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Figured it was time for a proper channel intro. I would only be speaking to the void without your support, whether you share your love in the comments, or by posting my work for others to see, by telling your friends. The positivity and response I'm receiving is truly ennobling, and I plan to pay the spirit you've gifted me back AND THEN SOME. There are GOLDEN YEARS ahead, and I am confident if I put forth maximum effort, I might secure an existence, allowing me to surrender myself FULLY to the ART of RARE FOOTAGE, on the pursuit of the ONE TRUE SKETCH. I am a real person, and your actions are very real to me. Here is the Patreon if you wish to join in this fight we share for PURE CONTENT to overcome the DEGENERATE MODERN AIRWAVES. https://www.patreon.com/valueselect Here is the DISCORD to ruminate, and to dialogue. https://discord.gg/tPt4QS3 I feel a strong finish for Value Select's 2018 season, followed by a RADICAL START for the season of 2019. A blessing of strength unto you as we approach the New Year.