Fik-Shun | FRONTROW | World of Dance Las Vegas 2014 #WODVEGAS

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APPLE SEEDS 360 : Did he....did he put himself on vibrate mode?

Manish Rana : anyone listening in April 2019?❤

Do Ge : The most impressive thing He did all this with one shoe untied and a lose belt

Marques Brown : 1:21 how I wake up on Saturday to play video games

ra 29- : 2019 anyone?

Maik me llaman : No one: Fik-shun: *Dances* Gravity: Am I a joke to you?

goddamn life : when you write in search bar "best dancer" this video pops up with this performance, this guy deserves it

Stoney Gaming : Mom: Get up You'll be Late!!! Me: Oh C'mon 5 minutes Mom! Mom: Your Breakfast is Cheerios Me: 1:21 Now Im taking lessons about grammar... *now i have brain*

Cupcake.mp4 : Anyone here after everyone claimed Bts or Exo made the dance move at 2:16 when it was neither of them but this dude all along😂


Jhay Cee : When your mom's sleeping and you sneek into her room Me: 3:28

Nikita Kurrey : Superb dance. So good and clean steps. Really best one

Mimi Carol : *_”DO YO CHAIN HANG LOW”_*

brycin123 : 2 secs into the video and i have the biggest smile on my face, this dude is insane

Freddie Goodchild : If ur mans dance like this when ur at the club he’s a keeper

KuCJIaDkoe ツ : Бля, пожалуйста научите ))

Naveed Siddiqui : Whose Still in 2019 watching the laws of physics disrupted by Fikshun?

Lenny Face Joe : From watching his other performances you can tell he isn't even trying his best

nicholas czech : he is like a robot

Amelia Chan : Best...human...being...ever... In all seriousneds and honesty, best dancing ive seen in my life..GODAMN

Deuce : No one: YouTube: here ya go recommendation

Matias Gipler : what makes him the best is the fact that he seems unbothered like he's not even trying , smiling, singing along completely natural to what he's doing

PileOfSalt WithMemes : Ad: are you friends with real robot

creepshote199 : guys please tell me song music

Cholo Geronilla : Who's still watching APRIL 2019?

Hayden Harder : Let's just remember, mans just killed it with a shoe untied...

Thanas Goga : 0:20 - 0:25 the only thing I can do

Ryan : I had to come back to 2:16 while in the midst of this stupid Tik Tok microwave challenge. Fik Shun has been doing it before it became a trend, and this is the ONLY instance where it's awesome lol.

Issa Dream : 2:41 me when I get in I fight

ИFN Raven : 2:17 the infamous microwave challenge lmao, had to look back at this video to make sure

Steampunk Sinner : The 12k hating on this are probably robots jealous he moves better than them 😂

Unknown Anonymous : December 2018 anyone? Update: January 2019 anyone?

kasturiGM : out of all his awesome complicated moves, 2:17 blew my mind the most. is he using his ass muscle to spin?

amine mtb : Physics.exe is stopped.....

JustAPurpleDeer Boi : **Finish the video** Whoa nice vid... How the hell that was 4 min??? I was like 30

D. A : He is more robotic than robot

Sangwoo Park : Happiest mother fker in the world lol

Greykas : It is 2019 and I am rewatching his performance for the 7829th time and now is the first time I have noticed that his left shoelace opened at 1:22 😂 His dance skills are just so eyecatching that I have never noticed it.

Naufall MJ : Update : 21 April 2019 anyone?

Apifany _ : The music possessed him....

Kelaerys : i swear the presenter said ''my boy BIG SHEEEET!"

Zulians : Who still watch in 2019??

KOKI Presents : When you realize that next week is schoolbreak 2:05

nishnishbishb Dnyasha2007 : When school is over

Jariah Brand : That’s so smooth and fast and he can really can stay with the beat That’s amazing now that’s a person I can look up too someday

Malachy Sutton : Has anyone watched this so many times you know the screams from the crowd

LipiastroBR : Pra Vcs BR's Quem Ainda Assiste Desde 2017?!

Shegalay Richman : If my friend tried to do this he would only be able to do 2:13 - 2:16

Panic! At The Chemical Fall Out Horizon : I believe in aliens yeah he isn't human...nah can't be