2018World Final 1A 01 Evan Nagao

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Evan Nagao : Full trick inspiration and credits list: 1:06 Anthony Rojas and Ben Gates 1:16 Takeshi Matsuura 1:18 Ethan Cheung/Keiran Cooper (Idk who was original creator) 1:28 Zach Gormley 1:47 Charles Haycock 1:56 Andrew Bergen/Shion Araya (Idk who was the original creator) 2:09 Collin Ellingson 2:10 Jensen Kimmitt 2:14 Ilya Agarishev 2:26 Gentry Stein and Nate Dailey 2:31 Literally Eric Koloski's trick though i didn't hit it haha 2:37 the Evan Nagao special haha 2:48 The "Owen Triangle" made by Owen Ekblad. It's OP af. 2:55 When we were in Seattle for the Pacific Northwest Region, Gentry Stein was like, "Bro, when you go into that speed combo, you need to do a knee slide like a rock star shredding guitar." Best competition advice I ever got. 3:08 Literally Yamato Murata's trick 3:19 Remi Baskin/Colin Beckford although many others have done similar tricks 3:51 Kevin Nicholas' trick with some extra spice 4:02 Jason Zichen Liu 4:05 Ryuichi Nakamura Thank you for all those who have inspired me over the years to help me make this lifelong dream a reality. Also thank you to all the fans who support me. You motivate me to keep making epic freestyles. P.S. Takeshi deserved this title just as much as I did.

aly d. : thanks for this Phil!

Ali Khan : Reddit sent me. I wasn't disappointed. Amazing brother keep it up.

Justin Y. : Thank you reddit.

The Brandon Vu : Bruh... 2:49 , if that aint divine intervention idk what is.

RIDZWAN NGATAMAN : For the next 15 years WYYC will need to have drug test...

Caleb TV : Who came from philly d’s secret link?

blahmin : "I LOVE YOU" "I LOVE YOU TOO"

Avetarx : Watching the whole thing at 0.25 speed is the correct way.

Anthony Throws : Rumor has it, there is a footlong sandwich and a full head of lettuce in his stomach

dxxPacmanxxb : yoyo people are weird

Hamad Ahmad : Gentry Zach Now Evan , welcome to the dream team

khong cedric : Another viral video in the process


SparklingBlue : CONGRATS EVAN! I believed that you would win Nationals and you did! I was really hoping you win the world and you did it again! CONGRATS MAN! <3

Kipp Money Muter : Who's here from Phillyd??

Joseph Lee : Not related to this video in particular, but I feel like there should definitely be a judging category for Trick Originality

indopleaser : world champion 2018 evan! yyf! just announced

Gacha Gacha Kingdom : But can he walk the dog???

Matthew Merchand : He's got that YoYo down pat, now all he needs is a Pineapple to give Katia Managan a run for her money!

Carrie W : What... What.... What am I watching? Phil? Wtf?

monkeyslaye : The greatest person at the most mediocre hobby.

Spencer Tidball : and girls love it too

Andrew Tolmasoff : Gloves keep your fingers from getting burns etc?

Strait Raider : Jeez, if anyone ever tells you there's no reason to have more than 60 fps, show them this video!

7075 Aluminium : Oh yea I expected this to happen

Jalop : How is this not an Olympic sport yet?!?!

confusing note55 : Philly d

N. : Way to go kid. Your enthusiam is inspirational.

Jonathan Lee : anyone else sad that the audio is gone?

khong cedric : One thing I realised is that whenever US gets the world title, it's always the japanese that gets 2nd and 3rd, and this is evident as seen in worlds 2014,2015 and 2018

YOYO boi1 : Dude his tricks are fricken amazing only thing is is that they are really not that technical

Redarcs : Thanks Phil

Justin Jhingree : This gave me motivation to start yoyoing again

Michael Sampson : "I wanna be a Yo Yo Man!" he cried, "Make me a Yo Yo Man!" But the Yo Yo Master did not answer. He just kept on Yoing.

recreateification : Good call Papa DeFranco. Did he win btw?

Daniel Kim : All around youtube yoyo videos I always see him commenting on them and probably learning from them. He definitely deserved this years worlds title

FlyingButterKnives 3523 : Roses are red Violets are blue There's always an asian Better than u

Kurtis Leong : 4:09 yeehaw ladies and gentlemen

Daniel Wu : I was there at Worlds. I was in the audience and saw this awesome freestyle

Dylan Ostrowski : Most humble guy in the community, so happy for you Evan :)

Crash BandiWoah : A true master of the Yoyo

AryaGb : jeesus

Matty Matt : The song playing in the background is in GTA V 1:33 #PhillyDSecretLinkClub

FiveFiveFive OneTwoOneTwo : Chee Hoo!!!! Hawaii isn’t on the map for the yoyo championship in the background. Evan Nagao just put Hawaii on da map!

Varun Gupta : He should be on AGT. Not even kidding.

EmberFlaze : Congrats, I am so proud wowowowow

Julian Roybal : It was a Great routine by Evan but I would have liked a different song choice something new he hasn’t done a routine to

Nuwanda84 : not bad for a novice

flut e : 1:56