2018World Final 1A 01 Evan Nagao
After yoyoing for 21 years I finally accomplished my lifelong dream to become the World Yoyo Champion

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aly d. : thanks for this Phil!

Ali Khan : Reddit sent me. I wasn't disappointed. Amazing brother keep it up.

RIDZWAN NGATAMAN : For the next 15 years WYYC will need to have drug test...

Caleb TV : Who came from philly d’s secret link?

Anthony Throws : Rumor has it, there is a footlong sandwich and a full head of lettuce in his stomach

blahmin : "I LOVE YOU" "I LOVE YOU TOO"

The Brandon Vu : Bruh... 2:49 , if that aint divine intervention idk what is.

Avetarx : Watching the whole thing at 0.25 speed is the correct way.

SparklingBlue : CONGRATS EVAN! I believed that you would win Nationals and you did! I was really hoping you win the world and you did it again! CONGRATS MAN! <3

Hamad Ahmad : Gentry Zach Now Evan , welcome to the dream team

khong cedric : Another viral video in the process

Justin Y. : Thank you reddit.


indopleaser : world champion 2018 evan! yyf! just announced

Dylan Ostrowski : Most humble guy in the community, so happy for you Evan :)

Daniel Wu : I was there at Worlds. I was in the audience and saw this awesome freestyle

Matty Matt : The song playing in the background is in GTA V 1:33 #PhillyDSecretLinkClub

Michael Sampson : "I wanna be a Yo Yo Man!" he cried, "Make me a Yo Yo Man!" But the Yo Yo Master did not answer. He just kept on Yoing.


Sound of Belch : Thank you Phil, you made us see the truth with Yoyos that are free as birds. You can't change this PhillyD!

skitx31 : Thank you Phily D for this. Your secret links rarely disappoints

khong cedric : One thing I realised is that whenever US gets the world title, it's always the japanese that gets 2nd and 3rd, and this is evident as seen in worlds 2014,2015 and 2018

00DaRkFuRy00 : Congratulations bro, you deserve it!! Amazing routine man, keep it up!! 😉

Marcus Stempa : Damn that's some dedication homie. Congratz Keep it Up !! :)

Eric Richardson : I've never been so amazed by a cylinder on a string before, you keep doing you man, keep doing you!

Julian Roybal : It was a Great routine by Evan but I would have liked a different song choice something new he hasn’t done a routine to

Justin Jhingree : This gave me motivation to start yoyoing again

Andrew Tolmasoff : Gloves keep your fingers from getting burns etc?

Jalop : How is this not an Olympic sport yet?!?!

Old Billy_Bob aka C0de_N4me : I was looking up yo-yo tricks just because then I went into Justin Y.'street liked vids and I saw this

T. Wells : Deserved. Dudes been throwing for so long. Congrats dawgie.

Emily : Thank you, Phil, for showing me that yoyo is still cool in 2018!


Viet Hoang : 1x miss but nice I love this Hard to find perfect in 2018

Seb : It's back!!

Katana Produktions : ITS BACK UP

N. : Way to go kid. Your enthusiam is inspirational.

Márk Németh : Could you please upload the other finalists routine too ! Please

YoyoCommunity : This routine made me smile the entire time I watched it. Truly a great performance and a great routine. Congrats.

Matthew Merchand : He's got that YoYo down pat, now all he needs is a Pineapple to give Katia Managan a run for her money!

Joey Flowers : Never has a yo-yo performance almost bring tears to my eyes.. Until now. Well deserved #inspirstional

RJW : remember when yo-yoing was cool? in like 95?

Radu Kmn : Evan u are great love your tricks best yoyo player i ever seen

Gio Van der Vegt : You look like a videogame character with all those POWERMOVES dude=

Andrew Cowen : My headphone cord tied itself into a knot while watching this.

Seraph X2 : omg...the hype for a person that uses a yoyo :facepalm:

Austin Thompson : thank you phil. i didn't know it got this crazy

Randopia Nameo : Was sent here by Philip DeFranco! Thumbs up if you're a beautiful bastard too!

Grimsun : Wow, that's amazing. I always thought this shit was so dumb, but the competive side of it is real cool.