Katy Perry gets stuck in mid air during Tennessee concert

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Angel Nguyễn : Lol she's so cute 😂❤️

BlossomCat AJ : lol I saw that I was there

cmetube : She's high on speed. Totally wacked out. Meth or Adderall or another form of speed like cocaine

Nerdy Bitch In Glasses : I have gained so much respect for her from this. I would have probably crapped my pants if I was in her position.

Annabelle Sings : Lol I was there xD

IWANTTOEATURFACE : too bad the cables didnt snap and send her plummeting to the ground

Eagletotravel101 : This is hillarious.

Derek Colon : Seems planned out lol

Willian Gomes : I love her

The Two Girls JJ and Char : I was there when that happened. It was SOOOOO funny when she almost landed on me and my cousin. Lol

utah canyon : she actually did a great job after the problem

Seth's Eye : Translation: 0:52 Guys (her control room) your going to smash my audience. Guys (audience) you better move out of the way and not sue me. 1:04 Guys (control room) you're setting me down among these crazies who are going to kill me.

Technicolor Demi : Ilhsm!

Jaimie E. Goldstein : Hi Sound Bites! I'm a producer for Daily Blast Live. Can we use this video in our show today?

Elise Karel : L.O.L

Michael Dean : Did you shoot the video? If so, can we use it on @dailyblastlive for use on broadcast and digital with credit? Thanks!

MacDisciple : If she fell. Would it matter?


Derk Loorbach : OMG🚀🌌

The Two Girls JJ and Char : I remember when that happened. 😂 I was at the concert. She almost landed on me. 😂

Elijah : God loves you Katy but if you think He is going to allow you to continue ignoring Him and His call on your life, you're deceiving yourself. A grievous time of chastening is coming (Hebrews 12: 6-11) unless you repent. Just so you know..

Aaron A : Sounds coked up.

Alyssa May : I was at that concert

Keenstone : That's it, fill the air with babble.

Rozsa Kolbrink : Wie zijn er nederlandt

Dobie Gillis : Was hoping for something fatal. Would love to see her hanging from a noose!


Higherimagez Official : Should of dropped her by accident. Gravity Science from Neil D

Lee Alex : https://youtu.be/R31E6heS25k

Aster0th112 : "your people"? you're a fuckin over paid jester....

xcvx16 : The only fucking part of the video I wanted to watch was covered with your stupid fucking watch my other bullshit bullshit.

ovmSupport : What a useless bitch

Pete.M. : #metoo couldn't give a rats shit.

mercflf8 : here is an idea...jump off ya cunt...

TeNtyy : This shit must be a meme

Lisa Fox : What an idiot

Will E. Fisturgash : Holy shit she's a moron. I think she should have showed her big tits to kill some time