Astartes - Part Two

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Astartes : Thank you all for the positive feedback and support! I'm blown away by the response and pumped up to work on the next installment! I'll do my best to share spoiler free works-in-progress as I go along. Cheers!

Chapter Master Valrak : Amazing stuff! That breach was GLORIOUS! The skill you have at making this look as realistic as possible blows my mind, it seemed it was all live action!

ScreamingTc : I think this is the first time I've seen bolter fire done right. It really should be removing limbs and tearing hand width holes out of your back.

Enigmachina S Class : Can we get this to 40k likes please?


Janitor101 : I've never seen a better 40k fanfilm. You managed to perfectly capture the no nonsense nature that Astartes combat would be like, no frilly banner waving. Just a bunch of targets that rapidly decrease in number, and then into the next room. I hope we get more exposition on the Retributor Chapter, either in an episode or in some other format, because I think they're awesome. I'll gladly support you on Patreon when I can afford it. Keep up the fantastic work brother. EDIT: If we could get some high-res screens to use for desktop backgrounds. I'd happily rep Astartes and the Retributors Chapter.

Andras Tuba : Haha, this is funny as hell, those rebels being very careful, preparing for the battle, taking defensive positions, but then the Astartes just come in, walk in a straight line while casually fireing with one hand :D and they STILL kill everyone in 5 seconds :D

Ben Sarchett : Dude, stop pinning every comment.

ThatSlowTypingGuy : Dredd OST, good choice.

Peptuck : I love how you managed to capture the essence of the Space Marine boarding action and the artwork. We have the iconic image of the line of Space Marines firing their bolters from the hip at an unseen enemy, but you managed to impart just how brief and utterly one-sided such actions tend to be when its the Astartes. They don't stand there blasting away for ages at resistance. Blam blam blam, a few seconds of precision lethality, and it's over.

RusStarik : How powerful they look, oh my! Every move, every step. They are superior here! You can just FEEL that they are not in any hurry, it's as simple for them as walking a dog in a park for us. Just a daily routine. No threats, maybe a little annoyances. Just by seing them in action you KNOW, that thay can do much, much greater things. Space Marine is a Space Marine in this project. Bolter is a Bolter in this project. Dead heretic is as dead as it can possibly be. Every single frame is oozing epicness. Best represintation of my wettest dreams about Adeptus Astartes. Thank you. ♥

John Greenslade : The best depiction of the 40k universe I’ve ever seen! Absolutely incredible, the size of those bolter rounds! 😂😂😂 looked like a 20 mm Hispano cannon (Sorry play too much War Thunder) going through those poor bastards! Fantastic job 👏

RedFlameZero : Absolutely everything about this is coming very close to perfect. Sound design, aesthetic of the marines and the traitor PDF, even the outside shots of the voidships and the view of space. There's only one thing that's off, the barrel size of the bolters. The rounds they fire are a calibre of .75, which roughly comes to .771 inches or 19.05mms in diameter, unless the guns are sized down for one reason or another then ignore me and carry on with the god emperors work.

Sgtaspirin yolo : Now this. THIS is why I love the 40k universe. I was only recently introduced to it and absolutely love the space marines. The level of badassery in this video is too damn high. But could you explain to me why the space marines were sent to kill these humans? Were they pirates or something? Also, what website(s) do you recommend for me to learn about each faction and their lore and generally the entire 40k universe?

Schinak : I have never seen the sheer impact of a bolter round captured so perfectly

Vlastimil Dufek : Chirurgicly executed boarding action by the adeptus astartes and great show they're range combat prowess against regular troops. Beutifully shown boltgun effect on human body. 14 dislikes.............................. Contacting Inquisition for potential heretical activity.

Paul Marchano : This makes me so thirsty for more of your work.  What I want the most out of the Astartes is their absolute lethality.  Unlike any other super soldier from books, games, etc., the Astartes give me what I want most out of heroes / villains; complete and utter terror and intimidation.  Everything that the books describe every time even just one Astartes is introduced.  This gives me chills, which is amazing with just 1:10 playtime.  Thank you for this.

absolutelystupid : Holy shit. For the first time in the fluff it felt like spacemarines actually are unstoppable killing machines, not just bigger guys in armour dying heroically.

Arendelft : This is by far one of the singularly most realistic depictions of Astartes I have ever seen, I mean if you factor in their superhuman speed and reflexes it makes things brutal to a whole new level but I understand how that's a lot more difficult to factor into animations like this. Fragging awesome! Please keep this content coming!!!!

Carolus : Just amazing. In under two minutes of footage you have accomplished a level of grittiness, brutality and realism yet to be found in the 20 plus years of 40k depictions. Take note Games Workshop.

numbSKULLery : did i spy AI? Technoheresy!

Ben Wilson : Fascinating way of doing the graphics/ viewpoint on the fly in. Like that you made the bolter's barrel and the impact of the round more realistic.

