Mr. Show - Pre-Taped Call-in Show

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Houssam Lakis : That's too funny! I love that his hair is gradually falling over between shows!

Acton Treadway : I cannot believe how good this sketch is.

rob mausser : I love how he's trying to solve an unsolvable situation. Every show that he tries to explain the situation and remedy the problem doesn't air for another week, so he has no means to escape the cycle.

Peter Kennedy : Sheer genius, Monty python would have been proud of this sketch

Jason Walsh : This is not only my favourite Mr Show sketch it might be one of my favourite sketches of all time.

Elliott Christ : Bob Odenkirk as Racist Guy is one of the greatest non-speaking roles ever created.

Dr Moon Rat : I love the little detail with showing that his hair was slowly falling out and turning a bit grey over the course of the shows

P G : obviously your elderly grandmother is the problem because THAT'S what this week's *SHOW IS ABOUT*

Tenderfoot Prepper : "IDIOT! IT'S SIMPLE!" I think this several times a day while dealing with people at work.

Brian Battles : Cracks me up that the guest on the pet care show is a dog!

J Dee Carter : Easily some of the finest acting ever captured on film. You FEEL his frustration so hard.

Fayd Ogolon : I used to work at a radio station where we did weekly call-in shows. A local cable access channel would videotape the shows and run them at irregular hours. Even though there were disclaimers that the show was pre-taped, we would still get calls at the station wanting to talk to the mayor or the police chief at 2am.

gorobot : This sketch and "The Audition" should be in the hall of fame of sketch comedy.

Patrick Quibodeaux : There is almost no end to the comic genius in this sketch.

SuperLordHawHaw : David Cross' hair looks like Krusty the Clown's. I like how it degrades over each show.

AQ : That dog takes off. lol

Chillaxational : I'm commenting 2 weeks from now but you should reply to my comment last week since I'm commenting about the show a week from now

Remote Indigo Index : Crime in the streets>Racism>Pet Care >the Elderly > cooking. ...Taping show=talk.... Watch show = No talk.

Shawn Stafford : LMFAO 😂 this episode is funny as hell! I like the concept of the confused episode call in

JCTiggs : Those shoulder pads in his suit jacket are huge! Not sure if I should call in since he may not be wearing it during the live show.

Phweemaggot : god bless you for uploading these sketches, mr antista.

Troy Evitt : Up next: "Robot Repair".

Brian Battles : The Convoluted Network...yep, that's TV!

Art V. : Wait so theyre taping the episode at the same time last weeks episode is being aired on tv?

Bad Medicine DC : All this for a great hair joke! I love it.

IsiahTomas : The Return of the Curse(ok, got it) of the Creature's(ok, still.... retur... curse, ok, good) Ghost. ..... ..... ........ got it.

scott p : This sketch is so Dino I love it. Brilliant. This and the story of everest are probably my favorite sketches of all time.

Cinema Blu : I'm dying!!

the robot pimp : Outstanding comedy sketch.

TheLetsgonuts : yes!

jemimallah : i love how about 60% of this sketch is exposition

charlieelperro : This one and Monsters of Megaphone are by far the best.

Ted335i : ha ha ha!

Scyber_Sounds Of The Future : M ME MET META E TA T A A

Thomas Jennings : Hahahah this is my favorite sketch.... next to the story of Everest

TheMAnimal617 : I remember you used to see this shit sometimes when they did shows like this; they are so great for taking a simple concept and developing it like this

Makis Makiavelis : "Rock lyrics. Do they influence our kids?" Hello and welcome to the Pre-Taped Call In Show. And... let's try this again. It's really not that hard ok? "Our topic once again is "Rock lyrics." _-Yes, hello my elderly father is suffering from dimmentia..._ The neverending cycle continues...

Marc Schneider : Everything I'm saying HAPPENED LAST WEEK!

Zach L : I love how the character loses more and more hair every week

ccrosbie33 : Absolutely brilliant.

NC A : david cross could probably play a good Tom Perez in a parody

thofabyq : why does he look like Tobias Fünke

Mckenzie .Latham : David cross never fails to make me laugh

ConservativeAnthem : Feces

silvercheetah92 : Lasertime brought me here

TenTonNuke : I hate to make things political, but I feel like Trump supporters are calling into a pre-taped call-in show with their "but Obama!" If you wanted to talk about Obama, you should have called 5 years ago when we were doing the Obama show.

TheDarkerKnight : he has less and less hair through out the weeks lol

Anthony Caputo : ken got confused by his own schedule since the callers were supposed to talk about cooking, and he answers the elderly/cat call

Jack Davies : Watch The Two Ronnies 'Mastermind' sketch