Man Struck By Lightning Twice (Original)

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scottiedoesntknow1 : Probably slept with Thor's girlfriend .

VanGogh34 : God: Sit your 5 dollar ass down before I make change.

Game LeakPro : And then the flash was born

Jaypee Geezy : They say lightning never strikes the same place twice. Well this person's head has just debunked this theory.

Lars Mondragon : Angel: he's still alive God: hit him again

Rock n' Troll : What a... shocking experience. He must be so negative currently. What is he on? What am Ion?

Ragin' Canadian : God had a sick sense of humour that day

PapitoMow : God heard him talking shit xD

S1mpleMelon : Strike me once, shame on you.Strike me twice, shame on me.

Carlos Valenzuela : Then he gets home and realizes he can shoot lightning from his hands. So cool.

james hill : damn, i feel bad for that guy

das Dilemma : what are the chances of getting struck twice AND survive both?

Garrett : SHAZAM!

Abigsoxfan : This may be fake, but it's certainly funny and entertaining. My compliments to whoever produced this.

1234 : when someone says they hate harambe

Matt B : *Gets struck by lightning* *Proceeds to walk away* *God* "Sit yo ass down"

SinWithaGrin 420 : This video is fake! There's virtually no way it's possible to survive one direct strike, much less 2 in a there's zero saturation in the frame when the lightning strikes...the whole area would have lit up and the camera would have went white for a second...NICE TRY!! RIP Roy Sullivan AKA "the human lightning rod"

Lozzy : Is he still alive??? The poor thing 😰😰😰😰

Rebel XD : Looks fake. Lightning looked fake and who gets up and starts walking after being struck by lightnin?

BlackLight : the lightning was like SURPRISE MOTHERFUKER

CodeFRO : then he became the fastest man alive

Clayton chesney : i woulda stayed down after the second one lol

Danny Garden : Sorry but have to go with CGI, I got hit by lightning right on the head, I jump 7 feet and feel to the ground, stand up but dont remember, my head was smoking, all my hair burned, and lucky to be alive, even the doctors did not no what to do, if I am here today, I consider myself lucky, but did not by lottery ticket :) still fighting the effect today, not fun at all, just posting to let people know that shit happen and you have 2 choices, you fight or you let go, both are good in a way, depend how you deal with it, thanks and I understand the real people that got hit and survive, good day to alllllllllllll

Two Crazy Teens : Fake or not. He needs some milk. ~A

jay edwards : He was actually about to rob the couple in front of him. Instant karma.

0SIPR : His skeleton didn't show up..wierd.

Greer Jones : SHAZAM

banestraps ($m0ke) : Well that was _shocking_

CB in the bible daily : i used to be a bit of a street tuff and my heart dropped when I saw him struck, guess I'm getting soft :)

Jugdjay : Zeus's hatred for Prometheus has no end, it seems.

Damien Spectre : Must have pissed of Thor big time

B-Town Moschini : lightning: SIT DOWN SON!!! person: Crap I'm sorry!!!! I'll sit down now.

a3ology : The chance of being struck twice within a timespan of 1 minute is 1/184,170,240,000. Chance of that AND surviving are 1/230,212,800,000. This is fake.

Chris Osornio : I thank god tht he/she is still ALIVE

Lucas Cruz : not fake. burns on the ground after the strikes

Mysterious : Ride the Lighting

T1 Odessey : His name is Barry Allen and he is the fastest man alive

Mohamed Maxamed : man. the next day i would check if i had superpowers

angel meg : Omfg really the music at the end had to happen it scared me more than the man getting hit JEEEZUS


Israelite Daggerz : He's like, "why God? What did I do?"

Kzazen : God struck him and was like "Be back in a flash"

TheDrtomz : I actually burst out laughin' the 2nd time he got hit & fell down, & feel super terrible about it.. sweet Jesus!! who else did the same? 😂 😂 😂 😂

Liberator G : Moral of the story is that clouds aren't as fluffy and cute as they seem.

Justin Cheney-Regalado : HE NEED SOME MILK!!!

Johnny Olsson : Stay positive, bro!

Angel Hernandez : how did he survive both strikes that's impossible

SyCo JT : When he got Struck by lightning the second time now that was funny XDDDD i fell so bad laughing :3

Youngest boy : He probably bullying storm at school

Jordan Pavlic : that's fake people rarely live after one strike so hiw could this person live to two strick