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Figured it was time for a proper channel intro. I would only be speaking to the void without your support, whether you share your love in the comments, or by posting my work for others to see, by telling your friends. The positivity and response I'm receiving is truly ennobling, and I plan to pay the spirit you've gifted me back AND THEN SOME. There are GOLDEN YEARS ahead, and I am confident if I put forth maximum effort, I might secure an existence, allowing me to surrender myself FULLY to the ART of RARE FOOTAGE, on the pursuit of the ONE TRUE SKETCH. I am a real person, and your actions are very real to me. Here is the Patreon if you wish to join in this fight we share for PURE CONTENT to overcome the DEGENERATE MODERN AIRWAVES. https://www.patreon.com/valueselect Here is the DISCORD to ruminate, and to dialogue. https://discord.gg/tPt4QS3 I feel a strong finish for Value Select's 2018 season, followed by a RADICAL START for the season of 2019. A blessing of strength unto you as we approach the New Year.


iñaki bolivar : You only have 5k subs yet you feel like one of those people that are just unstoppable, I see great potential within you

Aiden's Face : The world will come to hear your message.

Max P : I still haven't figured out, is there are other actors participating in the work of this channel, or its just you

Janarik : A channel fueled purely by friendship, respect, and love? Count me in.

Grumbos : How are you so positive all the time, brother?

idempotency : 2030 - the great ascension occurrs, cascading like a wave out across the globe, emanating from whichever hedonistic pigpen they're hosting the Oscars at that year.

Minor Critical Meltdown : This is your ex's brother's cousin. What is wrong with you?

Launch Pending : Benis!

Liam : This channel is like some sort of magic you stumble upon that deserves to be shared but you want to keep to yourself. Rad hair by the way.

Dadush : microsoft excel

DOPLEX : i was referred here by a friend of mine, and my god, your content is fantastic.

alksdjf;alsdjf : I like the cut of your jib, kid. You got moxy.

Immaturity : Not trying to brag but I'm the 69th like so... S U C C M E

Duke Potato : No ads no problem. Just get ValueSelectCoin up and running and we can survive the sinking ship of the American dollar with crypto lifeboats.

Technoxity : Keep it in the clear, nothing to fear because you're hella in 'gear' cheers to astounding peer~

ya blew it : Thank you. Thank you brother.

Rathskellar : Love your videos, man. Hope you blow up. You deserve it.


BigRedRockBox : Would a video topic suggestion be appreciated or would it feel cheap to build off of someone's idea?

Jordan Collier : Now this is ACTUALLY what you call business ;)

Jonathan Williams : This is everything i never knew i needed

steathbomer : The letter G on your jacket sponsored this video

JollyFellow93 : Glad to be here, thanks for having me.

Jordan : I can see you with your own adult swim show sooner than 2030

Jesse Cassani : P E R F E C T

Blood1erthanyou Gaming : The value Select film will initiate the great banning. The government will fear it's success and put an end to any future movies because it will change the cinema scene as we know it.

Rose Gibson : Here before 8000 subs, this guy is gonna be huge

roachdogJR : No more sponsors for me !

8w9hf89hw : 2030 may seem a long way away but when i was watching sam hyde in 2006 i was like "this guy is gonna have a 6 episode 13 minute tv show in 10 years" and that was 2 years ago

Hammershaw : Come in brothers, the water's fine! Sisters too!

Greg Savage : So what does it take to meet the famous Value Select?

Aaron Hauth : PERFECT

Lu2 SoSick : PURE

Whomst : you are the first youtuber i found worthy of monetary support

Dan Doyle : Hi

Smakula : I hope you someday get so big that you forget about us, but then you don't because you can't because a real man never abandons his children.

RunAsAdministrator : Haha nooooo YOU’RE welcome!

Tazersguad : welcome

Richard Rivera : Song name?

cryptorchid : Is this smosh

Nathan Crowell : wtf lol so random XD I must be in the WEIRD part of youtube again !! !

Jwallison : Bröther°

Фанк Соул Браза : О, превьюшка для канала:) Хорошо сработано, мэн👍