North Sentinel Island Untouched For 55,000 Years

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Bored Panda : What if contact were established? The Answer might lie in the story of another tribe, the Jarawa. They remained untouched for thousands of years but today they opened up to the world. What happened to them is heartbreaking. We made a video about them here:

Your Moist Grandma : *Throwing Spears.* *Doesn't want outsiders.* *Bad history with outsiders.* *Elders killed/Died outside their homeland.* Yup...This is literally *WAKANDA IRL* but inbred for thousands of years, and haven't invented anything. LOL

leroy jenkins : They think a arrow is going to take down the helicopter. How cute!

I haven't taken a shower for 7 weeks, but : "Roast me...." Would have a different meaning there.

Jake Long : *puts on tin foil hat and snorts line* Thats actually Wakanda. They're secretly planning world domination with their hidden vibranium reserves from their underground civilization, hence their violent nature when contacted by outsiders. Stay woke.

Justin Y. : Just give them vibranium 50,000 years ago and they'll become wakanda

Grim Seawolf : Could only imagine your plane crashing and you wake up on this island surrounded by the guys

TyphoonZebra : 0:44 direct descendants from original humans... Like all humans are... Great job.

ElmVFX : Show them memes and tell them it’s the worlds new religion

PaNDaSNiP3R : I’m sure they refuse contact from anyone cause of all the Indian scammers calling them they just quit and said fuck it we are off the grid!

SPONGE KNOB SQUARE NUTS : Drop some porn on them.

No_One : I feel like the comments on this video are more primitive than the sentinelese people

Crazy Wolfgang : We must study their meme culture

MEN 101 : Wait till jews want to diversify their culture like they did in Europe lol

The Woolly Eel : They've never heard despacito...

Dean Natuno : *They're like a Tsundere.*

CalfMan : It would be if a shame if someone Heh heh *sneezed on them*

Pratik G. : Imagine if that island was near to Europe .. it would have became a holiday destination by now

head hunter : They are hiding alien technology. They just pretend to be primitive. There is a huge high-tech underground city underneath the island.

Omkar Kulkarni : Atleast we Indians have Kept Them Alive By Not Making them Civilized Unlike the US and the European Countries all around the World

Zuzana Miškufová : Scientists:We made a first contact with an island tribe. China: *(☭ ͜ʖ ☭)*

Shekhar Sahu : Thanks indian navy.. 😀🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳👍👍👍👍For saving them from dirty western foreigners... They all ways wanted to destabilise middle east.and afrika. But they are falling in their motives..!

Aditya Raj : Tell them to link their adhar card before 31st December 😬

4DuB : *most importantly do they have wifi?*

hey it's kayla : Bless there hearts, they will never know the horrors of the radical left.

THE ANGRY DWELLER : A helicopter flying over them is like an aliens flying over a city

Non Profit Robloxian : Then One day China says that it is part of thier Geographical map.

Exflame : Fortnite island in a nutshell

Rahul Sawant : This island is part of India.

Chaos dude : Wakanda? Thanks for the likes i have never reached so many like this

Un1234l : Incest and birth defect galore I bet.

JohnMyte : They never seen Fortnite, god bless them

shlomo shekelberg : that's not an island... it's new jersey !

wondergirl shemerr : Imagine being in contact with white people and dying just cause they are around...yeah


Bruhh : Thats where Black Panther lives, they've hidden for thousands of years

Eli Nope : According to ideas I heard from social progressives I expect these people to be the most advanced black civilization on earth since nobody has systematically oppressed them.

TJ : Yeah the British was some real shitheads back in the day

Ahmedsus 4lil : oh god the comments

Ress : Human: They lack the immunity, even a simple flu from the outside can wipe them. Let's just Isolate the Island. Alien: We lack the immunity, even a simple meme from Earth can influence us. Let's just Isolate the solar system.

Jerett Dominguez : Sentinal island might be Wakanda you never know

Ben M : Nitwits should have left them alone. Tens of millions of native people have died by handing them germs they have no immune system for.

Guy Michaely : 0:43 "assumed to be direct descendants of the first humans who emerged from Africa" that's everyone alive

Dereck Garcia : just turn off their wifi and lets see if they come out

4Human Species : "civilized societies" HAHAHA Of course, evil boasts itself as good. But, evilized the Whites remain. Wherever Black people go, Whites run after them, imprison them, rape them, kill them, steal their lands, change their cultures and languages, etc, eventually ending their ways to life. And Whites die in wars after several decades/centuries of struggle for food, natural resources, money, housing, fun... That world war is building up...

JxP : I'm a flying metal technology that is built to withstand bullets and i run away after i was being shot with flying sticks

MASA APOLLO : your video was stolen :(

Afrikan Monster 35 cm : The Forest 🙃

Himiko toga : Someone tell the presidents of all countries to send 50,000 coconuts to their beach lol

Thanos : they don't know what fortine is...thank goodness