Down with the Sickness

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TheBrokenMachine : ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ )

GreyBoarKAL : I appreciate the fact that the title does not spoil the joke

Kevin Ho : 10/10

Hyena_ Guy : well now we know why this is unlisted

Nathan Pereira : This is why I use YouTube in 2017

CenTz : i can confirmed thats buttfeed

Darius the Hand of Noxus : The mad man has done it

FatPeopleJigle : LMAOOOOOOOO i cant stop watching hahahah

steamingpileofspaghetti : Dude what a classic.

Daniel Holowaty : I did not see this cumming

Jenny Justiniano : Pffft . . . bravo, you got me

brianismynamo55 : i broke ribs from laughing too hard

CrunchySkate : When you realize they're trying to make you feel "disturbed" which also happens to be the name of the band.

MultiTwentyseven : source for fap reasons pls

T R U T H : Down with the Dickness

will will smith smith will smith? : woah woah woah how did this get 114k views in 10 mins thats insane

Teri Lynne Spencer : I love Disturbed but that's nasty

DoritoMcDew : help i'm choking

Stormy The Storm : Gotta love disturbed :D

Toyti canos : Kill m e

CTR Gaming : Grape With the Fruitness

Normal Milk : down with the suckness

X. Y. : Who knew a grapefruit was so wonderful.

MrRiggyRiggs : I like to suck apples on a guys adams Apple.

Chef Boyardee : Gonna go take a spaghetti break

Alligator : Damn that some good hentai right there.

Ainsley Is love Ainsley is life : *GRAPE FRUIT YOUR MAN*

Soviet Union : Please help my soul 😔😔😔

Luckyo Jhihi : I was bout to leave the kill m e list but this worth

chill weeb : pure genius.

Jake : thanks

dexter111344 : CLEVELAND BROWN: Oh, you nassssty.

Jimi : Savage.

Rukasu Uchiha : That one Got me xD

Inky Flows T.V :

luka20cm : 07l:

That Random Faggot : 0:11 this boi's clout g8me tho

totheMaxforever : Ooooooh two dead memes in one.

Moe Lested : oooh hell yea


Falling Awake : soo good

ブースト : Seamless integration

Guardian : Dangit.

Rodrigo Almeida : Kkkkkkkkkkk eita porra

T. Segovia : cursed

Jaden Massa : Lol your the man

heyfindmenoob : idk why that made me laugh so hard xD

theebondetamp27 : naked boobs

Malak Husseinali : dank memery

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