Given all that's happened, you'd think this guy would do himself a favor and apologize for cheating. But no, he's going to continue lying to the public, what a disgrace.

Em D. : If he brings anything more substantial than personal anecdotes and weak character testimony, I'll be stunned.

Sjostrom12 : If this Billy Mitchell guy is so good at DK, why not just show up live and get a high score live? Billy - Answer that. Why will you not do this live? Not live in front of a few of your friends. Live in front of the Funspot people, live at the gaming expo you're at filing this YouTube video. Do it live or shut the heck up and go away.

Regular Unofficial Speedrun Highlights : Wow he's committed

PrettzL : If you were good at games you could just earn them again.

TheNoobiethegrey : Donkeygate! No he cheated, he screwed steve W. And 2 others out of high scores and other records be deserved to be banned!

Barf Larry : this is a really good video where a human person from planet earth makes word-like sounds with their mouth while saying literally nothing

Dynamic Voltage : I wonder if the people Billy is going to try to help him are going to backfire on him as bad as Carlos did

Darkness3827 : I wish I could hand it to you... but it doesn't exist.

ncf1 : Ah, good ol' delay tactics. Billy, you've had a good run - god, you've been telling everyone about it for decades, so why not quit while you're ahead? Because 'Billy Mitchell always has a plan', right? This is where things go downhill, fast.

Moria Marmalade : Hey look who's on the advisory board of Old School Gamer Magazine... his good buddy Walter Day! It's just another coincidence like Todd Rogers being his favorite referee!

MMO Vault : *The King of Con, king of Wrong*

exmosquito : Or just give Jace Hall the magical DK PCB that does Mame-like transitions and it’s all solved. No need for ‘witnesses’ or ‘documents’ it’s not hard if he’s telling the truth.

Sean Patrick : Billy's screwed lol, he's getting desperate, he's done.


Say What : His lips are moving, so he's lying.

mack89464 : Billy - in my opinion you are a fraud of the highest order. Your scores have been proven to be faked / impossible and you should just apologize to everyone and go play some Skyrim or Fortnite and stay quiet.