Traveller boy's first driving lesson

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Rob d gutta : Arm out the window,like a boss.

mary mcdonagh 4u Mcd : my daddy taught me too drive at about aged 6 or that i could drive him home if he was too pissed.

Average Joe : Hahaha brilliant brought back memories of me with my da driving the auld mans car when I was a wee boy. The wee fella was excellent 👍

Paul Smith : That's brilliant go on little man buzzing for you hahaha

Martin Mongan : Brilliant

You're Right But : Hahahahaha, lad is a better driver than comment section mouthpieces "pablo escobar" and "judgement day"... lol

THE SITUATION! : Is that Chad Johnson talking?? He finally got released from hmp lol

frank christie : Fuk the farmer.🤔.

Katie Molloy : Good work teddy

Alisa Lopez : All good fun until you idiots roll that vehicle and that poor idiot influenced young child is thrown from the vehicle and it lands on top of him. And he loses his arm or worse is crushed to death. I speak these words as someone who knows of this happening personally, to one of my loved ones. Any adults that might be injured would certainly be rightfully injured. It would serve them right for encouraging such a dangerous antic. However, imagine how that might make that young boy feel? At the feelings that he would have to deal with if he were to kill or maim a loved one should the vehicle flip or roll and injure someone and he survived? You guys are world ass idiots. You probably encourage him to smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol and smoke weed too. Just shameful. I sincerely hope this video gets enough negative comments that you see the foolishness in your behavior that day and decide to not do a repeat performance. Give the kid a chance at life. Rules governing the operation of a motor vehicle are in place because of safety, not just to be killjoys. Sidenote- It is thru this video that I have just learned of the term "traveller" and more specifically "Irish traveller". I will say I am intrigued and doing my best to read up and learn more about these/your people. Fascinating so far. But my opinion still stands on the kid driving! Many blessings to you. 😄