Rob Paulsen: Voice of Yakko Warner

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boromirtheboring : I can't believe he remembers all that!

materialgirl8707 : HE EVEN MEMORIZED THE FUCKING SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Rob is awesome!!!!!!!!

Trance88 : You've gotta wonder how long it took him to memorize every country.

AlyDee01 : I just love hearing him talk <3

bobilly45 : pretty impressive to remember all of this after all this time, and this audience kinda sucks with the clapping.

Kagama Rin Vocoloyed : This song is called Yakkos world

Admirial Mav : 1) THE CLAPPING RUINS IT on Mono Speakers.. 2)Jess Hartnell not Sir Paul Mccartney is Wakko 3) I agree...Rob still has it after all these years!!

Gypsy Woman : Didn't even stumble!

Aaliyah Dozal : can the people clapping stfu

Reshme : 1:11

Reshme : God all I can say is God! :)

Georgi Mihailov : He is a terrific actor, which makes him a great voice actor.

Cryinghawke : i am breathless! amazing!

Commander Comic : His voice sounds like Stanley Ipkiss from the Animated Series of the Mask

King Kazma : A true legend!

Layla The Hedgehog : Wow Rob was so young here o_o

Leowlion11 : Dat eyebrows did i saw Yakko for real

Mushroom Head : Narf!

Bob Ross : Flawless

Alexander Vynogradov : Kind of cool to hear the voice of an animated character from a real person.

DefenderOfJustice7OH7 : This man is my inspiration. Thanks to him I am learning this song. I almost have the first verse memorized!

FQCS : In death, a member of Project Mayhem has a name... His name is Rodion Shchedrin.

Fearl : Oh hey you lovelies.

greenknight9000 : he still got it :3

howyoudurrinhunneh : I hate clapping audiences. 

slug jaws : once you memorize it you cant forget it!

Mar isaYT : I was 4 years old when this came out? Bruh...

fungifago : "Now everybody!!" "..."

Colossal : What if Animaniacs was Rebooted? (hope it's not horrible)

Lucario Roman the Canine : You posted this 28 days and 5 days before the year I was born.

Dank - a - licious : STOP CLAPPING

Gigglebox Studios : The clapping kinda distracts me.

Andy Chow : ... i still hear the voice of saber rider and Animaniacs  ....

materialgirl8707 : One of my favs is Nations of the World, that was extraordinary

tsubaki410 : He's still got it after all this time!  YEAH!

Tasty Fetus : I wanna shoot up the audience.

MrHellGnome : I wonder if he still has it

Blaque Link : I love him!!!!!!!

Morgan Bennett : I love it

FQCS : He has a name... His name is Rodion Shchedrin.

Avocado Man : Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh...

Daniel's Game Vault : yes, GOD not good :))

Daniel's Game Vault : I can't believe he remembered the whole thing on the spot ! HE'S GOD ! :)

rob andres : lol rob looks young here

Shwoopy cat : i don't know how, but my friend remembered the whole song. he even has the beat right!

Wanda Ramirez : You forgot Ukraine

AWSOMEPOSSUM16 : what was this panel for and where was it? I noticed Tara Strong sitting next to Rob.

lytken : i have now for some years been thinking about something, and that is the song "Animaniacs Yakko Nations of the World" and how great it would be to get a new updated version of the song because i really think it is great way for kids to lean all the country's names that are on the world, and it could be done at a bit slower pace then the original :-) Best regards

Peachy McKeen : Unbelievable talent!

VROfficialThiago : Burundi, Lesotho, and Malawi, Togo The Spanish Sahara is gone, Niger, Nigeria, Chad, and Liberia Egypt, Benin, and Gabon. Tanzania, Somalia, Kenya, and Mali Sierra Leone, and Algiers, Dahomey, Namibia, Senegal, Libya Cameroon, Congo, Zaire. Ethiopia, Guinea-Bissau, Madagascar Rwanda, Mahore, and Cayman, Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Yugoslavia... Crete, Mauritania Then Transylviania, Monaco, Liechtenstein Malta, and Palestine, Fiji, Australia, Sudan