North Sentinel Island Untouched For 55,000 Years

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North Sentinel Island is a forbidden, mysterious and dangerous place. It is home for the hostile and isolated Sentinelese tribe, which means that it is not allowed to visit for outsiders. These islanders are infamous for their choice to remain extremely isolated, and their hostility towards all attempts to establish contact. The local people – the Sentinelese, are direct descendants of the first humans to have emerged from Africa. It is believed that they have retained their way of life for more than 60,000 years. Yet they remain a mystery - their language and their exact population are still unknown. What is the reason behind their aggression towards the outside world? Will the contact ever be made? Only time will tell. Subscribe to Bored Panda ( and watch it till the end. Please be sure to leave a like and a comment! Watch our video about Abandoned North Brother Island: New York City's Secret History: VOICEOVER: The Voiceover Beard Instagram: @the.voiceover.beard Website: MUSIC: UPRIGHT MUSIC PHOTOGRAPHY/FOOTAGE: Christian Caron (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) North Sentinel Island drone survey - Andaman and Nicobar India 2017 / Man in Search of Man (1974) Indian Navy - Kamov helicopters / Harry Hamburg A Season of Regret for an Aging Tribal Expert in India / Indian Coast Guard North Brother Island / RevR0ach / Captain Robert Fore Chapter 15 The 26 December 2004 earthquake and tsunami / A. Carter and P. C. Bandopadhyay / Geological Society, London, Memoirs, 47, 215-224, 2017, Google Earth Subscribe to Bored Panda channel: Visit Bored Panda website: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Twitter:

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Non Profit Robloxian : Then One day China says that it is part of thier Geographical map.

Beowulf : Respect to the Indian government for protecting this tribe instead of destroying their culture

Siddharth Shinde : They have strict immigration policies 👍

Sean Lazarus : Who's here after the American who just got killed by them?

Crazy Wolfgang : We must study their meme culture

Pratik G. : Imagine if that island was near to Europe .. it would have became a holiday destination by now

leroy jenkins : They think a arrow is going to take down the helicopter. How cute!

Sa da : Just send another black person without cloths, he'll spy on them

Rahul Yadav : That American men who died, forced me to watch this video

Jerett Dominguez : Sentinal island might be Wakanda you never know

syed syed : Who came here after american missionary death...??

Amit Singh : My trip to North Sentenelese Island Rating: ******* Review: Discovered arrows flying in the sky. Got 2 in my eyes. Hospitality here is something to die for. They dig large hole on land bury half body as per tradition. Will visit again. Highly recommend.

Aniket Bhikule : Current stats Sentinelese = 1 American = 0

Queen : If Indian were like British they must have killed them and said in press that we were just making them civilized

Cerdaspedia Indonesia : "Roast me...." Would have a different meaning there.

TyphoonZebra : 0:44 direct descendants from original humans... Like all humans are... Great job.

Alcatraz 》 : Introducing a 2000 year old God to a 50000+ year old Tribe, well that sounds legit

venkataraju nagam : Huge credit goes to Indian government to leave them lonely instead of using power.... That's the difference between INDIA and other countries.... India give respect to all people around the world...

DEFAULT nigga : just turn off their wifi and lets see if they come out

Gopro : I'm a flying metal technology that is built to withstand bullets and i run away after i was being shot with flying sticks

gokkul haren : I think mia khalifa can solve this problem between us!!!

Ress : Human: They lack the immunity, even a simple flu from the outside can wipe them. Let's just Isolate the Island. Alien: We lack the immunity, even a simple meme from Earth can influence us. Let's just Isolate the solar system.

TRENDING VIDEOS PROD. : NORTH SENTINEL ISLAND ★★★★★ You won't regret this place! Perfect for a family getaway, honeymoon, or hedonistic adventure. Rich in culture, scenic beauty, and FUN, North Sentinel Island is the Tahiti-Ibiza hybrid of the 21st century. The night life is insane! The locals are a blast. Where do I even begin? North Beach is a great place to relax before heading to a local joint for lunch ( no joke, North Sentinel is world renowned for it's deep dish pizza and ribs!). 'Tip of the Spear' is the top Sentinelese restaurant. Check it out! They're national sport is archery, and the locals will be more than willing to show you a thing or two with they're bows! You don't even have to ask. The nights are yours to discover...take a romantic walk on the beach, retire to your five star hotel room, or party with the locals until you can't take anymore. The flow of alcohol is very liberal on North Sentinel Island. I suggest you book a vacation package or contact a tour agency. It's cheaper that way. Don't wait any longer, the natives are waiting to greet you!

