WingsofRedemption explains his life in 32 seconds

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Tyberang : This is a great intro to wings they could use to show new guests 😂

Darksydesamy : LOLOLOLOOLOLOO. How can someone by so self aware yet so lost.

DrunkJackal : Geez. They say that once you hit rock bottom, there's nowhere to go but up. They didn't expect that you'd make a home down there.

PigsOfRedemption - Jordie Jordan : LOL Wings in a nutshell

Lena Pauline : _probably._

Zetoria : I played some MW2 and others gpt mad for using One man army. I told them not to be mad at me, instead be mad at wings and hate for starting the phenomenon. Did I do the right thing?

DrunkMonkey675 : Notice how he makes it sound like none of this was his fault. Wings, YOU CHOSE THIS LIFE!

TheDankSkeleton : *record scratch* “yep this is me you’re probably wondering how I got into this”

TehZergRush : As someone who fairly recently began working out of my own personal rock bottom, I find this very sad. He seems to realize that he doesn’t respect himself and is living an unhappy life. I hope that somehow, someway he finds it in himself to change his situation. It’s not easy, I can attest to this, but things will only get better once he decides to change his attitude, diet, start work towards something else, or even asking for real help. Having support helps a great bit, but you got to make the changes yourself at the end of the day.

UnaSolida : What an absolute waste of A LOT of space.

Brendan James : Literally the most pathetic thing I've ever heard.

C-Mack The Cavehill : cool story bro

AnimeHeaven : And I smell my fingers. 😂

Sillian Rail : A true role model for others

Maria Isabella : Honestly though, he should probably be glad to not be able to see his penis, that thing must be absolutely disgusting nestled into those folds all the time.

Joe Johnson : Such an optimistic young man.

kevo300 : Whens the show on tlc coming out?

Carl Soy : Use this as your Tinder profile.

sgttombw : Forgot to mention “I stink really bad”

Gabriel Jesus : This could be a love story.

Lynx PSN : Wings loses a 1v1... "Come on teammates where's the help!?"

Kieran Lepley : So where is Wings's father? Is that his mom handing him money? Listen to enough Stafan Molyneux and you'll learn how detrimental single mothers are to the mental health of their sons. She probably got him on the road to fatness by overfeeding him since birth.

David Consuegra : Dude could probably get his views and money back if he streamed himself trying to turn his life around

Gout Gawd : Nothing more healthy than a banquet meal

Magic : Lol that thumbnail, he looks like he done a Britney Spears and had a breakdown and chopped his hair off.

DictatorSayers : I suddenly feel so much better about myself

Wolf : This guy is living the dream, shiiit

Zetoria : Btw I missed these vids

SuperWheatley : I need this as my ringtone, lol.

Marx : If you Ever show his stomach again im banning you

Krispy B : “None of it is my fault tho, it’s those damn troll channels”

Slintz Winslow : You should use this as your channel trailer

IrrepressibleGuile Mr Irrepressible : I'm beginning to feel sorry for wings

Astronotty : This should be his channel trailer.

lllllIIIIl : feelsgoodman

Joey Cage : Instant Gold

Zeee Live : Finally a new video!!!! 🙌😆

Julian Gutierrez : Hm, this made me realize my life ain't so bad after all

Rampaging Noob : Ah so you're the one to blame. I kept getting compared to you today in my live stream... *Pants Steve​* Is this guy WingsofRedemption’s little brother?🤔 *Animosity* ​WingsOfRedemption? ... So thought I'd swing by and check out the vids. Scary thing is we do look a like, I have a sugar addiction too and love games. Nice meeting you my brother from another other.

End of the World : At least he’s honest

Jack Thegrannybasher : Imma 450 pound dude, than can barely walk. Ma life cayant get much worse.

MrChickenspit : Holy shit, nice video sean

TBR_WarroF1 : It's quite frustrating that he pins some of his failures on this belief that he "HAS" to play video games that he hates. There are YouTubers and streamers who play games that are much less mainstream but have a bigger or more positive following because they're entertaining, funny or just genuinely nice people. I can't think of a reason to watch a streamer that is as defeatist, as rude, as money driven and just straight boring as Wings. Depression is a bitch but in this particular case there are so many things he could fix with a simple attitude change. But it won't ever happen as he's been a cunt like this since day one on YouTube.

Jan Wilmsmeier : Eat a Banquet Meal instead

chris goode : LOOK HERE! LISTEN! Anyone that gives advice is banned!!

Big Nigga : Should probably cut down on the tendies bud? Invest in a glass of water and a few greens? Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee am I right kiddo?

TheNumberOneGuyDude : Wings hasn't been streaming nearly enough lately. How long until he needs more of our money?

I Do Monologues : My dude, why do you do this? Sure, make videos whenever he's being mean to fans/people who don't deserve it, but recently he's been trying to improve himself and these videos will just drag him back down to where he was. Now sure you can argue he can just ignore the videos, and I agree he should take steps to help himself and his anxiety when it comes to these videos, but why post them now that he's actually trying to get out of the hole?

Echo : He’s just lazy that’s just it. If he really cares about losing weight then he would be doing something about it.

homr : Why tf YouTube notify me of this