South Park - The City Part of Town - “The Lofts at SoDoSoPa”

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Tia Blue : "These finely appointed residences all feature state of the art finishes & balconies with views of historic Kenny's house" XD

Tone Riggz : NYC the past 15 years.

Gon : For people who don't get it, they're referencing gentrification. It's when low income towns/cities are forcefully re-branded with 'hip' new names to establish higher class businesses and attract higher class people. It's essentially referencing SoHo in New York City ("SOuth of HOuston Street"), as well as many other areas where this type of thing has begun to occur across the country. SoDoSoPa: "SOuth of DOwntown SOuth PArk

amse-safari : "with views of historic Kenny's house"

Aaron Carnes : I live in a town right outside of Sacramento, this shit is happening there as we speak...but my town already has a Whole Foods so we're doing okay

xXSilentAgent47Xx : RIP SoDoSoPa. You became forgotten history in TFBH.

ICEGOD2 : I cried and laughed seeing this shit because this is what they are trying to do in Detroit.

Patrick : Whenever I see artsy hip shit like this I immediately think, "This shit's gonna be expensive isn't it?" Like $10 for that little frappe the guy in the beginning made.

crookedcorner : It bugs me how real this is. Damn scarf wearing salad eaters go to watch folks like it's a zoo.

Kate Schofield : Favourite show of all time.

Jabba Hut : This is like Hackney and Shoreditch in London. You have Hipsters selling cereal for £3.50 a bowl....

Sober Сossack : LMAO

darthmaxbox320 : This is exactly what's happening to my town. Lol

Jaxson Hall : "View of the historic Kenny's House."

Eric Cartman : After I saw this episode I was like,"where does South Park go from here?"

Anique : This is literally Brooklyn right now, even eastern Brooklyn is getting so much better.

Jack Bruening : I can literally listen to the backgroynd music forever

The Ref : people 21 and under wont appreciate this episode, but those whom are young adults understand this well...i thought the ending was pretty touching.

Brian Spellman : They NAILED the look of gentrification buildings. NAILED it. This is every major city

JabberOff : For me 99% of the humor is in Parker/Stone's voice in the ad: smug, gravely, hyperbolicly apathetic. I other words, HIP.

lakewood145 : That's Greg. He's our homosexual… LMAO….

Alex Cameron : College Station, TX to a tee. lol

OrbitronFactory : Vancouver has an even more exaggerated version of this happening in the infamous downtown eastside neighborhood... Picture a large population of heroin addicted homeless people surrounded by snobby vancouverite hipsters. They really hit the nail on the head with this one.

Ashley Merritt : This is so perfect for where I live (SE London). Gentrification generally destroying economic diversity since whenever.

moriya2k2 : Not a lot in the way of laughs, but this episode hits disturbingly close to home for a lot of folks.

kefkapalazzo1 : this track is fire

RoseShell Hudson : This happened to my city Asheville NC, whole foods and all. it sucks now

basicasian : shoutout to all the AP Human Geography students lmao

alisher1984 : One of the best SP episodes of all time. As a working class person myself, I can't stand those wealthy fake liberal hipsters who pretend they give two shits about the poor.

Gabe B : South Park on gentrification. LMAO South Park Studios have hit another one out of the park.

Looney Libtard : Austin, Texas.

brennanhuff48 : Balconies with views of historic Kenny's house...

MaxelWong|VoiceActor : Welp, Kenny's house just got rekt.

OMGPCNerd1 : Everyone is complaining how its happening in their town, in their county, while its really a world wide phenomenon. Upper middle class people just dont feel well in their world anymore and flock into poor neighbourhoods in the hopes it gives them a feel of authenticity and street credibility and makes them look edgy, whatever that means...

Jackson Snellings : Portland :(

kgh 23 : Damn Hipsters

raven50x : " historic Kenny's House." LOL that part killed me.

Erik Mickelson : Lol surprised they didn't reference "young professionals" aka "I just graduated from college and make $50k so I feel special and deserve this" also a professional is a doctor or lawyer not someone who works in HR or finance, you are not special and are middle class..

Clayton Hedgepeth : Makes me think of the hippies in Charlotte. "Ohhh I'm so cultured going to the NoDa arts district riding my fixed wheel bike, braj!"

Happy Thoughts : 1:05 lol the people dancing

Hail Kira : looking forward to beating up some trendy hipster douches in Fractured But Whole

Aapo : I don't care how douchy this is, but I kind of want to live like this.

MasterJediDude : The beauty of all of this is watching hipsters get robbed when they settle in to these areas. Even Jackson, Mississippi has an area like this called "Fondren" and it's right next to crack houses and run down areas. Freakin' millennials love to live in places like this, but then wonder why their houses and cars keep getting broken into.

Szele Balázs : I don't know exactly what happened to the creators but this is f**in awesome :DDDD I alwayd liked South Park but this is a brand new level of criticism of society. I experience this shit in hungary too. You choose subject very accurately ^_^. I hope you dont finish with political correctness

Keith Wright : If you've been to Cleveland in the last 3-5 years, this is EXACTLY what is going on. I was laughing so hard because it hit very close to home.

Xerxes : Ive bought these lofts and now a fat kid keeps pooping on my door! I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!

Wiz Goddd : Song name ??????

Model M Ibm : historic kennys house. i laughed very hard

Sean : Sacramento has the DoCo (Downtown Commons) being built around the new arena. This episode had me dying.

Just Some Dude & His Dog : It's nice living in the middle of nowhere, where the nearest whole foods is an hour away.