Weevil's Pro Exodia Strat
Weevils Pro Exodia Strat

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You basically can't lose


HOTLILPAPI : Hi me irl ppl

JuanTheClown JASF : Better than in the anime XD

Steel Assimo : I hope those cards were fake. Even then that is a true pro strat to take note of...

Skilly _12 : This is gold

[MG] Metehero : Honestly idc about the cards it's just polluting

Rabid Wolverine : Those were the Exodia cards that my grandpa gave me!

Skilly _12 : And this is why youtube exists

Kenny H : Why!?

CBU2221990 : Those weren’t even LOB Exodias they were throw away common reprints I can clearly see these guys were trying so hard to be funny.