The Doge-Emperor of Dogekind : Look, if I was a guy, who didn't know the Bible, and I just wanted to be left alone, and this guy just comes on the island shouting crap I don't know and he won't leave me alone, how would you react? If the guy was a communist and he did something like this in rural America, there would be a bullet in his head. If he was shouting "Communism sucks" in China, there would be a bullet in his head. Same thing on the island.

Something something username : In the future, all civilizations will wipe themselves off, leaving only this tribe. They will write about the flying metal gods that had visited them.

Mukherjee Nagar new Delhi : Who is here after yesterday's news of American citizen killing.

Rajalakshmi Paramasivam : Don't disturb them. Let they live life in their way

Kuldeep Rana : It was a 🚫restricted🚫 area .. Still the guy went 🏊🏊there by giving 💵💵dollars to the fisherman..🚣🚣. His intension was to convert them to Christian ⛪⛪ ... Why ? 😏😏 I don't understand... What people get by making others look like them I never understand.... 👻👻 According to expert 👤if external will go there the sentinel ppl will affect by viruses, bacteria as they do not have developed immune system ,they r pure race with very less change in there DNA...⛑⛑ Then being a educated university graduate why he went there to just for adventure or fun, But what I personally feel he tried to damage there long running believe,custom,religion(whatever),& tradition..👪 Is this the real face of Christian missionary...??🙊🙊 Atlast karma did it work..... 😥😥😥 Sad for this pity man..😷😷

saywhatagain! : Look at them, allowed to protect their borders from invaders. Europe does it and they're racists.

ElmVFX : Show them memes and tell them it’s the worlds new religion

Oliver Nanetti : What if we were the untouched tribe in space and every other planets know about us but dont mess with us for the same reasons...

Harsha Pratham : Christian missionaries try baptize people of all other religion, exploiting other cultures and traditions of people. After all I do not understand what missionaries get ??, they baptized almost 60% of globe vanishing culture and traditions of other religions

Chaos Dude : Wakanda? Thanks for the likes i have never reached so many like this

iRonald : Funny how the so called civilized people barking slogans of their superiority has in history invaded aboriginals, killed and enslaved them until modern history, have mass genocide communities within themselves, have built up a society of sheer depression and dependence on drugs to find happiness, used to capture such tribes and displayed them at zoos for sheer entertainment are now talking shit about India, who somehow gained independence from this rule, are the third largest economy in the world, growing as a country at a phenomenal rate, used to represent more than 25% of worldwide economy in Pre-British rule times. I have no personal grudges with new world people and history was history for all wrongs done by people who existed before us, but modern days give us means to study the past and reflect upon it while also learning to respect other communities. India is doing a great job in protecting these aboriginals. Indians themselves are aboriginals who were tried to be suppressed upon but turned out to be too powerful a strength as a community and culture. Better accept it and may be learn from it if you can. May be will help making world a better place for all.

Your Moist Grandma : *Throwing Spears.* *Doesn't want outsiders.* *Bad history with outsiders.* *Elders killed/Died outside their homeland.* Yup...This is literally *WAKANDA IRL* but inbred for thousands of years, and haven't invented anything. LOL

Skyblaże : Maybe The Sentinels are protecting something , Some Kind of Powerful weapon, or a gate to other dimension, i mean how they managed to survive for over more than 60,000 years without any immunity and all these natural disasters? They're protecting something and something is protecting them.

Lukael Lach : Land of blacks untouched by white men isn't as advanced as Black Panther showed us

Charlotte DeNeuilly : James Cameron was totally inspired by the North Sentinel Islanders to make the movie AVATAR - same way "to dress" : same belt, same necklaces, the same arrows, scenes when they shoot the helicopter with arrows etc etc .. and James Cameron has earned millions of dollars for the movie AVATAR but what has he done in return to help or protect for the Andaman Islanders from intruders?

O Zone Beats : Whos here from the guy that just got killed?

THE ANGRY DWELLER : A helicopter flying over them is like an aliens flying over a city

Andreas Rann Damgaard : atleast they dont pay any taxes

hey it's kayla : Bless there hearts, they will never know the horrors of the radical left.

Nina La Bella : They lit his a** up #OnSight😂🤣😆 These are the smartest people ever because they’ve never been enslaved or colonized💯

Vrotlex : Who would win A:The whole US Army B:Some tribe bois

Jake Long : *puts on tin foil hat and snorts line* Thats actually Wakanda. They're secretly planning world domination with their hidden vibranium reserves from their underground civilization, hence their violent nature when contacted by outsiders. Stay woke.

Ayoi : Im here because of the death guy killed with arrow..

Islam Muslims are evil Satan Devils : Sentinel island and Andaman Nicobar island 🌴 are the land properties belonging to the Indian government

B-1LL : they need some open borders!

TFlorida1 : Just leave them alone. And the last thing they need is someone forcing a religion on them.