How to Talk Minnesotan - The Minnesota Long Goodbye

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smeltedcheese : Norwegian taco salad lol

Matthew Thomas Lange : Growing up in Wisconsin in a largely German-American family was much like this as well! I lost it when the departing guests were given a huge grocery bag full of various foods. So true. Rarely was a "visit" concluded without some insistence by the host that the guests take some sort of food with them.

Pandoras policebox : I wish I could say this was a lie but my family will say they want to leave at 7 and don't actually get into their car till 10

Gritches the Monster : To be clear, this is quite accurate of older Minnesotans, though it does appear in a milder form among younger people where leaving might take 15 minutes-1 hour

Ariel Sanchez : wow, Minnesotans seem like the sweetest people.

Flavor Lab : hahahaha Norwegian Taco salad

Chimi Changa : I am a Minnesotan and this kills me because of how this always happens.

Uncle Duke : Are those rice crispy treats?? I like rice crispy treats.

Dave Abeles : What year did this come out?

Zach Van Harris JR : This is fantastic!! I'm in South Dakota and visit Minnesota a lot, this is spot on how it is out here lmao!!

Jami Woodoworth : Ahh, I remember visiting Minneapolis in '9e. At the hotel my family and I were staying at, ti actually took ten minutes to say goodbye to our friends! Gorgeous state,and extremely nice pwoplew!

D Bach : is the two toots of the horn a minnesota thing, I thought everyone did that O.O

Nictator : As a Minnesotan, this is painfully accurate.

RSRemington : This is so accurate when we have family come over... hahaha

Alex Lemke : the guy in the black shirt is my English teacher hahah

tf2whackyengineer : I'm a southerner, but this makes me wish I knew somebody in Minnesota who I could visit. Although we don't perform the ritual the same way, I like ot think that we are kindred spirits.

John Skogman : The dark haired guy kinda hot, accept for the buck jaw.

John Skogman : I always stayed the night. slept with the host. Ahhh, memories.

Jimmy : Friendly people huh? Minnesota sounds like a great place.

Wildman Vagabond : After years of MN family get together's I learned its just better to ghost.

Heather Johnson : This is so real. I am a Minnesotan and yes I sound like it too often enough.

adm2204 : "That old green Merc" BUT ITS A LINCOLN Or am I missing something?

Steve Heilman : ND is like this too, lol.

Nines&AKs : THe audio delay gives me brain aneurysm

Glop Demon : brutal

Patti McLoughlin : norwegian taco salad : )

kewkabe : The best bars I knew from growing up in Minnesota were the Mississippi mud bars -- chocolate fudge on top of a peanut-butter fudge. When you had to bring a dish to some event you'd either bring bars, or if you had to bring a hot dish you'd bring a casserole.

TheLordGrundy : Norwegian Taco Salad