Matthew Sykes : That boarding scene is pretty much what you'd expect from Astartes, a cake walk in many ways. I don't wish to nitpick your awesome work as it's way beyond my ability to create such, the sounds of the marines bootsteps kinda sounds a little muted, for what are effectively walking tanks. ANd yes I have watched Erasmus' videos and loved them, this is probably the closest to a real Astartes engagement I have seen yet, that's including the whole DoW game series. I did think a bit of voiceover might have helped establish what's going on, objectives etc but I'm guessing it's early days and so far...... it's awesome

Kirintal : Well this is amazing!! Can I make one suggestion from someone with zero artistic talent. When in space and shots hit the distant ship, don't have any sound. I loved how close and intense the sound of the ship launching volleys was and the ricochet off the hull though. Bloody hell the impacts of the bolters are horrific and spot on. Reading the comments I'm appreciating this video even more on each re-watch.

bigbenhoward : It took me longer to click on the link for this video than it took those Astartes to clear an entire hanger of traitors.

the tyrant67 : Damn it people! Where's the 40k community at!? We need to throw more money at this guy. Thank goodness you have Paypal by the way. I can't be a Patron but I'll definitely drop a portion of cash every now and then when I can afford it.

andrew lee : "WOW!!!!! SO COOL!!!!! The graphics on the Bolter firefight look so real!!!!!!! It feels like I am actually there!!!!" **Looks down, and sees a giant bolt shot crater in my torso** "......Well shit" XDXDXDXDXDXDXD ;D;D;D;D

Drakefance5 : I am so glad this popped up in my recommendations. Everything about how the astartes are portrayed is perfect. From bolters doing the damage warranted from a rocket propelled .75cal to how they walk like their armour was nothing at all. Instant sub, can't wait for episode 3.

Robo REBEL SCUM : Hey. Your liking everyones comment. Like mine. Also. Flawless work on this nice work. Finally. A awsome 40k animation thats catches everything that SHOULD happen. Nice work. Thats all i can say im at a loss of words here so all i can say is... nice work.

darkblood626 : Now THAT is what happens when you get hit by a bolter.

Spudie9 Plays : Please let this continue. I recently found this and loved it keep up the good work

Dr Pepper : 10/10 mate. the 53 people that gave this a dislike should be hunted down, flogged and publicly shamed before being mind wiped to become a servitor....and id burn down their mothers village too lol. keep up the excellent work :)

ZOMBiE : OK! Just backed you on patreon max level ! OMFG this is so good! please make more.... ;D

Valens Augustus : The heretics who led these men astray from duty and honor will pay with their lives, how dare they reduce the Imperium's strength!

Warp Angel : Space Marine Sergeant: "They have us surrounded, those poor bastards."

Sakurajima616 : This one minute brilliance pleases the eyes of our God Emperor of Mankind.

red engineer : Like if you'd play a game based around this.

ptr bshmnn : GW should give this man a contract.

Konrad Schultz : Bloody amazing!!! Yes Moar!!!

bigbenhoward : That split moment when you get to see all of the targets glowing red from the Space Marines' point of view, and seeing the deadly accuracy and sheer brutality of the impact of their shots. This is how Fluff Space Marines should be portrayed. Crunch Space Marines don't live up to the lore at all. This is a real treat. I finally get to see Space Marines playing to their strengths and being as bad-ass as they are described in the lore. I salute the skills, time, and dedication of the creator in bringing these monsters of combat to life for all of us plebs.

Nik Darimi : Ooommmgggloriouss emperor. This is awesome

-PwF- Eliono : Wow, keep going Sir

Aaron Phan : You sir, just earned a purity seal from the Emperor.

CinnamonTea : Much has been said about the amazing animation (which is mind blowing, true), but I think equal praise should be given for the fantastic scene direction in this short. Before the hull breach, the drones make the scene interesting but ratchet up the tension by showing us action *far away. Then, inside the vessel, the shots give the audience a sense of space; something that is vital for good action scenes but that many indie animators miss. Again, tension is used so deftly to really give the Astartes' entrance a *boom. Action is harder than people think, and this short employs it so well without making it gratuitous.

John Fraire : There are many ways to view the space marines. Be they space knights, bloodthirsty warriors, religious fanatics, or honorable legionares; a great storyteller can capture that particular vision tenfold. What you have done is made them the cold, badass human+++ militaristic soldiers most people think them to be, and not just turned that image to 11, but also capture the more "realistic" science fiction motifs that haven't really been explored too much in the setting at large. And you *still* managed to make these adeptus astartes *actual* marines in space, and that deserves to be pointed out in of itself. I tip my hat to you, and await patiently for the next episode.

Han Jia : That auto gun at 0:54 looks like it's manufactured by Kel Tec... Sub 2000 with a huge heat shield... ignoring the side placed magazine that is...

cameron stewart : That was the greatest One minute of my life.

Synyster-_-27 : Incredible standard of quality. Very impressive.

Matt Collins : I feel like we finally have the proper Space Marine - Bolter size ratio. Make no mistake, those rounds can still turn your head into goo.

The Sanguinor : This gets me harder than terminator armour!