Red Dead Redemption 2's Controls vs Day One Patches! - Opinion Yell
Opinion Yell Red Dead Redemption 2s Controls vs Day One Patches

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The ultimate battle between a control scheme and update day! Support us through Patreon: Schedule: Merchandise: Live streams - Stream archives - #EasyAllies #OpinionYell #EasyUpdate


ROBBYDUDE : huber violently reading off league of legends patch notes needs to be its own show asap

Smarmee : This is the Easy Allies Annual Purge. It's necessary to maintain the jolly vibes.

Arnesh Nagavalli : Huber screaming out mundane patch notes was my favorite part.

Aditya Iyer : Yes opinion yell is back morons!

mcde27 : It’s probably not right to admit this but this is the best easy allies show

Ângelo Bortolini : English is my second language so this video its like the final boss, if i can understand this then im golden

InducedPhobia : I would enjoy the green screen raw footage for possible memeage I particularly would enjoy Ben's "why don't you go play Fortnite?!"

tortique : The best part of any opinion yell is that you can always hear Huber over everybody

hisshame : Every time Huber makes Kyle break, it warms my heart. It reminds me of the animal crossing video from back in the day :D

Felippanda : As a relatively recent eza fan, whenever I think I’ve gotten the hang of the shows and the segments and the inside jokes... there’s always something else. So much lore. I need wiki. (oh, and this is awesome btw)

ziloe : "And then we got fired." I LOL'd

Max Terman : I've never done drugs, but this seems about right.

Zac Latham : Ian accidentally pressed O and kicked the mic over :(

McFancyPan : Ben: "Why don't you go play fortnite?! Protect him.

Top : So glad to see another Opinion Yell!

Richie Godsil : Okay so... Mandatory Update definitely needs to come back! Defy Media is dead, no one is firing you this time, baby!

Mackenzie Blackwood : "I KICKED THE MIC!" this made my whole night

GoldenTriforce : 1:56 "THIS IS MY FETISH" - Ian, 2018

lucas lui : OMFG!! can opinion yell be a monthly regular?

General Woofles : Good luck, subtitle guy.

Richard G Flowers : Ian's buttoning and Sleeping Blood are cornerstones of modern entertainment.

ChewableToast : just saying, if we had access to the green screen clips, there would be some high meme potential.

Rayne : Huber and Kyle just... manhandling each other is literally the funniest thing I’ve ever seen

Gil Fon : Lennyyyyyyy!

bdun0912 : Just when I needed a pick me up...Huber bumping into everyone saves my soul

Shinda : A patch is like a birthday. Happy birthday. -Michael Huber, 2018

Saleem Iqbal : Huber's drunken wobble vs Kyle's cowboy strut at the beginning was the highlight for me

Eds Ortiz : This is just what i needed before peacefully going to sleep

Zandeus : Oh Ian... we don't always connect... but when we do, oh baby... do we ever. Your rant around the 2 min. mark was terrific.

Alexander Zyryanov : Waiting for the Skellige!!! patch.

Aussie Gamer 17 : Gavin!! Has anyone seen Gavin!?!?

valedictwhoreian : Keep making these please. Thank you.

jedenzniewielu : That was great but a little too much yelling and too little opinion.

heyitsJaclyn : 1minute in and i’m already crying 🤣

OMRMJD : This is the masterpiece that we have all missed since the "olden days"

Raiden3651 : All the fun of arguments at Gamestop without having to go to the mall/put on pants

Heath Rubbadubdub : Me: “I’ll have your finest easy allies video, my good man” Waiter: “very good, sir” *waiter brings the meal and then steps away for 2 minutes, comes back to find the plate completely wiped clean* Me: “BRING. ME. MOAR!”

VGJunky : Good foreshadowing on the podcast


Garrett Becker : Huber is killing it through this whole video. L&R

YOUNG_WHITE : 4 minutes in and I'm lost homie

SSA Trance1 : Work of art.

Alex Nanton : This may be the greatest single piece of entertainment ive ever experienced.

pphair : My hangover wasn't ready for this. But somehow it was needed.

Compu Cocina : I can´t express how much i loved this without F*/CKING YELLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jonathan Hernandez Cuenca : Dat ending with Blood, love it !

fooffu : Nothing like a good Opinion Yell to start the week off right

dirtybanana3 : I hope we get one more opinion yell before the end of the year

0mar1267 : I cannot express to you how much I love these. Please keep them coming, Ian