How to Talk Minnesotan - The Minnesota Long Goodbye

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Nictator : As a Minnesotan, this is painfully accurate.

smeltedcheese : Norwegian taco salad lol

Matthew Thomas Lange : Growing up in Wisconsin in a largely German-American family was much like this as well! I lost it when the departing guests were given a huge grocery bag full of various foods. So true. Rarely was a "visit" concluded without some insistence by the host that the guests take some sort of food with them.

Ariel Sanchez : wow, Minnesotans seem like the sweetest people.

Pandoras policebox : I wish I could say this was a lie but my family will say they want to leave at 7 and don't actually get into their car till 10

Chimi Changa : I am a Minnesotan and this kills me because of how this always happens.

Gritches the Monster : To be clear, this is quite accurate of older Minnesotans, though it does appear in a milder form among younger people where leaving might take 15 minutes-1 hour

Flavor Lab : hahahaha Norwegian Taco salad

Uncle Duke : Are those rice crispy treats?? I like rice crispy treats.

Dave Abeles : What year did this come out?

Zach Van Harris JR : This is fantastic!! I'm in South Dakota and visit Minnesota a lot, this is spot on how it is out here lmao!!

D Bach : is the two toots of the horn a minnesota thing, I thought everyone did that O.O

RSRemington : This is so accurate when we have family come over... hahaha

Jami Woodoworth : Ahh, I remember visiting Minneapolis in '9e. At the hotel my family and I were staying at, ti actually took ten minutes to say goodbye to our friends! Gorgeous state,and extremely nice pwoplew!

kewkabe : The best bars I knew from growing up in Minnesota were the Mississippi mud bars -- chocolate fudge on top of a peanut-butter fudge. When you had to bring a dish to some event you'd either bring bars, or if you had to bring a hot dish you'd bring a casserole.

Heather Johnson : This is so real. I am a Minnesotan and yes I sound like it too often enough.

Wildman Vagabond : After years of MN family get together's I learned its just better to ghost.

TheLordGrundy : Norwegian Taco Salad

Koselig : every family get together is like this, ugh painfully true

Alex Lemke : the guy in the black shirt is my English teacher hahah

Chai Tea : why is this so accurate lol

Anne Panetti : This is super funny and true 😂☃ it takes my brother an hour to leave any place he visits.

tf2whackyengineer : I'm a southerner, but this makes me wish I knew somebody in Minnesota who I could visit. Although we don't perform the ritual the same way, I like ot think that we are kindred spirits.

John Skogman : The dark haired guy kinda hot, accept for the buck jaw.

John Skogman : I always stayed the night. slept with the host. Ahhh, memories.

Jimmy : Friendly people huh? Minnesota sounds like a great place.

adm2204 : "That old green Merc" BUT ITS A LINCOLN Or am I missing something?

Steve-E : ND is like this too, lol.

Glop Demon : brutal

Fredrich Legnemark : It's a scandinavian thing. And the it's even lengthier far up north. When i was a kid my parents and grandparents used to take on a roadtrip to meet distant relatives up north. And they basically had to start warming up to leave days before doing so, doing round after round being persuaded to eat more, sleep over, check out something in the house or on the property, or being told old rehashed tales about who, why anad when someone, or their grandparents did something stupid or unacceptable, and why it just cant be forgiven three generations later. You get so marinated in coffee, cookies, food, buns, subtle gossip "Oh you know, they just did x, it really doesn't seem sensible you know" (Which equals they done fucked up, and should be shunned for a couple of generations) till you actually feel like going into the woods just to be alone. That seems strangely socially acceptable; Fishing and hunting is always a good excuse. That and servicing the chainsaw.

Matt B : I wouldn't trade our culture for the world.

Nines&AKs : THe audio delay gives me brain aneurysm

Patti McLoughlin : norwegian taco salad : )