WingsofRedemption explains his life in 32 seconds

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Darksydesamy : LOLOLOLOOLOLOO. How can someone by so self aware yet so lost.

DrunkJackal : Geez. They say that once you hit rock bottom, there's nowhere to go but up. They didn't expect that you'd make a home down there.

David Consuegra : Dude could probably get his views and money back if he streamed himself trying to turn his life around

Lynx PSN : Wings loses a 1v1... "Come on teammates where's the help!?"

DabKage : And I smell my fingers. 😂

A FUCKING WHITE MALE : Use this as your Tinder profile.

DankSkelly : *record scratch* “yep this is me you’re probably wondering how I got into this”

Pete Mcfucks : This video has become my ultimate motivation in life, so I can never allow myself to become like this.

sgttombw : Forgot to mention “I stink really bad”

DrunkMonkey675 : Notice how he makes it sound like none of this was his fault. Wings, YOU CHOSE THIS LIFE!

Maria Isabella : Honestly though, he should probably be glad to not be able to see his penis, that thing must be absolutely disgusting nestled into those folds all the time.

Marx : If you Ever show his stomach again im banning you

kevo300 : Whens the show on tlc coming out?

PigsOfRedemption - Jordie Jordan : LOL Wings in a nutshell

Krispy B : “None of it is my fault tho, it’s those damn troll channels”

Jeenouse : I haven't seen my p*nis in probably 8 years

Julian Gutierrez : Hm, this made me realize my life ain't so bad after all

UnaSolida : What an absolute waste of A LOT of space.

BritneySpearsfanxoxo : A true role model for others

Slintz Winslow : You should use this as your channel trailer

Astronotty : This should be his channel trailer.

SuperWheatley : I need this as my ringtone, lol.

gout sthetic vibes : Nothing more healthy than a banquet meal

Lena Pauline : _probably._

Zetoria : I played some MW2 and others gpt mad for using One man army. I told them not to be mad at me, instead be mad at wings and hate for starting the phenomenon. Did I do the right thing?

Ancient Dolphin From The 70's : Interviewer: Tell me about yourself?

scuffed : His own damn fault

chris goode : LOOK HERE! LISTEN! Anyone that gives advice is banned!!

Gabriel Jesus : This could be a love story.

shaunk619 : "I don't have the money to deal with my health problems" 24/7 gym membership - >$20/month Healthy food - $60/week

Десничар : "I'm a continual failure at loosing weight." Could have just stopped at continual failure.

ZeeS x : Finally a new video!!!! 🙌😆

LunaWolfMXS : Ever been to Guardian con? This is 90% of the "content creators"

Wolf : This guy is living the dream, shiiit

Esteban Velarde : @here did you get the first clip? I laughed for 30 minutes repeating it lmao

Will Semple : Start walking everywhere. You'll soon lose it.

Echo : He’s just lazy that’s just it. If he really cares about losing weight then he would be doing something about it.

yosupgurl : Not going to lie, i personally don't even like watching streams but this is a stream i'd watch.

TripleKillionare : I suddenly feel so much better about myself

Burningflame97 : WingsofRedemption is a cautionary tale for those considering a game-addict loser's lifestyle. I want to feel pity for him, but that'll just enable him. This is just sad. Note: I'm not dogging gamers, but moderation is important. There are other things to do besides gaming all day.

Rampaging Noob : Ah so you're the one to blame. I kept getting compared to you today in my live stream... *Pants Steve​* Is this guy WingsofRedemption’s little brother?🤔 *Animosity* ​WingsOfRedemption? ... So thought I'd swing by and check out the vids. Scary thing is we do look a like, I have a sugar addiction too and love games. Nice meeting you my brother from another other.

PsychicPebbles2012 : where's the shirtless mirror source

Machinen Kanone : need to start drinking. Hard. And I mean hard. 25 to 30 Stella Artois a day and 2 liters of Absolute is a good starting place. Life looks pretty good. Trust me.

adub4ever : I watch a lot of the hate videos because they’re funny, but honestly I don’t hate the guy like some seem to. He’s pretty funny and honest, which is more than you can say for most. I hope he can turn his life around.

prod misguided. : This is my ringtone and my text notification is "LOOK HERE, LOOK LISTEN"

Jack Thegrannybasher : Imma 450 pound dude, than can barely walk. Ma life cayant get much worse.

Mr October : He's like Tony Robbins... with a twist!

Spookers : Living the dream right on man

Dan : 0:16 Damn! How much do you weigh? You should start exercising and avoid eating junk food to lose more pounds.