Miley Cyrus and Jimmy Fallon Surprise NYC Subway Performance 06/13/17

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Rod Amo : ive got the same drum kit!

Sandy Beach : as soon as Miley opened her mouth and started singing the whole place came alive!

CaT Vee : looks like Miley and Billy Ray to me

MrBMBuilder : I had a Drum like that but someone stole it

carot2003 : Great video..

CptStark : You all must have realized it the moment she began to sing. The voice is so incredible and unique <3

bench joseph : the voice is distinguisable. even from afar. thats miley. wig or without wig

Nina : Hannah Montana has her Old Blue Jeans back on ❤️

diulikadikaday : "Sorry I'm late boss...well... you see... miley cyrus was at the subway... and she was doing a concert... yeah... in the subway...oh yeah... fallon was there too... yeah, Jimmy fallon...ok, I'll pack up my stuff"

lucky Moving on : Not fan of Miley but this she absolutely cute 😁😁😁

Vilma Parilla : I love this tandem.. Miley and Jimmy...great!

Bad Drivers of Maricopa County : That was cool of them to do this. It was great.

hazard 21 : Just another day in nyc 😎

Shaina Holtzberg : I would miss the train

MorrEarn Ehmm : Cant ignore that voice...

TheDriftingStig : Miley is way too recognizable even with a wig and sunglasses on lol

hipnhappenin : Did the people know it was them before she took off the wig?

Tim Harjo : I actually saw the edited version first on Fallon. This raw unedited version is so awesome!


Ray M. : the crowd was amazing during the party in the usa. my heart melted.

Mike Sansenbach : Damn what PIPEs this woman has, very impressive voice.

ALISON RIVERA : Crazy I always pass by here and didn’t see this

Maria Flores : Yes Miley kill it . She sounds so beautiful I love her voice .

Samuel Alvarado : Miley and Fallon always be together doing some goofy shit

TheDerpy Dino : I think it's actually cooler to see it from a viewer's perspective

Barchtic : Miley Cyrus sings party in the USA in 2017... she really did change

Lucy Blue : It's actually LuAnne

ZZDrunkSniper : Jimmy Fallon is the guy in the parties that drinks too much always

Uruba - : she doesn't need autotune to sound good or an amphitheatre to entertain people 👌

It's me Raul : What a show! What do you need? Two crazy people and a 🎸!!!

Zona Zodiacal : The fact that a mega star like Miley goes incognito and performs at the NYC subway tells about how natural, spontaneous and somewhat reachable she is! (And I loved the mood of whatever those 2 guys were playing before Miley arrived 😜)

Rowan Cox : Imagine boarding your train and just as the door closes you see through the window Miley Cyrus and jimmy jamming with a crowd and you think shit

andrew petrou : Talented like her Daddy

Abdi Piano : This is actually better than concert. Music in natural habitat

John Smith : She is a Talent.😊

havocproltd : hahaha!! i had to come to youtube to find out I wasn't alone! ( 56 y /o white guy! ) I love this little girl! She sings like a bird! Hasn't been to rehab. hasn't been arrested. hasn't knocked out 3 or 4 puppies with as many men. but please, sweetheart, lay off the ink!! Keep singin' Miley!

Randa S : When i heard the beat i was thinking is that that song "jolene"? Lol such an oldie i cant believe i guessed it

rounak vedi : I wonder how many of them missed their train lol

Owy : I would miss work for this

Neiko san : For those of you that like to point out that Miley has no ass that's just anatomically impossible. She has a cute ass and I'd like to be friends with it.

Black And White Covers : I would've recognised her band INSTANTLY, the drummer and the guitar player have been touring with Miley for a DECADE! Since her Hannah Montana tour :D

Rohan : The crowd: 00:00 vs 4:10

alysson santos : Damn she can really sing

Jen Jones : I LOVE the way Miley Cyrus has 'grown up'....could listen to that powerful voice all day!

Isabella Hollcraft : I am never taking the car again

320speed : She looks so much sexier with clothes...

akshay sunail : Her voice♡

Sam Mawie : Miley ... leave mainstream.. go country..

Margaux Grison : Whats the first song please ?

tseringangle21 : Look at joy on everyone's face. I wish I was there