Rob Paulsen: Voice of Yakko Warner

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boromirtheboring : I can't believe he remembers all that!

materialgirl8707 : HE EVEN MEMORIZED THE FUCKING SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Rob is awesome!!!!!!!!

Trance88 : You've gotta wonder how long it took him to memorize every country.

bobilly45 : pretty impressive to remember all of this after all this time, and this audience kinda sucks with the clapping.

AlyDee01 : I just love hearing him talk <3

Gypsy Woman : Didn't even stumble!

Reshme : 1:11

Admirial Mav : 1) THE CLAPPING RUINS IT on Mono Speakers.. 2)Jess Hartnell not Sir Paul Mccartney is Wakko 3) I agree...Rob still has it after all these years!!

Aaliyah Dozal : can the people clapping stfu

Kagama Rin Vocoloyed : This song is called Yakkos world

Bob Ross : Flawless

Reshme : God all I can say is God! :)

Cryinghawke : i am breathless! amazing!

King Kazma : A true legend!

Austin Nebbia : As he's a great friend of mine, I can assure he does not ever get tired of doing it. Sweetest man I've ever known. I actually jokingly asked him once when he'll stop singing it. He grinned and said "When people stop asking." :)

Leowlion11 : Dat eyebrows did i saw Yakko for real

FQCS : In death, a member of Project Mayhem has a name... His name is Rodion Shchedrin.

Freddy Martinez : Ho- How? HOW?!?!

howyoudurrinhunneh : I hate clapping audiences. 

Layla The Hedgehog : Wow Rob was so young here o_o

DefenderOfJustice7OH7 : This man is my inspiration. Thanks to him I am learning this song. I almost have the first verse memorized!

Daniel's Game Vault : I can't believe he remembered the whole thing on the spot ! HE'S GOD ! :)

Fearl : Oh hey you lovelies.

Peachy McKeen : Unbelievable talent!

Commander Comic : His voice sounds like Stanley Ipkiss from the Animated Series of the Mask

Mushroom Head : Narf!

Georgi Mihailov : He is a terrific actor, which makes him a great voice actor.

greenknight9000 : he still got it :3

ztslovebird : If Rob Paulsen had a character in it, then the show was probably a success! A painfully short-lived success, but that would be mostly due to the morons in charge of tv broadcasting!

Aleu : The writers for animaniacs were simply AMAZING. I hope they are all swimming in money right now.

KakashiBallZ : Mr. Opportunity...

DraftMasterJohn : Rob helped me get thru high school geography. He just doesn't know it.

rob andres : lol rob looks young here

fungifago : "Now everybody!!" "..."

Gemeelah : that was so nice i memorized that song myself!

penguinboy561 : Add south Sudan to that now

MrHellGnome : I wonder if he still has it


EATIT41 : best voice actor ever

Helouise Kors : Oh gods, Rob... you crazy man

BouncekDeLemos : MIGHTY MAX!!!!!

Jared S : that was ...really...awesome.

Jackie McCann : LOL @ 3:18 - 3:25 Am I the only one who heard that random chick in the audience yell "WHAT!?!", after Rob explains that a woman asked him if he IMPROVISED "Yakko's World"? XD

ClownPrince 96 : To match the beat of the song.

zeuperm : His regular voice also came out in other roles. I can't think of them. But I remember he would do something silly like an East Coast accent with it :D

EATIT41 : @nnarum23 oh very good point there i take it back i can't believe i forgot but in his defense he was doing cartoons before mark but not to say that he is a lesser voice actor

Austin Lee Matthews : I'm not worthy. I'm not worrrthyyy. He's one of my role models when I voice act

Colossal : What if Animaniacs was Rebooted? (hope it's not horrible)

justinjacquez766 : racist, people of all races do that

Darklycopene : Cause it is like the best song in the world!