Fik-Shun | FRONTROW | World of Dance Las Vegas 2014 #WODVEGAS

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Unknown Anonymous : December 2018 anyone?

Crazy Dancer : This man was really lucky that physics were under maintenance when he did the dance

Zahra Al Aydrus : 2019 anyone?

Electrovaine : So who's still jamming out to this in 2019? I am.

lildakafiction : Thanks WOD again for Allowing Me to FREESTYLE on your stage. It's always a blast!!

Marian Veigel : November 2018 anyone?

Hailey Deokie : 0:45 fav part when he shakes his hips 😂😂

bloo jkl45 : 2:16 SOMEBODY EXPLAIN

NO name : Comments 90% date 10% abaout the dance

Nielle Sevilla : N O V E M B E R 2018?

Semi Mugenzi : February 4022 anyone?

SpaceMonkeyGaming : Okay he is not human

Stoney Gaming : Mom: Get up It's School now Me: 5 minuter Mom! Mom: You're Breakfast is Cheerios Me: 1:21

Just Jazmyn : This is so old and I’m still watching it I saw it when it first came out and that was 3 years ago

Faze Tfue : 2019?

Kiing Josh : January 2019?

Zulian881 Zulian881 : Who still watch in 2019??

alex 1011 : Yo trato de bailar eso y termino invocando al diablo

I Text Jesus : That was a terrible human impersonation, nice try robot.

SAI SUNDAR : 2019?

Monster GaMer : 2019 anyone??

Home Heroes : January 2019 😳

Gray Fullbuster : Their starting to allow Human Robots to dance on stage?

Ja De : This is the only thing i can do in this dance.... 0:20-0:25

Aaron Yan : Blink and risk missing a hundred dance steps

JUN LONG : this will never get old! trust me!!

Evelyn TØP : I tried this 2 or 3 years ago and broke my ankle....

chaos INC : *Lee Taemin left the chat* HAHAHAHA SRY LOVE YOU TAEMINI

Chanakan CH : 2 0 1 8 ?

Loquendero234 : Like si esto te hace el día XD

Marcelo Reis De Souza : Só eu q sou BRASILEIRO??????????????????

said Soke : 2 1 8 7 ?

KnewUB GamingYT : 2019 anyone??????

RichyRich : I would love to see this guy dance to the smoke weed everyday remix

Angel Girl : January 2019? Any one

Dien May : *2019 in this time ??*

hello everybody : Watching it with no sound is so funny😂😂😂

MAX. RPG : 2019??

yogi Nisme : 2019?

Swift Zenga : December 2018?

Cey no More : Fik shun is the best dancer I know

LKP Clips : Wow that is incredible cool and funny

kiley lawrence : I can't even do the whip and nae nae.... Lord help.

M.Salma khan : Anyone in Oct ending and November starting

Faishal Luthfi : This is very nice dance....., #2018

sebastian cedeño : alguien spanish me siento tan solo ;V

Yousuf Midday : Anyone here Jan 2019?

TYSSEN : Song name: Jibbs - Chain Hang Low (Crizzly & AFK Remix)  Thank me later.

Raees Kabir : Ok So Basically... My Mom said no more Roblox, But Roblox is epic, So I shot her, And stole her credit card, And brought 3 million Robux

J-kles Chay : Had to watch this in 0.25 speed to understand what was going on