Miley Cyrus and Jimmy Fallon Surprise NYC Subway Performance 06/13/17

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Miley Cyrus and Jimmy Fallon Surprise NYC Subway Performance 06/13/17

Comments from Youtube

Rachel Howell : She should know by now, wearing a wig doesn't make you unrecognizable

Zehra F : okay so i guess the plot of hannah montana is more plausible than everyone thinks

Abbie Leber : Her voice is so distinctive. Immediately I would know, that’s Miley. This is one of my favorite songs she sings. Dolly will always have it, but I love Miley singing it.

Decatur Ridge Bees : Not a huge Miley fan but she’s missing her calling do pop music. Her Jolene rendition is AMAZING. She’s got a strong voice. Pop drowns it out

Madison Daily : Fallon is so painfully awkward it's hillarious. Much respect to Miley. She nailed it.

Christian Esposito : The fact that Jimmie Fallon knows Party in the USA but not Jolene Edit: Appreciate all the love guys :)

FictitiousName : Jimmy's inconsistent tambourine is pissing me off. Keeping tempo isn't hard.

TheDriftingStig : Miley is way too recognizable even with a wig and sunglasses on lol

Khampower : I was there! I lost my job because everyone blocked the way, my fiancé left me, and my cat shat all over the place, but MAN was it worth it!

Ifuaintfirsturlast : Lol i love how jimmy went from trying to join in singing to beat boxin 😂😂😂

Alex Lynn : The kid was shook when Jimmy passed him the mic

Joyce Pietryga : i still say, mileyneeds to cut a country album, and win a grammy.

Wendy Sgobbo : Jimmy might be able to disguise himself but as soon as Miley opens her mouth you know it’s her!

Capsaicin : No one thanks the accompanists. You guys were awesome on the 5 gallon pail and guitar!

32 CRA : I'm sure the professional cameras and crew was a hint in itself but still cool they did this

Joyce Pietryga : this girl has a countrymusic voice. give up that new age crap, miley. give your fans what they want. give us a country album. just one. if it dont win you a grammy, you can go bake to the other stuff.

James Cordero : Miley looks like Miley with black hair amazing disguise

diulikadikaday : "Sorry I'm late boss...well... you see... miley cyrus was at the subway... and she was doing a concert... yeah... in the subway...oh yeah... fallon was there too... yeah, Jimmy fallon...ok, I'll pack up my stuff"

dk black : I have to admit I'm impressed. That girl can sure sing country!

Vincent : 3:48 hannah montana vibes

Jonah Fox : 6:48 the kid looks back for approval lol

X : Thats the first time I’ve seen her perform with that much clothes on

surfingshewolf : Miley seems like such a genuinely good person

CANitDO : why tf is jimmy fallon there he just played a tambourine and mumbled

Maja Ligeti : Thats part when the kid turns around and for a second you see pure joy... thats what these kind of surpises do, it leaves people with a careless kind of happiness and thats what makes Miley such an amazing performer, she honestly wants to make people happy, and she honestly does. Same credits go to Jimmy. Who doesn't love the guy? He's awesome.

Saud Al Oraini : jimmy has a habit of ruining performances

Eric Schneider : Wow, amazing! These two, "stars", haven't forgotten they are "normal" people. My hats off to both of them. Very comendable!

Brooke Willis : "you sound good there Bart" 😂

Jeffrey Lavergne : A star is born 2.0

Banana Boat : I’m amaze jimmy hasn’t whack someone in the face with that tambourine

Kent Chu : she's a very natural perfomer, not many singer have this kinda quality nowadays.

thelilpatty : Can’t tell if the dude in the back standing against the wall in the crowd is just a guy or some bodyguard dude

Mohammed Risal : Its kind a funny when jimmy fallon just started to doing beatbox

Marquis de Hoto : Ah... sorry ... could I just... I need to catch my train... it's important.... ahhh... never mind xD

Michael Hollier : Miley did a great job of joleen...she loves to entertain or what..

Holymakinaw : Say what you want about Miley, but the girl can REALLY sing!!!

Krizel Hdz : 6:43 idk why people is not talking about the kid in the front having the best day of his life 😂

Nayel : 7:55 Who else saw that lady’s autograph get rejected by that security guard? 😂

Dag Nabbit : The bucket and guitar would've been enough to stop me all day. Miley is amazing. Don't quit your day job Jimmy :) but in this environment he fits right in as a supporting band member.

Fadi ebrhem : This was fucking awesome. I love her for doing this god damn. Lucky people.

Sandy Beach : as soon as Miley opened her mouth and started singing the whole place came alive!

Luc Verhoeven : OMG people other people know too! Let's all scream and go nuts!!

SunDღll : For a moment I forgot why I was so obsessed with her. But I always come back, and man is she talented!

amelie th : 8:01 his face be like: lol I’ve seen Miley Cyrus

G.M. : All those bodyguards casually standing take the fun out

Téa Maleque : the reveal when her wig comes off was like the end of Hannah Montana the movie but same sis my wig is snatched too 😂

Larry Bailey : I expected more out of Jimmy, he normally does the damn thing lol

Alex Israelyan : How to make a 100 people miss their trains , make a jam in the subway and not be accused 101

Kam Kam : Right at the end you can see the lady in the yellow top ask her son/grandson "Oh was that Miley Cyrus"? and he is like "YES!!" and she said "Ohhhhh" You can see how shocked he is that she didn't know who it was lol.