South Park - The City Part of Town - “The Lofts at SoDoSoPa”

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South Park Studios : Oh so SoDoSoPa... Watch the new episode for free here:

david boniface : Every new stadium is a sodosopa nowadays

James : Shout out for Historic Kenny's House! Like if you knew about Kenny's House before it was cool!

Santa Ana Car Meets : Haha love this clip haha Kenny's family in the back haha 😂😂

NeRo84 : If anyone is wondering what Trey is doing he's mocking this guy.

Ben Berman : I literally live in SodoSopa

bigdaddymatty17 : Downtown Miami the past 15 years. It totally sucks now.

Orthodoxe Deter : 1:01 I'm pretty sure this came from a porn video. More than an intuition ...

skankhunt42 : Most of Pittsburgh

Anzo Emore SB : Sodahhhh sopahhhh

bending unit 本定 泥土 20 : Shittywok is better

Adam Domo : ...welcome home. Everytime i see a new apartment complex in an "upcoming area" with some shitty clever name, this is all i can think about

Pipa Cacao : Basically London gentrifying shitty crime ridden boroughs and charging you 60£ for a meal & drink and privilege to get mugged back to your car afterwards.


relentlessly savage : The Residences at The Lofts at SoDoSoPa at The Villas at Kenny's House. Welcome home.

Hugh Tahoob : City Part of Town was much funnier .....Coors and Coors light lol

Infinite Ben : Same thing happened to y (former middle class) hometown. Loads to rich lodgers moved in, jacking up house prices through the roof (they tripled in 20 years) and began knocking down older smaller, quainter and more affordable homes and began replacing them with Georgian style Mansions. This happened in what used to be a really quaint English market town, with a Castle and everything. Shame to see things such as the century old flower market being replaced with overpriced Starbucks...

Jack Bruening : I can literally listen to the backgroynd music forever

millionhHI888 : the lofts at kennys house

Kleppy : I thought the beginning was an advert

A Hitchcock : This is what Jared Kushner is doing in Jersey City. Only they're not just gentrifying, they're also getting immigration visas for Chinese buyers who give them $500k for a condo.

onlythaking : Seriously almost died watching this😂😂😂!!

ChaoticScorpion Scorpio : THAT BEAT!!!

Yeremee Bartenew : I want into the Sodosopa lofts!!

Cruzer : A place for empty people.

Max Jedrziewski : 2000,1 sq ft flats.?

Justin Greene : South Park, I love you... I really, really do.

Michael Hansen : This is so funny.

NickMB : Was it just me, or did anyone else notice the teenage girl smoking with her family at 0:51? :|

Kezza73 : OMG - this is frickin brilliant!

Freedomboy006 : god bless gentrification.. turning shit places into livable nice places (although i could do without all the juice bars and stupid overpriced coffee and shit organic food)

kx250fmotocross : They literally did this to my town like 3 years ago. They took this beautiful open land where I used to ride my dirt bike with my friends. They tore up the land and build a sodosopa. It has Starbucks, a fudge store that charges $20 a pound, acandy store that charges $8 for fucking gummy worms, a king pin bowling alley and even a fucking whole foods in the center. Fuck gentrification!

Sanic Hegehog : lol gentrification wrecked nyc. instead of actual new yorkers most neighborhoods are full of annoying tourists and transplanted hipster lames with their overpriced hipster restaurants that serve shitty food

Aaron Carnes : I live in a town right outside of Sacramento, this shit is happening there as we speak...but my town already has a Whole Foods so we're doing okay

Tamas Kalman : i can't get this out of my head.

Marco Johnson : Uptown Minneapolis.

Alice Lin : what is the name of background music?

Tommy Wilson : They're talking about Carmel Indiana

Dallas James : I hate to say it but id love to be chilling in SoDoSoPa

Skid Row : This is where white People move into low income crime infested neighborhoods with condemned buildings and ran down businesses and gentrify it to bring life and entertainment to an otherwise shit hole.

andre villa : name of song ??

Nicole Gashie : seriously compare this with the new Detroit​ commerical there is no difference 😂😂😂

Cyrus Cyan : The song remains unknown (possibly specially made for the episode) but if you want something similar to it, check out Bob Sinclar's remix of Music Sounds Better With You

Griffin3 Coker : I actually ate at that dinner at 1:16 when i went on a trip :D

jerry : The thing is...wouldnt this make the value of Kenny's house sky rocket?

kefkapalazzo1 : this track is fire

Scott Shepard : This is basically Wynwood

Ermac Mike : what kind of music is this, i need genre, cmon dudes

YoshiPeach Mario : This is happening everywhere in the world. Problem is,most "upper class" people cannot afford it. Developers want richer, educated people to move in. Sure, they may be richer than the people in derpived areas, but no way can they afford those new builds.

Elle : I'm a Colorado native who moved away in 2008 only to come back to a town I didn't recognize anymore. My home town is now full of hipster, millennial, developers who leveled half of Denver and turned it into multiple f'd up acronyms like SoCo and NoDo, and RiNo right next to "historic" LoDo (which was named in the 90's) but WTF!!?!?! Matt and Trey NAILED this one. Love them. My friends in Austin share the same problem :(