Red Dead Redemption 2's Controls vs Day One Patches! - Opinion Yell

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Eophos Lakkle : This will be someone first easy allies video.

Smarmee : This is the Easy Allies Annual Purge. It's necessary to maintain the jolly vibes.

ROBBYDUDE : huber violently reading off league of legends patch notes needs to be its own show asap

Arnesh Nagavalli : Huber screaming out mundane patch notes was my favorite part.

Ângelo Bortolini : English is my second language so this video its like the final boss, if i can understand this then im golden

Aditya Iyer : Yes opinion yell is back morons!

mcde27 : It’s probably not right to admit this but this is the best easy allies show

InducedPhobia : I would enjoy the green screen raw footage for possible memeage I particularly would enjoy Ben's "why don't you go play Fortnite?!"

ziloe : "And then we got fired." I LOL'd

hisshame : Every time Huber makes Kyle break, it warms my heart. It reminds me of the animal crossing video from back in the day :D

Top : So glad to see another Opinion Yell!

Max Terman : I've never done drugs, but this seems about right.

McFancyPan : Ben: "Why don't you go play fortnite?! Protect him.

Zac Latham : Ian accidentally pressed O and kicked the mic over :(

Felippanda : As a relatively recent eza fan, whenever I think I’ve gotten the hang of the shows and the segments and the inside jokes... there’s always something else. So much lore. I need wiki. (oh, and this is awesome btw)

tortique : The best part of any opinion yell is that you can always hear Huber over everybody

Richie Godsil : Okay so... Mandatory Update definitely needs to come back! Defy Media is dead, no one is firing you this time, baby!

GoldenTriforce : 1:56 "THIS IS MY FETISH" - Ian, 2018

lucas lui : OMFG!! can opinion yell be a monthly regular?

General Woofles : Good luck, subtitle guy.

Mackenzie Blackwood : "I KICKED THE MIC!" this made my whole night

Richard G Flowers : Ian's buttoning and Sleeping Blood are cornerstones of modern entertainment.

ChewableToast : just saying, if we had access to the green screen clips, there would be some high meme potential.

Shinda : A patch is like a birthday. Happy birthday. -Michael Huber, 2018

Gil Fon : Lennyyyyyyy!

Rayne : Huber and Kyle just... manhandling each other is literally the funniest thing I’ve ever seen

Eds Ortiz : This is just what i needed before peacefully going to sleep

Aussie Gamer 17 : Gavin!! Has anyone seen Gavin!?!?

Zandeus : Oh Ian... we don't always connect... but when we do, oh baby... do we ever. Your rant around the 2 min. mark was terrific.

valedictwhoreian : Keep making these please. Thank you.

bdun0912 : Just when I needed a pick me up...Huber bumping into everyone saves my soul

Crayon Thief : OY! We need more Opinion Yell! Less overlap next time please, it was more Yell than Opinion. Back and forth Opinion Yell is the best, instead of just a cacophony of EZA. (While cacophony of EZA is great, there was too much.) Also, more little Ian please.

Alexander Zyryanov : Waiting for the Skellige!!! patch.

VGJunky : Good foreshadowing on the podcast

Saleem Iqbal : Huber's drunken wobble vs Kyle's cowboy strut at the beginning was the highlight for me

Raiden3651 : All the fun of arguments at Gamestop without having to go to the mall/put on pants

heyitsJaclyn : 1minute in and i’m already crying 🤣

jedenzniewielu : That was great but a little too much yelling and too little opinion.

YOUNG_WHITE : 4 minutes in and I'm lost homie

SSA Trance1 : Work of art.

OMRMJD : This is the masterpiece that we have all missed since the "olden days"


Joey Donaldson : Witcher 3 was still better than Bloodborne.

Heath Rubbadubdub : Me: “I’ll have your finest easy allies video, my good man” Waiter: “very good, sir” *waiter brings the meal and then steps away for 2 minutes, comes back to find the plate completely wiped clean* Me: “BRING. ME. MOAR!”

Dustin McNab : There's no experience tube in this episode? What is this trash? They could have had another masterpiece, but they ignored one of the best segments from the last episode. They're all doodie heads.

Alex Nanton : This may be the greatest single piece of entertainment ive ever experienced.

That Hellblazer : Huber is killing it through this whole video. L&R

Chiyori Nakanishi : What other EZA content is similar to this? I loved this

Jason Sharp : WHY DONTCHU GO PLAY FORTNITE!!! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

dirtybanana3 : I hope we get one more opinion yell before the end of the year